Tuesday, February 26, 2013


This little girls cracks me up. Her birthday is on FRIDAY!!!! Guess what the theme is for her party on Thursday? PINK!!! Yes- pink decorations, pink goody bags, pink snacks, pink cupcakes, pink balloons. Which is really hilarious after you watch this video. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Our week

It's been a big week around here.
1. I've had ZERO junk food this week (since Sunday). This is kind of a big deal. This is me we are talking about. A girl who has been known to have 2 pieces of cake and a handful of m&m's before 8 am. And dessert after every meal. And candy, cookies and cake are my favorite foods. I don't really know why the sudden challenge to myself. But here I am- almost 5 days and going strong. I've even been tempted- had a box of chocolates and plates of cookies in front of me and I didn't give in. I know, people- it's a miracle.
2. Poor Veda has been sick. Ear infection, throwing up, yucky poo, cough, runny nose, fever. I took her in last night just to confirm the ear infection. Looks like I'm in for another day holding Veda all day. Fingers crossed no one else gets it and that she's over it quick!
3. Quinn is reading chapter books. I'm so proud of my little smarty pants. She surprises me every day with her reading. She doesn't even stumble over big words. I'm sure it's because she came out of the womb addicted to books.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Life with kids is hard.

It starts with the struggle of pregnancy. Sickness, fatness, pain.
Then they have to be pushed out. Yikes.
Then there is this newborn who is a mystery. Cries all the time. It's hard to figure out nursing, sleeping and pooping. Lots of runny poop that goes all over.
Those things seem to be a burden for way too long. Finally figuring out a schedule only to have your baby change and grow and need a new schedule.
Life gets planned around naps and feeding and bedtime- trying to keep a smile on that precious face.
Then they get mischievous. Color on walls, spill juice, milk, and boxes of new spaghetti noodles. Reach in toilets and eat food off a restaurant floor.
They refuse to poop for days as you try to teach them to go in a toilet. You deal with diaper rash and hemorrhoids.
Despite reading Parenting books all the time, discipline is a constant thing of worry. Am I doing too much? Am I doing enough? Why are they still so naughty? It's embarrassing to watch them be mean to their friends... or my friends... or me.
Then to have a school age child doesn't seem to end the constant stream of worry. Are her chronic stomach pains serious? Or anxiety? Is she talking enough that she has friends? Why after months of going to school does she still cry when it's time to leave me? And then there's still the pooping issues...

Obviously I've been reflecting on motherhood. Or rather- my children's childhood. And while these moments of hardness seem to last forever, it's good for me to remember that the moments of greatness make up for it. All of it.

Going in Veda's room first thing in the morning and have her jump up and down when she sees me.
Hearing Veda run to the door when Quinn gets home from school to hug and kiss her.
Catching them sharing fairly and nicely without being prompted by me.
Giggling with Hendrix as we run around the block together
Getting covered in kisses (and licks) from Veda.
Hearing from other parents in Quinn's class how amazing Quinn is. That they've watched her over the last few months and have seen how great and sweet and well behaved she is.
Knowing that when Hendrix is really sad, he just needs his mommy to hold him.
Watching them achieve something hard that they've worked for.
The look of Veda's face when it lights up when Dave gets home from work.
Knowing that I wouldn't trade these hard years EVER. I want to soak them up (and maybe do a little self medicating with chocolate and endorphins when things are especially hard).

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Festivities

We had a lot of fun celebrating Valentines! 
We had a little Valentine party at the park yesterday. Mostly 3-4 year olds, plus their younger siblings. I planned it at a park... but little did I know it was going to be FREEZING. It has been so nice, so it was a surprise that it was cold. We tried to make the best of it. 

