Sunday, May 30, 2010

The gateway (day 2)

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Gateway.
We ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen-- probably one of my favorite restaurants ever-- and we don't have one in Boise.

I had a great idea to sit outside on the patio, but it ended up being hot and sunny and uncomfortable... oops

Me and Quinn in front of the fountain. (I was FORCING her to be in a picture with me)

Quinn and Aunt Krystal (Krystal lives in Salt Lake and was able to spend the day with us!!)

Hendrix didn't travel very well at all. Normally such a great sleeper, he just couldn't get comfortable-- to sleep at the hotel or in the car. I sat SQUISHED between the kids carseats for most of the ride home-- trying my hardest to keep him happy since he couldn't and wouldn't sleep. I even gave him an Oreo (obviously)

The Aquarium (day 2)

on saturday we went to the aquarium.
Here's Quinn and daddy anxiously waiting for the doors to open so we could go inside

X looking handsome sitting on a frog (this was easily one of Quinn's favorite parts of the aquarium... this silly frog)

the whole family!!!

Me and Hendrix checking out the gift shop

my handsome boys

Trip to Salt Lake (day one)

We went to Salt Lake to buy some office furniture for Dave's (and Brian's) new office. Here is Quinn on the way there. All cozied up with Eloise and her blankie and neck pillow watching a movie. I must say, Quinn travels very well now-- what a change!!

A picture of the boys during our lunch break on our way down. When did my baby turn into such a big boy????

Our hotel. This was the kid's side. That pack and play on the left was Quinn's-- and we shoved it farther into the kitchen for her to sleep. She did awesome. Hendrix on the other hand.... let's just say that me and him didn't get very much sleep :)

This was the kid's favorite part of the room-- the closet.

The family out at the Mayan for dinner. All us looking a bit frazzled after traveling and shopping at IKEA all day. The Mayan was lots of fun though-- the kids loved it. Brian and Courtney's girls loved it too. I'm sad I didn't take a picture of the whole group.. what was I thinking?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

crayon roll

I know what you are thinking... "hasn't Amber made one of these before?? or twice before??" and yes, yes i have. This is the third one I've made. But (in my defense) the first one I made was for regular size crayons, and the second one I made was for twistable crayons, and this one is for jumbo crayons. ha. Even typing that makes me feel silly. I got Quinn new special crayons for our upcoming trip and thought I would make her a new crayon roll to go with them.

sorry, I didn't use a tutorial-- at this point I just make it up since I've done it before. But, if you want a tutorial, I would go HERE

this can't be normal

last night after bath hendrix had TONS of drool on his chest. Dave thought it was sick that I was trying to get a good picture of it... but I guess I want to remember this forever :)

at least RIGHT when he wakes up his face is still dry. it's pretty much the only time all day that his face isn't moist. it's a shame because he's so cute that I kiss his wet face all day anyway.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Progress?? I think so.

Monday, May 24, 2010

pistachios and chili

a cute girl hiding in the cupboard after church yesterday. (she was pretty insistent on wearing her "pistachio dress" I love that she likes things I make her. I won't count on that 10 years from now.

Hendrix enjoyed his dinner last night. haha... (I know you're gonna love these pictures mom.)

he was done after this. I don't mind a messy face or shirt, but once he starts with his hair I can't handle it anymore :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


A marathon of pictures. There were too many cute ones and I couldn't decide.

We went up to Jason and Christy's today to celebrate Emery's 2nd birthday. Here's the birthday boy and Hendrix... almost the same size :)

The drooly guy

Hendrix found baby Owen's bouncy chair and helped himself (with his shoes on?? how did I let that happen??)

Remember the last time he sat in this chair?? he really liked it back then too. (he is 5 months old in this picture)

I couldn't get Quinn to sit at the kid's table. But Hendrix went on his own free will and climbed up all by himself (Even on TOP of the table if I wasn't watching). He not only had fun sitting with the kids, but also grabbing whatever food he could get his little chubby hands on.

And.... got it.

and our drive home. Peaceful worn out kids

Could he be any sweeter?? i love sleeping babies

and SNOW??? it's almost June, right??

I decided to make Quinn a new bag for the trip after all. (Thanks mom for the cute IKEA fabric).

I even made up the pattern (Which I really shouldn't do) but it turned out great despite that :)

And one more picture because I was sure you wanted to see the boring lining.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

sewing for lucy and Hendrix

It was only a matter of time before this happened:

(and although the hem of Quinn's skirt looks crooked, and Lucy looks cross-eyed, neither are that way)

A couple months ago my mother-in-law loaned me her serger. When she brought it to me, she also gave me a bag of knit fabric.... in that bag was this amazingly cute blue striped knit. (and a whopping 3 yards of it). I've been itching to make something with it, but haven't known what to make. Hendrix has started to be cute with blankies--you know, rubbing his face in them, carrying them around while sucking on his finger etc, so I decided to make him another blankie.

one side is a super soft grey fleece. The funny thing is that I didn't even use the serger on this (Even though I use it on almost everything else I sew now). and I was worried that it would stretch funny or be hard to sew a knit and a fleece together, but it wasn't!! it sewed together great-- you should try it :)

ps. THANKS Cheryl, for loaning me your serger AND the SUPER cute knit fabric. I can't wait to make something else with it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Christy's house

me and the kids drove up to my friend Christy's house yesterday to play. Their house is literally up a mountain, so i was impressed with myself that i made it without dave. It was worth the drive-- it was a beautiful day!!

Quinn fell asleep right after I left the house and slept all the way there. it was a very peaceful drive. I didn't have to answer questions the whole time about other cars or why the roads are bumpy.

Jason and Christy got a new swingset. It was so fun!! Here's Hendrix trying out the swing

he liked it :)

Here's my friend Christy and her ADORABLE baby, Owen.

How would you like to have this view while swinging??

and thanks friends for all your comments :) way to pull through for me!!!!