Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hendrix's 1/2 birthday!!!

Happy 6 months Hendrix!!!!!

classic, mom....

He (of course) didn't get cake. But he scarfed down some pears (don't mind his poor face...for his birthday he got a nasty cold)

me and my mom

Quinn in a super cute outfit from her Aunt Julie. I'm so happy it is leggings and boots weather!!!

Quinn's 1/2 birthday

and haha....I apparently like to take pictures of my cakes with my face in them.... :) I laughed when I found that old picture of Quinn and her cake and I saw this one too....I haven't changed a bit


Guess who's here?????

GRANDMA MARCIA!!!!! Here we are getting tons of presents right after she got here.

And here we are looking at more presents....

and Hendrix modeling the new hat that Aunt Julie sent him. Could he be any cuter???

Amberfest. Day 2.

Day 2: Amber loves highwater pants.

Since we've been married, Am has always cuffed her pants. Not a small cuff, but a rather large "I'll show these pants who's boss" type of cuff. Originally, I believe her reasoning was because she had a few pants that were slightly too long. Over the years this has grown into a constant Amber trend, whether it's actually needed for the specific pants/situation or not.

A few examples to illustrate my point.

Possibly needed:

Definitely needed:

Not needed:

I guess what I've learned is that no matter the theory, Am can pull it off. And well. Cause dang.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We know you've all been patiently awaiting the biggest holiday of the year, so let your waiting cease. AmberFest is officially upon us. The week-long celebration that is all things Amber's Birthday kicks off today. I actually stayed up (it is 12:22am) just to ring in the celebration. Although I am alone, as Am went to bed around 9ish, it is quite a magical event.

As well as a present everyday, this year for AmbieFest I've decided to give away one Amber secret every day for us all to get to know this beautiful, wonderful, sweet, fun and totally rad mother, wife, seamstress, friend, wing-lady & (don't read this in-laws) smoocher.

Day 1: Amber loves brownies.

Most of you may be thinking that is obvious. True, true. What is funny about Am's love for brownies is that in 98.347% (true statistic) of all cases, this is what I find shortly after being asked, "Did you have a brownie?"

Happy AmberFest! Love you Darling.

Monday, September 28, 2009

my little crafter

I hope that Quinn gets my love of crafting. Judging by today, I have nothing to worry about.
my mother-in-law gave me a laminator for my birthday (a little early, don't worry you haven't all forgotten my birthday), so today Quinn and I were making some flash-cards to laminate.

Then--later today I got my box of Amber-fest presets from my sister, and in it was a craft project for Quinn to do. This is what we made:(she has two more picture frames to make, but i only let her do one postpone some of the fun-ness)

She was having so much fun with the Elmers glue, that I let her do some more while I was making dinner...

she was in heaven. but she also needed pretty constant attention...she thinks she needs a LOT of glue on everything.

her masterpiece.

my kids....playing a duet. they are practicing up so they can be in a band with their dad. watch out shane and are about to be replaced.

and i just thought this picture was funny....a little sneer from hendrix. i think he might be teething. it's about time, right??? i'm beginning to worry he doesn't have any in there.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quinn and Levi

Finally...friends :) Quinn and her cousin, Levi, are so close in age. It's always been a shame that they haven't been great buddies. But I think it's starting!! They've been starting to enjoy each other's company more lately...and it's SO cute to see. Chris and Sarah have been moving this weekend, and today I finally had my camera with me and caught the kiddos while they were hanging out.

I told them to make some silly faces.

Levi is such a sweet boy! I had my hair curled today--and he noticed and told me he liked my hair. what a good boy :)


While I was making dinner today, I found Quinn sitting on the floor of the pantry reading cookbooks to her monkey. This girls sure loves books :)

and my happy guy playing in the walker (before I styled his hair for the day...obviously)

Friday, September 25, 2009

my kids

Just feeling bad that I hadn't posted since Wednesday. I don't think I've even busted out the camera since we got back from Twin Falls. I don't know what's come over me. I sure love these kiddos though. They are just so cute and sweet and keeping me on my toes. Quinn took a nap today (her first in the last week--despite my efforts). And it is 9 pm and she is still talking in her crib. The crazy thing is that she doesn't want to get up. I went in to offer her some water and she didn't want me to turn on the light--she said "I want it to be night, a mama." (night means dark). So I turned off her lamp and gave her another kiss and left. ha....she's so independent at times. Alright...I know half of you stopped reading after my second sentence. So here's a cute picture of the kids...from WEEKS ago. I love her eyelashes...and I love his arms :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Twin Falls Part 3 (Park)

Our last stop for the day was at a park.

