Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas morning

a few pictures from Christmas morning. Although we avoided Quinn being sick on Christmas morning, Hendrix wasn't as fortunate. Poor boy was up all Christmas Eve with a horrible cold. Opening presents took a LONG time since we had to stop half way through to have him take a nap. He's actually still sick... he can't seem to catch a break (or I can't) :)

Quinn was totally caught up in the magic of Christmas this year. It was so fun. She was so excited about Santa and reindeer and singing Christmas songs. Yet still young and humble enough that she asked Santa for a coloring book (which she got like...10??) I can't help myself.

Hendrix's new prized possession... this book full of cars and trucks and trains.

The chaos

snuggling the sick baby

Aunt Julie got Hendrix these huge blocks for Christmas. They've been a hit-- even with the parents. (Dave obviously built this)

I don't know if any of you remember the Christmas advent I made a couple of years ago? But this year Quinn either got a little treat, or a craft to do that day. Here's her collection of crafts that we did (the photo one she made at preschool)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am so grateful for this fun time of year to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

What's worse than having a stomach flu? Being 31 weeks pregnant and having the stomach flu. Sorry, mom... you're going to have to wait even longer for Christmas pictures. I started this post before I started puking my guts out yesterday, but it's just Christmas Eve pics.

Our Christmas Eve feast

helping me make cookies for Santa

leaving cookies for Santa

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread house 2010

The whole fam

Hendrix was busy UN-decorating the house. Quinn would happily hand him candy from the bowl so he wouldn't 'snatch' candy off the house. What a good sister :)

Hendrix didn't really understand the concept of decorating the house. He just thought it was a free-for-all to eat candy.

Quiet book!!!

Here is the finished quiet book for the little man for Christmas. My plan was to have them open their gift from me on Christmas Eve-- so I am definitely cutting it close. But it's done!!! I have plans to make a couple more pages, but we'll see if I ever get to it.

The cover. Why a number 6?? no reason. It was on the front of a shirt that Dave was getting rid of and I thought it was cute. And since I had no great ideas for the cover, here it is.

THanks mom and Chelsey for the tree idea. I was going to do two trees-- one like this and one with apples, but I never got to the apple page :)

The number page was the last page I did. I was a little burned out by this point. THanks Hollie-- this was kind of your idea! I just thought that shapes would be easier than a hand. And it was definitely my fastest page.

The gromets and key rings to assemble the book (while a pain) was SO MUCH better than how Quinn's quiet book was constructed. I'm just glad that Dave was home to help me with the key rings.

And some more pictures of the book in action since it was such a labor of love to make this sucker.

I sure hope he likes it. And if not-- I already know Quinn does since she has been playing with it for weeks :)

owl and blankies

Quinn's home-made present from me for Christmas. An owl pillow/friend to match her big girl room. I used THIS tutorial. It was a fun and fairly quick project. I can see myself making one of these again... maybe for Baby M. :)

And just a cute video of Hendrix. He gets excited when he finds BOTH of his blankies at one time (we have two in case one is being washed). He was holding them both up and saying 'two blankies!!' but the video I got was even better.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

it's almost Christmas!!!

We've been doing a little rearranging lately because of the new entertainment center (which we got the other day and it was damaged, so we are waiting for them to ship more parts.... huge bummer). but we sold our old one and had to move a bench downstairs to temporarily hold our tv while we wait for the new tv stand. Hendrix decided that it was a good place to color. So he got himself back behind this somehow.

and all these pictures of him were cute, so I put them all up. sometimes i just can't decide.

I am also grateful to report that instead of Quinn waking up on Christmas morning with an awful flu bug-- she got it last night instead. hopefully we'll all be better by Christmas morning this year. And hopefully Hendrix doesn't come down with it-- Quinn was up from 7 pm until 3:30 this morning throwing up. I'd say the poor girl threw up at least once, if not twice an hour the whole time. So sad.

And also I finally finished Quinn's homemade present from me. I'll take some pictures when she's not around. It turned out good. I still can't believe I'm cutting things this close. And I have one more page to do for Hendrix's quiet book. But I should do like 3 more, so one seems doable :) I'll take some pictures of that too when I'm done.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

8 years

Happy Eight Years Dave. From the first time I saw you-- I knew you were The One. I love you more than words. Thanks for sharing this life (and the next) with me. Love you forever.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grandparents and Santa

we had our ward Christmas breakfast this weekend. Mike and Cheryl have been here this weekend so they joined us for the festivities.

Hendrix didn't really like Santa

Not really at all... poor guy

But was VERY happy about getting a treat. He downed his candy cane in five minutes


Quinn did a little better. She was just very quiet and shy. She very quietly told him that she wanted a new coloring book for Christmas.

Hendrix watching Caleb play the ipad.

Quinn watching a movie with Grandma and Grandpa

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I need some quiet book page ideas. i feel like I need to do 3 or 4 more pages and can't think of anything...
this is the last one i did: (the insects velcro on and off)

this is his: "give my mom some ideas or else" look.

oh yeah-- he got a haircut. I was embarrassed it was so long in my last post :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Favorite things

I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad...

Sometimes it's good for me to count my blessings and remember what I love in life. (instead of dwelling on the pain in my belly or having to clean poop out of undies.)

This guys is one of my favorite things. What would I do without him?? He takes such good care of me and the kids. Even if he's walking out the door for work he'll stay a minute to change a diaper or take Quinn potty. Plus he's HOT and a very talented artist-- what more could I want? This photo was taken two years ago on our anniversary. We are about to celebrate again next week!!

friends. ha... do you love this picture Kelsey? Sometimes I feel like a lot my friends are far away. Then it's just nice to remember that I have friends at all-- no matter where they live.

these two cute ladies. I'm sure missing you guys a lot right now. Wish we were together to have Christmas. Someday.

baby slings. what would i do without my sling? I STILL put Hendrix in a sling while I'm out sometimes (those days are almost over since my belly is huge). Kelsey gave me a Moby wrap to use for Baby V- can't wait :)

new babies. How can new babies not be one of my favorite things? They are sweet and sleepy and soft and smell so good.

This little girl. I'm so glad to have my little buddy Quinn. She is so sweet and fun. She loves to shop and craft (two of my favorite things to do). Plus one thing she says a lot: "Guess what???!! I love you."

Almost everything about this little man is my favorite thing. Today while I was carrying him downstairs (i know... i'm not supposed to do that..sorry Dave). I was whispering something to him about being such a sweet boy or something and he said "I love you." I could have cried. He says it other times, but only when I say "Hendrix, say 'Love you mommy!'" then he'll sometimes humor me and say it. But today was totally on his own. I love to watch him learn how to make new facial expressions and learn new words. He is just something special.

some of my other favorites:
the fleece sheets on my bed
seeing Quinn's cute fingernails painted pink
And CHRISTMAS!!!! I love Christmastime. I hope all of you are taking the time to remember your favorite things.