Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ha....I love this face. I have a picture of me when I was two making this EXACT face. I showed it to Quinn and asked her who it was, she said "Quinn."

Hendrix LOVES his bath. I was trying to get a picture of him smiling hugely, but no luck. The flash was bugging him

Hendrix with his hair slicked down

Mom--you don't have to say it---I already know what you are thinking "boy, his hair looks so much better slicked down. Like a nice boy."

Quinn is hilarious lately. This morning I let her pick out her outfit. She picked out green pants with a red dress over the top. I was putting the dress on her and she said "mommy, thank you for putting this dress on me. You are a great mommy." haha...I love her. And like I was going to argue with what she wanted to wear--it was only 6 am.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy 3 months Hendrix!!!

Can you believe it has been three months since I've had this little guy??? I can :) ha....but I love him to death and can't wait to see what the next months bring.

Here he is trying out the exersaucer. He does pretty well, but if we don't put a blanket behind him he flings himself around too much. I think we have much more of a jumper on our hands than Quinn ever was!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quinn's extra fun day

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon so we decided to fill up Quinn's little swimming pool. She was not very excited about it at first. We couldn't even talk her into taking her clothes or shoes off.

Daddy was helping her see how fun it was. She was quickly convinced

She even let us take some her clothes off

She also had fun playing with her sand and water table. We finally put both sand and water in at the same time.

So I made a cheesecake for dessert and Quinn was SO excited. But...she couldn't understand why we were having a cake and not blowing out candles....

Being the indulgent parents that we are....we let her blow out a candle.

She cleared her plate...surprise, surprise :)

You'd think these were trick candles...but nope

Friday, June 26, 2009

kids in new shirts

Got the kids a couple of new shirts yesterday. I guess I was in the mood for orange

I couldn't decide which picture of Hendrix was the cutest...so here's three

Hendrix is getting good at his "ooh's" It's very cute to watch his little face making noises. At least it's cute to me....

don't mind the pink blankie underneath him...Quinn got it for me...from her room

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quinn's getting big (not physically, of course)

And here is a grumpy Quinn modeling her new dress.

And I just have to tell you what a good girl I have. I used to always be concerned about hurrying to keep her happy. Hurrying to get somewhere, hurrying to get home, hurrying to put her to bed...and now, she is a patient little trooper. She will just sit and wait for me all the time. Wait for me to finish nursing, wait for me while I pick stuff out at the store, wait patiently in the car, and most of the time wait patiently while I rock the baby to sleep. Sometimes she has a hard time with that one--especially if he isn't going to sleep very easily. But I can just tell how she is growing up....sad. But good :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New dresses

I made these dresses for Quinn. Super cute, huh? and EASY--which makes them even better :)
(this picture shows the back of the orange dress)

Q eating ice-cream and X being cute

lucky girl...eating an ice cream cone

check out his hair....i forget how long it is until i see him from a different point of view

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's official....

Here are the kiddos---both in 6 month onesies. Although Quinn was NOT happy about sharing her shirt with Hendrix

And quinn very lovingly sharing her wheat thins with her baby.

I love the set up she has on the tray for her baby--she thought of everything :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

umm....no title

we just got home from church and quinn was ready for a nap and NOT about to put down her sippy cup for a picture.

the cute tie quinn made for her daddy during nursery. (the white one)

I told someone that Hendrix was in size 3 diapers---they were certain that they would come up to his arm pits--nope--see :)

quinn got her play with her friend, Emery yesterday. here are the cute kids

we didn't plan on them wearing matching outfits--it was just lucky

Saturday, June 20, 2009

cute kids

welcome back, mom and dad!! I know you would want some pictures waiting when you got home today. here are some from the last couple of days!

hendrix has the handsomest blue eyes. I think he got those from dave :)

Notice Quinn's undershirt hanging out SIX inches?? haha...hendrix is going to start needing her undershirts (6 month size) so I decided to pick her up a couple of new ones. I guess I shouldn't have bought 24 month size for her. I should have known they would be too big!!! It's funny because when we brought Hendrix home from the hospital Quinn seemed HUGE. Her face and head and legs and bum....just seemed really big. Now that Hendrix has been growing so fast, I keep thinking that Quinn is so tiny. No fat rolls anywhere and I can usually see her rib cage. She is getting skinnier and skinner and my little boy just gets bigger and bigger! it's funny how the gap closes more every day.

Quinn having a nice dinner with her baby.

"yes, I will pass the ketchup."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Quinn and I made a hopscotch today. She doesn't quite get it, but really likes asking me to play over and over again. She kind of hops along the numbers...but seems to have more fun 'counting.'

X just hanging out in the stroller while we played.


Quinn has started doing this FAKE pout and whine thing. It's obviously unbelievable. The unbelievable part is that when I was little I did it too...and I thought I was pulling it off as well.