Friday, October 30, 2009


it was not a good picture night. This is the only good picture from Trunk or Treat. She is holding a smaritie.... that she licked one lick at a time (and never finished....I found it on the counter after we got home....but it was licked down to a small sliver)

a little flashback for you...Quinn as a turkey last Halloween.

pre-Halloween festivities

the little lady bug running around before my neighbor's Halloween carnival this morning.

Hendrix is a turtle this year. He didn't really like wearing the costume though...and I was having a hard time getting him to be in a picture with it on. I kept trying to have Quinn 'hold' him. This resulted in a few cute pictures of her hugging him....

look at that sweet face. She's the best.

the best picture with the hat on.

A picture of Quinn decorating a cookie at the carnival. Seeing her do things like this make her look so grown up!!! (but she's not....she was so shy at the party that she didn't say ONE WORD to anyone that was there....and either held my hand or sat on my lap or insisted that I hold her the entire time)

7 months (and thanks)

7 months ago one of my favorite people was born. It hasn't been easy, but boy has it been worth it. Love you little guy.
I love all 19 pounds of your chubbiness.
I love how you are constantly slobbering...ALL over.
I love how you laugh and play with your sister.
I love how you make our lives better just because you're with us.

and also just wanted to say....
thanks to all of you sweet people who leave me comments. thanks for appreciating my silly lady bug bag...i almost didn't even post a picture of it. all of your sweet comments made my day!!

and have a very Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

all in a days work

If you watched the video in the last post--check this out. 24 hours later and he can keep his belly up the whole time!!!

I know neither of the kids are even looking at the camera, but I loved how they were playing with legos together :)

I couldn't help little lady bug needed a matching trick-or-treat bag, don't you think? and don't mind the horrible picture, i had about 15 seconds to snap the picture because....

Quinn did NOT want me to hang it on a door knob to take a picture of it. (I must admit that I'm glad she liked it so much she didn't want to part with it...even for a picture)

x crawling

Last night Hendrix did his official first crawl on all fours. This is actually his SECOND time doing it--but still not bad that I managed to capture his second try. I can't video my kids all 24 hours of the day....just 22.

and don't's right at the beginning, then he goes back to his trusty-scoot.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I just asked Quinn why she doesn't want to go poop in the potty (since she was standing there pooping in her diaper). and she said:
"Because I will get flushed down, mommy."
well, of course...I wouldn't want to get flushed down the toilet either.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hendrix!!! my mom was wondering if Hendrix went to the zoo with us yesterday because he wasn't in any pictures. I took a few of him this will make up for it. and YES he was at the zoo with us. :)

"mmm...a turkey leg before church..."

and a couple more...just because he's so handsome in his new church shirt

check out this big boy. see him on his tip toes---he got in that position all by himself :)

the baby shower invites I made this weekend.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

our little lady bug

mommy and her lady bug

a back view of the little bug

We went to "boo at the zoo' today. the only way she would fit in her car seat was with her wings up (check out her cute antennas....)

which ended up being a great thing for the ride home...a nice pillow for her nap :)

riding a tiger at the zoo. i think i have a picture of quinn on this tiger from every trip we've ever taken to the zoo.

it was a fun trip to the zoo. the animals seemed more lively today in the cooler weather...or maybe it was the noise of thousands of sugar-ed up kids.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I LOVE fall!!

"Hey mom, I'm going to try this..."

"I don't know about this weird stuff..."

"I take it back--I LOVE it!!"

I sure love this chubby boy!

a video of Hendrix laughing. I love how simple things (like laying a book on his belly) make him giggle...

Aunt Julie sent Quinn these fun stickers to decorate pumpkins with. Quinn has had a blast using them!!

The monster's 'hair' was grossing her out.

I think she was saying "really, mom...get it off me..."

Her finished masterpieces

Do you wonder why he's chubby?? haha...

my pretty girl.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"I'm a tank"

Did you know that crawling just on flat ground is for sissies?? yeah...Hendrix needs obstacles to keep his life interesting.

"okay...I can do this."


"I know you didn't believe me....but look, I'm on the final stretch..."

"Arrghh....I did it. without even wiping the drool from my mouth....who's got the time?"

Sunday, October 18, 2009


FACT #1: There is nothing sweeter than a parent's love for their child. But a VERY close second, is watching two of your young children interact with each other. It has been a joy to watch Quinn and Hendrix discover each other as friends. I love it.