I thought I was prepared for the day since I brought both kids an extra outfit. It turns out that Quinn needed TWO extra outfits. She fell in some water up to her neck and was SOAKED. So she had to wear Hendrix's out fit that was a bit tight on her...hehe..
I love how Evie and Paul have the same facial expression in this picture.

Evie would crawl around and bark and pretend to be a puppy. It was hilarious. Here she is eating some snacks like a puppy. And I think Quinn was trying to put a pretzel in her shirt pocket


Quinn had quite the fall at the park. She fell and got a bruiser on her forehead. Poor girl. PLUS she had fallen in water up to her neck. We really wore her out yesterday, but it was SO fun!!

Twin Falls Part 2 (Hop 2 It)

After lunch we went to a place called Hop 2 It. They had a bunch of blow up bouncy things and slides. They girls loved it. (And I think the parents did too)

Quinn was surprisingly fearless. HEre she is going over a tube.

She would always land right on her head...but she didn't seem to mind :)

she got pretty good at rock climbing out of the ball pit too

the dad's hanging out in the ball pit. It seemed to be Evie's favorite part of the place, so she was in there a lot!

daddy helping Quinn down a slide

Hendrix hanging out with daddy

If you are ever in Twin Falls, you should check it out. It was in a weird spot of town, but was worth the $5 it costs us to get in (For the whole family!!). They had a huge slide that was WAY fun. It was too big for the 2 year olds....but I had tons of fun on it :)

Twin Falls Part 1 (Chili's/mall)

We drove to Twin Falls to see our friends Paul and Leslie and Evie. They don't live in Twin Falls--they live in Blackfoot, so we decided to make a day trip and meet half way. We got to Chili's before they opened, so we hung out at the mall for 10 minutes until the restaurant opened.
the girls were quickly buddies. it was fun to watch them together again since we haven't been together since Christmas. (they are only 4 days apart)

the girls in a little ice cream truck at the mall.

all three kiddos at the restaurant

Monday, September 21, 2009


I love that they have each other....and obviously, the same sense of humor :)

we're in a fight

my sewing machine and i have been fighting the last week or so. the tension is off and I haven't been able to fix it.'s quite frustrating. i called the viking store today to ask for some guidance and the repair guy said that it sounded like he should look at it. so i trudged to Boise with both kids and my sewing machine....for him to fix in exactly 30 seconds. he said it was in need of a tune up, but that it would take a week. like i can live without my machine for a week!! so i said, 'thank you,' and took it home with me anyway. despite our fight, I have made these few things over the last week. but they are far from perfect since my machine has been acting crazy.
this is a trash can that hangs off the seat of your car. tutorial here

a tutu I made for my niece, Ellie. it was her birthday--and she started ballet this year.

some fabric toy buckets for hendrix. we've been keeping his toys in baskets, but he keeps hurting himself on them. tutorial for these here and i also used this tutorial

new look

hi everyone.
dave helped me change the blog. it's kind of like how dave is the last person ever to get a haircut--sometimes i'm the last one to get to take advantage of his design services. dave surprised me this morning with the new look--and i love it! thanks dave! and i finally put up the rest of the links to the blogs i follow and my favorite craft blogs. and a couple cute pics of the kids.
we had a busy weekend with my mother-in-law here. and i didn't take ANY pictures for some reason. the kids had a blast with grandma!! and i had fun too (we went to Target WITHOUT the kids!!) sorry about the lack of pictures....I'm sure I'll take some soon.

Friday, September 18, 2009

this doesn't need a title...

jump jump

I'm fairly certain that this video was not meant for the blog...hehe. love you, dave!! all of you who know dave....enjoy :)

sorry, mom

my poor mom has had a tooth ache. this is to make her feel better...a little jumping baby.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I moved Quinn's house inside into our bonus room. this is her new little set up with her kitchen/house/table. she has been BUSY preparing food as you can see.

now that i have a little scooter he is finding all sorts of new things to play with.

and since i have nothing else to do, i made him new cloth rings. i wasn't 100% satisfied with the first ones i made him. these are better :)

don't you just want to squish his little rolls??