 Somehow Valentine's Day has turned into Halloween without costumes. Lots and lots of treats. I let Hendrix eat as much as he wanted on the way home and hid the rest.
 While I stood around with a blanket around me, the kiddos played (while some left in tears because they were so cold)

I tried so hard to do fun things for my kids today. Unfortunately it didn't get received as well as I had hoped. Quinn cried on the couch because she said she didn't like muffins and wouldn't even come in the kitchen because she said the smell made her sick. And Hendrix didn't like that everything was pink (I made pink muffins and pink hot chocolate). And Veda LOVED every bit of it! :)
Dave and I also planned a scavenger hunt for the kiddos to find their little presents from us. Quinn started to participate about half way through when she got over the disappointment about breakfast.

 I was able to go to Quinn's class for her Valentine party. There is her awesome teacher- we love her.
 And... a heart shaped pizza for dinner.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Snapshot in words

My friend Lindsey does a snapshot in words every year, and I love it. So I'm copying her again and doing the same for my family. I think it's such a fun way to remember the day to day of our lives right now.

My kids are still really early risers. They are up between 5:30-6:30 every morning. Sometimes I don't get home from my run until after they are awake, but I still try really hard to get home before they are up. Veda will sleep in the longest, which is good since she isn't the best napper. Hendrix and Quinn both wake up DYING of hunger- or so they tell us. We used to have oatmeal every day- but I think it wore me out... so now we hardly ever eat it.

I share a car pool with some of my neighbors. We take turns by week. One week I drive to school, the next week my friend comes and gets Quinn. After school there are three of us- so I only have to pick up every 3 weeks.

Hendrix, Veda and I usually run our errands in the morning (I know, surprising huh?!). I get out most days, a lot more than I did in Idaho at least. It's awesome that things are so much closer here. Plus I have willing friends who want to shop with me or play at the park. And right now we go to a baby music class once a week at my friend's house.

My mornings have become more rushed the last couple of weeks because I started napping my kids at 11. Usually it ends up being more like 11:30 because it's so hard to get home and lunch done by 11. Veda is usually awake after 1 1/2 hours, but Hendrix will sleep for almost another hour.

After Hendrix and Veda are down for a nap, I set a timer for 15 minutes. I use that time to clean up as fast as I can. I clean up lunch and pick up toys. It's been awesome actually. After the timer goes off, I allow myself to relax. I sew, blog, take a nap, or read a book. I used to do those things first, but then I'd have a hard time relaxing because I'd feel guilty about not getting something done.

Veda's baby doll obsession has grown. She nows brings a baby doll everywhere with her. Including a diaper bag. We even have to set her baby a spot at lunch, and sometimes Veda insists that I serve her real food. It's quickly getting out of hand :)

Quinn loves to buy her lunch at school. We used to only let her buy it twice a week. We let her do more sometimes because she LOVES it, and I have a hard time even knowing what to pack her for lunch (She doesn't eat sandwiches very well). I figure she is getting a good hot meal plus is saves me time in the morning. And it also kinda makes me proud because I NEVER bought my lunch growing up because I was too scared :)

Hendrix loves Legos right now. It's definitely what he plays with the most. We are all getting pretty good at building things. (Dave's still the best).

Veda is still only about half potty trained. She goes sometimes, but it's mostly just when she feels like it. And unfortunately it's when I've tucked in her for her nap or when we are in the back of Target.

Hendrix is potty trained, just got night trained. He's doing awesome. Accidents here and there, but they are very few and far between. He's really good at holding it.

Dave's calling at church is in Scouts. I will admit- I HATE Scouts. He was in Scouts when we lived in Meridian, and he was gone all the time. Before he gets a calling, I always tell him that the only thing he must say "no" to is Scouts. Ha... I know I'm naughty. But here he is, in Scouts. It hasn't been that bad so far. He's with the Priests, and I've heard there's not many campouts for the older boys. That has proved true so far. I am kind of in-between Primary classes. They have moved me around a lot lately, which is good and bad. Right now I am having a break for two weeks so I can help Veda in Nursery. But after that I will be a co-Sunbeam teacher (Hendrix's class). I'm not thrilled about it- here I am being too honest. I'm sure it'll be great. It always is after I get used to it!