FACT #2: I'm never cutting Quinn's hair again. maybe that's a lie. But I'm seriously considering growing it out for a while. I was trimming her hair this morning and she was being so squirmy, wiggly, and uncooperative that I sliced my finger open. I'm starting to think long hair might be cute on her.

maybe we'll grow this guy's hair out too :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

oh man....

it's a sad day. Quinn has learned how to open doors.

you may think it weird that she hasn't learned before now. BUT--she's super short AND I've never let her practice because I didn't want her to learn how. She learned despite my efforts, and her genes.

Friday, October 16, 2009

manners, tv and haircuts

So....I've had a few of you ask how we get Quinn to be so polite. It seems like a funny question...since I'm obviously the best/most attentive/patient/teaching mother of all time. ha...kidding. I think she just picked it up from dave and i. We are naturally polite to one-another and Quinn just picked it up that way. We occasionally have to remind her, but for the most part she does it all on her own.

Speaking of manners...Have any of you watched Yo Gabba Gabba? The first time I watched it I almost couldn't believe how incredibly ridiculous it was.'s that crazy. Dave even said he could watch for 5 minutes, then it gave him a headache. Then we had to watch it 1,000,000 times. Now I like it! But really, it teaches important lessons--to hip hop. Some shows will be about sharing, picking up toys, trying new foods, and DANCING. The music is super repetitive, but I know that quinn has learned some good lessons from that silly crazy show. If you have a it. You'll hate me at first, but I think you'll come around.

More news...after twisting my arm almost off my shoulder, Dave talked me into chopping off his hair. After all that twisting and a few tears from me as I cut it off...he is a short hair-ed handsome man. Pictures to come.

PLUS...I've been sewing. Betcha can't wait until I take some pictures. I started Quinn-o's Halloween costume :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

my mom wanted me to do a post i found some pictures :)
hendrix is quite the little sitter now. he loves to sit and just play--and bang toys together. he's such a boy!!

hendrix made it all the way into the playhouse yesterday morning. i love how quinn is sitting...acting like it's a mouse on the floor or something. the funny thing is that as soon as he was ALL the way inside the house she hurried and shut the door...blocking his escape.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

new place to play

hendrix made his way to Quinn's playhouse. but couldn't seem to get himself over the doorstep. i don't think he minded though :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

one more of quinn you get 3 posts instead of one since it's the only way i could get the videos to work. here's a video of can see her very persistent side. this was supposed to be a video of hendrix laughing...

itsy bitsy spider

This should go with my last post....but I was having technical difficulties. so here are a couple videos of my girl. i love how she was singing this song because it was raining. and i love her little 'moves' in the middle of it.

okay, just one video because i'm still not having luck with blogger...


do you ever have one of those days--especially the day after a horrible-mom-day, where you realize how great your kids are? Quinn is 2 1/2...and acts like it. she can be fiesty and stubborn and throw tantrums like no other. but then we have days where she is sweet, and kind and doesn't throw any tantrums, and i'm reminded that I can actually do this.

she starting to protest naps and diaper changes a LOT--even though she refuses to go potty in potty and definitely still needs a nap. today i heard her singing to her monkey during her entire nap time. she knows so many cute little songs and is starting to learn her letters. it's so cute--and her cute little voice seems to make it all the cuter.

she is SO sweet to her brother. she always wants to see him right away after he wakes up. she wants to get right in his sleepy face and shout "HI LITTLE WADDIE!!! DID YOU SLEEP GOOD??!!?" and it seems like she has realized that at 4:30 when i'm cooking dinner, she needs to talk to him and be his buddy so mommy can cook. they always have these cute screaming/laughing matches. and now that he can follow, a new world is opening to her, she thinks it's GREAT!!

she is such a girly-girl. i love how she loves to wear dresses and necklaces and put on make-up. (grandma marcia was sweet to let quinn help her with her make-up EVERY morning she was here) sometimes I hurry and sneakily do it in the bathroom so i don't have 'help' or a toddler with blush and eye shadow on all day

and she is SO POLITE. seriously...i'm sometimes impressed with how darn polite she is. even when she is having a tantrum (let's say I'm trying to get her to put on her shoes so we can leave) she will scream and cry, but say 'No thanks, mom.'

i could go on all day about how smart and cute and sweet *and difficult* she is. I sure love my baby girl.