Sunday, April 26, 2009

more of Q's haircut..and Hendrix

Hendrix...he's getting so big!! I put a pair of pj's on him last night that were TOO TIGHT!!! I'm not used to that--since Quinn doesn't ever grow out of clothes. She'll wear clothes this summer that she wore last summer...and do I need to remind you that she's still in 6 month onesies?? :)

More of Q's new haircut since the one's yesterday were of it wet!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hope to see you again

Quinn's haircut

My happy little man

Quinn's haircut--sorry the only pictures i took were when her hair was wet


Any of you have any advice on how to get Hendrix to take a binky?? I have tried 7 different kinds....none of them have worked. I try just holding it in his mouth too--and it is a rare thing when he'll actually suck on it without gagging or trying really hard to spit it out. If you have any great ideas, let me know--or if you know of a great binky I should try, I'm up for that too :)

And oh--Quinn has an adorable new haircut--lots of pictures to come.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Quinn brand new

Hendrix brand new

Quinn's first bath

Hendrix's first bath

Quinn burrito

Hendrix burrito

Hendrix at 3 weeks

Quinn at 3 weeks

Hendrix started out a pound more than Quinn--and is definitely a bigger baby!! He didn't have quite as much hair as Quinn did when she was born--but he was still blessed with plenty. Hendrix seems more mellow than Quinn and already likes the car a LOT more than she ever did. (And obviously likes his baths more.)
Quinn keeps putting socks on her hands--but keeps them on for a LONG time. she'll even eat a snack with them on :)

She also likes to wear hats around..even if it's over 80 degrees and she only has a winter hat

baby hendrix

baby quinn. (I've been meaning to do a comparison hopefully I'll do that soon so you can see how quinn and hendrix look compared to each other!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

the kiddos

nothing to say about this picture...just for you, mom :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

a bunch of pictures....

quinn sitting in the baby seat

the ONLY picture I happened to take of quinn looking super cute in pigtails and her new pants and flip flops...

hey mom--you said you wanted some pictures of Hendrix's you go :)

quinn thought hendrix needed to wear her flip flops :)

here's some sweet brother/sister moments in their matching shirts!

Friday, April 17, 2009

ballerina skirt and flip flops

quinn wanted to wear her 'ballerina skirt' today.. she looks so cute in it!! it was a super nice day, so we spent some time outside.

quinn is starting to have a cute little imagination. she'll get in the car and tell me she's going shopping, or to the mall. then when she gets there she'll tell me what she's shopping for. she'll list food, or clothes, or shoes. and will even tell me what color shirts she is getting if i ask her :)

sorry--this was the only picture of baby Hendrix. but he's having a good hair day, huh?

playing with daddy

I had to include this picture of Quinn in her new flip flops. when my parents were here we tried to get her some new shoes--since she will ONLY wear her blue ones that are majorly scuffed up. when we were in a store Dave and I were showing her the flip flops and asking her if she liked any of them--and she YELLED at the top of her lungs "NO FLIP FLOPS!!!!" we tried again yesterday and she agreed to some sparkly pink ones. PLUS she let us put on them on her today!

Quinn trying on mommy's flip flops

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our little bunny

My parents got Quinn this bunny-ear headband when they were here. Here are some cute photos of her wearing them.

yes--that's chocolate on her face. We still bathe her, I swear. Dave let her lick the lid of his snack pack. She had never tried one before--we always tell her we are just eating yogurt. Today she said she wanted to try the yogurt too--boy was she surprised by the yumminess of the yogurt.

Quinn has been SO sweet to baby Hendrix.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa

Proof that my parents have been here!! My parents left this's going to be a sad day! My mom has been here for over two weeks and my dad got to come for a week. We had SO MUCH fun--especially Quinn. She's had a constant buddy since they've been here--and had EVERY single question patiently answered. These are the pictures from my parents camera--so some of them are from two weeks ago, but still too cute not to post!
my mom tried these shoes on his while he was sitting in the sun...they don't quite fit yet :)

While Dave and I were in the hospital my mom took Quinn outside to play. My mom thought it was chilly enough for her snow suit...

playing at the park with Grandma

Quinn's b-day party...I love this photo

Me and my cute baby boy

Quinn and Grandpa. Quinn has asked me 100 times this morning 'what's Grandpa doing?' since she can't seem to find him in the house anywhere.

My two cute kids!! And Quinn in a super cute new outfit from her Aunt Julie

Quinn and Grandpa at the park

Quinn and her doting Grandparents. :)