Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Veda is almost three!

The very last thing I want to do right now is a post about Veda. That is probably the worst mom-thing I could say! Boy is she tough. And she has been getting out of bed over and over for the past hour and a half. Waking up Quinn, begging for more water/blankies/babies, more blankets, less blankets, socks on/off. Plus she bit me today... not once or twice but THREE times. Talk about the terrible threes.... she is definitely making me learn some patience. Or rather, question if I have any patience left at all. 

Despite the hard times I have with her lately, she is an absolute doll. She can be so sweet and kind and loving. She loves to snuggle and be held. She is spunky and funny and full of life and makes our lives complete. We love her dearly. (And I'll love her even more tomorrow after I've had a break from her for a few hours!)

Happy almost-Birthday Veda!! And here begins the month of birthdays at our house!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

life lately

Oh yeah! I have a blog!! I have gotten so incredibly bad at keeping up with this! 
We are alive. 
We had Christmas. 
I ran a half marathon.
Veda is potty trained. 
Life is busy! 
I'm working 3 days a week now until the end of April, then I'll be back to 2.5 days a week. Working makes me feel busy! My weeks are shorter! But I'm getting used to it.
And here's some pictures. They are not recent. But what's a blog post without pictures?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

update on my job

Thanks for your sweet comments and advice after my last post. The suggestion to "wait it out" seemed popular. The problem with that -- after 30 days of working there I can no longer work anywhere else in Austin. Which gives me a little bit of pressure to decide quickly. BUT.... this past weekend went WAY better. Not perfect, but way way better than my first couple of days. I am feeling much better and feel like it is all working out. I got a few walk-ins this weekend. AND was able to lower my prices a little. So thanks for your concern and prayers. It's helping :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

my new job

I worked two days last week. One day was awful, and the other was bearable. (Hopefully my new boss isn't out there reading my blog.) I won't go into full details- I just wonder if I am the right fit for this salon. It is REALLY nice. They did a great job on making the salon look and feel nice. Everyone works together to keep it looking nice and clean and uniform- and I really like that. But I think my biggest hurdle is that I have to charge what she tells me to charge, and she told me to charge too much. I think she was trying to be nice to me... by putting me at a higher 'level.' But really- I would rather be a at a lower level and have a clientele that is more like me (people like me don't pay what I am charging). I worked all day last Friday and Saturday and had one walk in... a bang trim. Which was terribly overpriced. I had two other appointments of people I knew, but they might be the only two people who are willing to pay my outrageous prices. So -- if there are not a lot of walk-ins and I have to rely on my own people, I have no idae where I am going to find any more people to do their hair. And it sucks to sit around waiting (although I realize that it is part of the job... it's just how it is when you start somewhere new).
I'm not working THAT much. But boy is it interfering with my life! I'm pretty sure it's just because it's December, but it's still turning out to be really hard to swallow to miss things that are very important to me. I am room mom for Quinn's class at school. And I have to miss her Christmas party. Which makes her really sad, and also makes me feel bad because I AM IN CHARGE OF THE PARTY. So I am having to figure out how to throw a party that I'm not going to be helping at. And console a little girl who really wants me there. I am missing another half marathon. I thought it was heartbreaking the first time this happened a couple months ago. And it turns out to be just as heartbreaking the second time around. The crazy/sad thing about this race is that I wouldn't only need to miss an hour of work... and my boss still said no. It's apparently pretty important to have me sitting around her salon for that hour instead fulfilling important goals in my life.
I know that some of my other concerns about the people I work with might get easier in time. A lot of the other stylists and coordinators are really nice and semi-accepting of new people. I enjoy meeting new people and have looked forward to this aspect of going back to work. It just isn't turning out to be the way I thought it would be.

In a way I feel like this job was a huge blessing! It happened to me fairly easily. Almost easily enough that I feel like it is 'meant to be.' BUT-- that doesn't mean that I necessarily want to start all over in my job hunting. I do feel like I looked at quite a few other salons, and even had other interviews. The thought of doing all that again sounds AWFUL!! And some of these concerns are selfish and I should just get over it :)

Wow-- if this isn't the biggest downer of a post I don't know what is. What do you think? Should I look for a new job? Should I stick it out and see if I can get over some of these things that seem to be bothering me?

