Saturday, April 21, 2007

Even More Quinn pics...finally

This is Quinn's impression of a fish

This is Quinn's first "yak" on her dad. Way to go Quinners, right on my sweet Barry Manilow tee.

"Power to my peeps"

In this pic, Quinn was dreaming of crowd surfing at a rock concert, maybe like a Kenny Loggins concert or something.

Chillin with momster on my boppy pillow

Quinn likes to hang out in the buff, I think she was posing for this one

We caught the beginnings of a smile

Quinners and cousin Ellie - Ellie was telling Quinn all about her favorite color pink

Chris snapped this one and I think it makes a really cool screensaver

When Am's family was here - Dan, Marcia, Me, Quinn, Am, Daine and his wife, Amanda