Monday, August 31, 2009

"I'm Quinn!!" and the Monkeys

Quinn singing "The Monkeys" I obviously don't know the real name of that song....but it's the one that's Hey, Hey, we're the monkeys....

We've had a fun time teasing Quinn lately with this:

Us (Dave and me) to Quinn: "You are so silly!!"
Quinn: "I'm not silly!! I'm Quinn"

Us: "You are a silly girl!"
Quinn: "I'm not a silly girl!! I'm Quinn"

Us: "You are so cute!"
Quinn: "I'm not cute!! I'm Quinn!!"

Quinn has been very cute with phrases like:
I can
I can't
I will....etc.

For example
"Hey Quinn, can you go down the big slide?"
Quinn: "I CAN!!!!"

Okay--this has all been very cute lately, but as I read it as a post it loses it's'll have to imagine her saying it, I guess.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 months!!!!

Happy 5 months, buddy.
some of his talents:
rolling--both ways
eating baby food (pears are his favorite....also applesauce)
falling asleep by himself
reaching for and grabbing toys--or cups or bowl full of cereal
splashing like crazy in the bath
giggling--especially at his sister
growing hair (he's had 3 hair cuts)
playing in his exersaucer

Friday, August 28, 2009

kelsey and norah

my friend Kelsey came to visit us. She brought her adorable little girl, Norah

Hendrix was loving Kelsey!!

Norah and Quinn, (and puppy)

Quinn reading to Norah?? I don't remember if she actually was. but I DO remember that Quinn talked Kelsey into reading her LOTS of books. I love their feet in this cute.

forgive me Kelsey...for posting this picture of us. :)

playing outside. Norah loved to ring the doorbell on Quinn's house

Norah and Hendrix. I love the look on Norah's face.

no title

Quinn building some pretty tall towers with her blocks.

She's so cute...ha. i don't know why I have taken so many pictures of my kids just in diapers lately. i swear they have clothes...

I put Hendrix down on that blanket in the background. he is getting good at getting around!

I love his arms in this picture. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


The other thing I got at that garage sale. it was practically free!! and it is in brand new condition. Hendrix loves it--Quinn does too :) (the bottom is a spring board so he can jump--but he doesn't yet)

Quinn also loves Hendrix doorway jumper. and his bibs...obviously :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

quilt and new dresser for X

I had a bunch of scraps left over from making stuff for Hendrix's room, so I decided to make him a blanket with the left-overs. I'm happy with how cute it turned out...this is the front

close up of the back

the back

I even made the binding myself!! It was my first time making binding. I'm pretty proud that I did it....ha. it isn't perfect, by any means, but not bad for my first time :)

our neighborhood had a garage sale yesterday. this dresser was our amazing find. we also got hendrix a jumper/exersaucer toy that he LOVES. i'm sure to get a picture of him in it soon. we got both for $40....not a bad deal, huh? i think it completes his room.


If someone asked me how much I liked getting comments on my blog on a scale of 1 to 10....I would say a 10.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

after bath fun

it's official...Quinn and Dave have too much fun after bath time.
You can often hear Quinn yelling "I WANT TO TURN IT BLUE!!!" (blue pronounced: ball-ooo) She is waiting for daddy to pick her up to hit the thermostat, which turns blue....

Which then magically zooms her onto our bed

and results in tickles and pillow fights until she crawls down and stands with her hands on her hips and again asks to 'turn it ball-ooo'




"It's your turn, dad!"

I just had to show you his cute little rolls. where did he come from, seriously???

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"hi grandma..."

Here's Quinn saying 'hi' to grandma. I ask her almost every day when I'm on the phone with my mom if she wants to say hi...she NEVER does. she usually runs away or lays down and puts her face in her hands. ha. she felt like it for the camera today for some reason. sorry about her mouth full of food....and cheryl, I'm sure she meant to have the 'hi' go out to you too!!

quinn saying some books

Here are a....few....videos of Quinn saying some books. she has them all memorized. Don't mind her topplessness....this was right after her bath last night. and mom--you were saying I don't put up enough videos?? this will hold ya over for a while :)
okay.....i tried to put 4 more up but it's not letting me....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The other day when I was changing Quinn's discusting diaper, she said: "I'm ready to use the potty now, mom."
I ran out to the store to buy the necessary supplies of pull-ups, underwear, potty seats, and m&m's. turns out that she was just kidding. But here she is in some cute undies...that she wore once and now doesn't want to wear them anymore.

I got these vinyl birds forever ago and finally got around to putting them into frames for Quinn's room. I made them while she was sleeping--so I assumed the green ribbon would match. I need to change it--it matches too well. But I doubt i'll remember to take another picture of the new ribbon.

Monday, August 17, 2009

bouncy seat

we went all the way to Jason and Christy's house yesterday afternoon. Hendrix thoroughly enjoyed their bouncy seat

he is just too cute!! and sorry mom...I'm still working on getting him to laugh on camera

I all want to kiss him. a sweet lady at church wanted to hold him yesterday. haha...Hendrix spit up all over her skirt. so maybe you all want to kiss him, but not hold him

ha...this was my attempt at getting a picture of Quinn and Emery. no such luck. cute little emery is learning how to walk, and it's SO CUTE.

We sure love our friends Jason and Christy. they got a double dose of us this weekend, but it was sure fun!! thanks for having us out to your house and feeding us DELICIOUS food.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

ann morrison park

We decided to go downtown to a park today. it was very spontaneous, actually. i'm still impressed that dave talked me into going so last minute. i even tried to talk him out of it on our way there...ha. but it was a lot of fun and i'm so glad we went!! our kids were angels--even though i wasn't as prepared as i would have liked to be :)

we fed the geese and ducks. quinn loved it. there were TONS of them and as soon as we started walking over to feed them they started coming toward us. none of these pictures show how many there me, there were tons of them.

Quinn had a hard time throwing the bread very far. she also had a hard time parting with her bread. she would eat some, then toss some, then eat some

a huge fountain in the middle of the park

dave. i love how there are two hairs sticking up on top of his head that look like bunny ears. love you, babe :)

man...he is such an angel. hendrix took a THREE hour nap today and slept the whole time we were at the park. he woke up on our way home and i thought he would be really mad (Since it had been like 4 hours since he had eaten) but nope...he just sat happily in his car seat all the way home (we live like 40 minutes away from downtown boise). here is a picture of him while we were at the park. can you believe I got a picture of him smiling? he was dreaming of one of two things: thinking of when he will be old enough to play the park OR the yummy brownies that i've been eating

Quinn is FINALLY warming up to swinging. she has always really hated it. she wanted to get in today when we were just about to leave. i love this picture because you can tell how she was ALL the way in far as she could go. what a nut

and another one of my favorite things she's been saying lately: "whoopsy daisy!!"

Friday, August 14, 2009

the baby boy

henrdix is starting to laugh... it's so incredibly cute. he has also slept through the night 3 out of the last 5 nights. amazing huh? he is crying his head off between 7 and 9... but after that he sleeps until 6. and we have made MAJOR progress...finally...with his naps. we had tried letting him 'cry it out' when he was younger and it didn't work. we had also tried the 'ferber method' which worked for a couple of weeks, then stopped working all together. then we tried letting him cry it out when he got a little older--and it worked!!! thank goodness. it has changed my life :) and i should also mention that he is SO STINKING CUTE and we LOVE HIM TO PIECES!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

slushies at the park

yesterday was piping hot so after lunch we decided to go to the park and get slushies. here are some pictures

What's a trip to the park without a few texts to friends?

quinn running away scared when she was offered a bite of slushie

I was there too...see :)