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

working girl

Big changes happening in the Keller house. I am going back to work! I haven't worked since we moved, but I've been itching to get back to it. I applied for a job, had an interview, (then a second interview), then offered a job! I feel like it all fell into place so quickly and easily. Even my Texas cosmetology license came in the mail on the same day I was offered a position.

Dave and I have both gone back and forth on the decision. We have had some mixed emotions about it... Wondering if the timing was right, the kids were old enough, the scheduling would be too hard to juggle. But... it's falling into place. I will only work 2 days one week, then 2.5 the next. And-- the kids will be with Dave when I'm at work. I found a really awesome salon in downtown Round Rock that I am really excited about. It is an Aveda salon-- which I did before in California, so I'm looking forward to Aveda again. It has such a culture that goes with it-- education, client experience, salon atmosphere, etc. For instance- I HAVE TO WEAR ALL BLACK AGAIN!!! Yikes. I feel like my usual goal when getting dressed is to combine as many colors as possible without looking like a clown. And when I do end up looking like a clown, I'm good with it. So that will be a change. And I'm sure my kids will have to get used to me being gone more than I am now. But.. I think it will be good for all of us. A chance for me to get away and be something other than a mom for a few hours a week. (And a chance for the kids to spend more time with Dave.) So if you read this and live in Texas-- I will finally agree to do your hair :)

(Here's a blurry picture of me during my hands on interview. It was probably kind of cheating because I did Alanna's hair. But I got the job anyway, so I guess its wasn't cheating.) 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

art, dresses, sickies, and sillies

Veda has been REALLY into drawing and painting lately. It might just be mother's love- but LOOK AT HER ART!! She's so good.
 My parents each made my girls a Christmas dress. Isn't it the cutest thing?! I can't wait to see my girls in them.
 Veda wears the silliest things. A swim suit over her clothes... that's not weird at all :)
Hendrix has been so sick this week. We spent last Sunday at urgent care. He was sick as a dog- yet anytime a doctor or nurse walked in and asked how he was he would say "good...." Such a sweet boy.
 Here he is doing better. He is still not 100%, but he's getting there.
 Veda-- in more silly things.

 A little purse I made for Quinn's friend who had a birthday.

 Hooray for Thanksgiving week!! I hope you all enjoy your family and friends and see how blessed you are.

Monday, November 18, 2013


wow... I am horrible at keeping up with this blog. I blame Instgram... really. I get so much more instant satisfaction from there. I can post immediately, and I know that people are seeing it. 

And since I got a new phone for my birthday, I no longer need to constantly put my pictures on my lap top. Which means I have no pictures from the last month on my computer.... they are happily stored in my new phone that has tons of storage. So these pictures in this post are not super recent. But who's gonna complain- at least I'm doing a post, right? ;)

VEDA IS HARD. She is seriously at a very trying stage right now. She is an absolute doll and can be the sweetest little human on the planet. But .... she is two. And SO much more spunky than my other kids were. She likes to and tries to push buttons. She is really good at making stink faces and will growl or bite at you for no reason. It's awesome. So just trying to deal with her hard phase and teach her the best we all can. And a lot of the time trying not to laugh when discipling her because even when she's naughty she is just so dang cute. 
 Have you tried these? (from Costco) I could eat a whole bag by myself. They are delicious. Almost as good as candy. (almost)
 I did a mini class at church a few weeks ago (at Enrichment... or whatever they call it now). It was on decorating on a dime. ha... like I'm some sort of expert or something?! I'm not!! But it was good for me. I hate doing things like that. Plus I got to hang out with and be twins with Alanna (no-- we didn't plan our outfits. But next time I think we will)
You know that saying "When it rains it pours?" Well.. I feel like it's raining in my life. Life is stressful. Hard kids, sick kids, appliances breaking, and just some other hard 'life' things happening. I'm sure things will slow down and become normal again... maybe I'll be more inspired to blog more often :)
Until then, a few more pictures of Veda.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

frogs, bike rides, coats, and pony tails!