We still eat dinner at 5 every night. We still bathe our kids at 5:30 every night. And bedtime is still at 6:30 every night. That routine hasn't changed much. Although I am much more relaxed about when they kids are actually in bed and asleep. We read a few more books or let bath time go longer now that I don't work after the kids are in bed. (which is still super awesome by the way).

So life is good! Busy, but good. My kids are happy and healthy and have a good routine right now. I'm loving running, and my life in Texas. Dave is happy with work and Rocket is growing. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Phew... did you make it through all of those words without seeing Veda's face in between??! :)

Monday, February 11, 2013


Happy Monday!!!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

freezer paper heart shirt

I've been wanting to make a heart shirt ever since I saw one at JCrew.
Here I am deciding where to place the heart
Freezer paper ironed on
 painting away
 ha.... my Instagram shot obviously had a filter that made my dark shirt look a lot lighter. But here it is- turned out cute! Not bad for a 15 minute project :)


Here are some Instagrams from last week
Just a peek of the random things we've been up to:
A sunny day at the park.
 Veda enjoying donuts after my race last Saturday
 (Phil as in the ground hog!!) Ha! I loved this. Happy Ground Hogs Day!
 Quinn had to dress up like she was 100 on her 100th day of school.

 Veda loves pink shoes. She found these at Old Navy and thought they fit :)
 Cute sisters

 Babies playing
 This is me holding Hendrix's door shut. This happened BEFORE we just put a child lock on it. And yes- it's working. If we don't put the lock on, he reminds us because he wants it on (we take it off after he's asleep so he can get up to go potty)
 Veda saying a prayer. She prays a lot- it's pretty sweet. She usually just says "Dada, baby, Quinn-o, ME, Amen!"

 I'm reading this parenting book- so far I love it.

 At the park with some cute friends. Our kids are all super close in age- except all of her kids had their birthdays and mine haven't- so in this picture, their ages are 1,2,3,4,5, and 6.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

My big bro

My big brother Fritz (also known as Michael) just made a website. Anyone know anyone single, beautiful, smart, and funny? There's an opening in my family- so sign up. Or if you know someone who is single and looking, send them to his site. He is one of the best people on this planet (seriously). I know many of you are married, but maybe you know someone who is single, or have a friend's sister who is single. You know you do :)
HERE'S the site. And I promise - if he finds his wife because of you, I will personally bake you a chocolate cake.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

3rd Half Marathon

I did the River Road Half Marathon today! It was about an hour and a half away, so me and my friend left bright and early to get to the race by 7. (Not really that bright and early- I got up the same time I always do). The race was an "out and back" course- which was awesome. It was on a road that ran all along a beautiful river. (And should I mention that it was a PERFECT 55 degrees during our race? We couldn't have asked for better weather.)
Here I am at the finish. 
Boy was I glad to be done. It was a HILLY course. As we started the race we tried to keep track of the hills- since we knew that we were going to run back along the same road. The race started down hill... for like a mile and a half. Which was an awesome way to start! Man oh man was it a tough finish. The entire last mile was a struggle. 4 big hills right in a row. I've never been so glad to see a finish line in my life.
I ran with my friend Judy. Can I just tell you what a rockstar she is? She's run 7 marathons THIS YEAR. Not to mention other races- half marathons, a 30k last weekend. She's pretty amazing. And really nice to do this race with me since she just finished a bunch of races. And she basically paced me the entire race. My pace? I am still shocked. Sometimes we can surprise ourselves. Let's just say that I'm really happy with how I did. And it was a small race, so I actually got first in my age group! Ha... small races are awesome.
It was a fun race. I am happy that my early mornings are paying off. It's nice to work hard and fulfill goals. 3 half marathons down, 2 to go :)