One of our frogs died. No wait-- make that two of our frogs died. Sad. 
 Dave did a 100 mile (yes, I said ONE HUNDRED) mile bike ride last weekend. The kids loved waiting for him to finish and watching him come in from his ride. We kept busy with coloring and eating grapes
 (and wearing my sunglasses)
 It has been starting to get a touch chilly. I really love fall in Texas. It's chilly in the morning, but still in the 70's in the afternoon. Perfect.
 Quinn had Columbus Day off. We had a super exciting day at home.
 Veda is rarely without something silly on. Sunglasses, dress up clothes, skirt as a hat, etc.
 And Quinn started wearing a pony tail!! This is a new thing for her! She has always had short hair, but decided a few months ago to grow it out. It's exciting and sad to see it in a pony tail. It makes her look too grown up!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

my 30th birthday

Dave threw me the most awesome surprise party ever for my birthday! I was completely surprised! It was an awesome night and I felt so loved by all the people who showed up (and all got a babysitter!!) 
I can't seem to find pictures of me and Dave from that night... (I got a new phone for my birthday, so pictures are all spread out from the transition.)

Me and Alanna. 
She and Allisa helped Dave with the party (or did most of it??!) She was awesome enough to host at her lovely house. And I love her because we are the same height- and often I look taller than her in pictures :)
Me and Allisa. The other major party planner. I still can't believe she didn't spill the beans. (And she's totally squatting down-- she's much taller than me) :)
Me and my friend Hilary. She made some amazing home made hot fudge for the pizookies we had that night 
 My friends Kasee and Cami.
 We played a bunch of minute-to-win-it games. It was a blast. Here's my friend Jessica balancing cupcakes on her forehead.
 The yummy food spread. We had home made pizookies (cookies with ice cream). They were so good. Plus the darling decorations that Dave made (the Happy Amberfest sign)

My actual birthday was on Saturday. My awesome "Sole Sisters" all set their alarms for midnight to come over and decorate the outside of my house. We were all planning to run at 5 am that day, so midnight was the best time to get it up so I would be surprised without catching them. It was so nice. There were streamers and this '30' piƱata and a gift card to a running store.
 The wonderfully sweet gift from Quinn.

 The chocolate  cake I made. It was slightly disappointing actually. (but pretty huh?!)
 But this cupcake from Panara wasn't disappointing :)
I had a great birthday. I feel so lucky to have such great friends and such an amazing husband that made my birthday so special!!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Almost 30

Thirty. You guys. I'm turning 30. In two days I will no longer be in my twenties. Crazy, right? 30 is kinda old? Okay, not really. I know I'm not 'old.' But it is still a big milestone. I'm not getting any younger- amiright?!

When I reflect on this life of mine. I feel pretty lucky (yes, REALLY lucky)

I just had a super fun Amber-fest visit from my mom
I have some of the greatest friends that a girl could ask for
 I'm in the best shape of my life (notice I didn't say 'skinniest' shape of my life). I might weight more than I ever have -- but it's muscle, right? Except for those few pounds around my middle. But hey- I LOVE chocolate so it's an okay balance.
 I have the greatest husband ever. (super funny, hot, smart, sweet, hot)
 And I have some of the cutest and silliest kids around

I welcome my thirties with open arms. (okay- maybe not WIDE open). But I'm ready. As long as I get some cake on my birthday (and by cake, I mean a WHOLE cake...)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

bag and Veda and my mom

I made my mom this bag. It's another Super Tote. 
 Veda. Oh little Veda... so much to say and 1/3 of the time I can't understand her. Which can really tick her off...

 She loves story time at the library. She is also loving 'chapel' at Hendrix's preschool. The first 15 minutes on Thursdays is open for parents to come. And they sing songs. Veda thinks it's awesome -- Hendrix, not as much :) (although he many times says that music class was his favorite part of preschool)
 And my mom's here!!!
 Amber-fest started today!! So hopefully there will be more cake in my life.
 And more shopping trips with these cute ladies!