Thursday, March 31, 2011


while Veda peacefully slept, me and the other kids enjoyed some time outside.

blowing bubbles!!!!

hendrix liked to put the bubble wand RIGHT by his mouth

needless to say, some soap was consumed.

why they make bubbles that smell like candy is beyond me...

"all done!"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family pics and Veda

I got the rest of the pictures from the newborn shoot we did of Veda. There are way too many amazing pictures to pick a favorite. I'll just post the rest of the good ones on days I don't have any new pictures and my mom's bugging me to do a post :). And here's a couple with the rest of the family too.

x-man is TWO

Hendix is TWO!!!!

look at that face?? so cute.

hendrix has always been so sweet and cuddly. he wants to be held a LOT, but I think it's just because he's such a cuddly boy.

he is also totally full of silliness. he loves to joke and play and race and get tickles.

hendrix has also always been a good eater (obviously) and sleeper. He JUST switched to one nap. he's been taking TWO long naps and still sleeping from 6:30-6. Then after Veda was born he finally has been okay with just one nap (although he still sometimes comes up to me in the morning with is blankie and asks to go to bed).

hendrix sure loves his sisters. He always asks where the baby is, or where Quinn is if they aren't around. And he cries when Quinn leaves for preschool. He has decided that he likes to hold Veda, and will look at her and say "Lou so cute!!!"

he's still pretty attached to his blankie. he's quite the finger sucker and his teeth are paying the price.

his favorites right now: fruit snacks, pizza, the movie Cars, fruit snacks, playing outside, fruit snacks, going to his Aunt Sarah's house, and fruit snacks,

it has really been so much fun to have a little boy around. he LOVES trucks, airplanes, trains-- or anything related to those. He loves books (especially books with trucks in them).

he is very polite. he doesn't ALWAYS share, but is sweet and polite and says thank you for silly things-- like i'll trim his toe nails, and he'll look at them and say 'thanks mom, that's better!'

Happy Birthday my handsome little man. I sure love you.hendrix can usually count to 13 with no problems... but he obviously skipped a few in this video :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

one month old

holy smokes... Veda is four weeks old. how did that happen??!!! She may have been my baldest baby-- and biggest, but she sure is beautiful. We love her so very much. I feel so blessed to have this healthy, sweet, and special spirit with our family. Happy one month my sweet girl.

Monday, March 28, 2011

new sling

My friend/'sister' Kelsey, sent me a Moby wrap (not really a 'moby wrap' but one she made... which is even better). I put Miss Veda in it today... it's AWESOME. seriously... i love it. I've always been a big fan of 'baby wearing' and my other two kids loved to be in a sling. Veda fell right asleep after I put her in it... and is super cozy and happy in it. We even left the house and went for a walk!! what?? in the winter weather? I know... I put a blanket over the baby. one day it will be spring... and we'll go for more walks with my new sling. :)

and let me tell you.. I've done LOTS of one-handed blogging lately, and today I got to use TWO hands. wow. it's way faster with two hands :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


We did a newborn photo shoot of Veda this week. The pictures are HERE. prepare yourself to see the cutest pictures ever. They turned out amazing. I'm so happy with how they turned out. Dana did an amazing job. Veda was less than cooperative, so I'm extra happy to see that the pictures turned out so great since it was such hard work. This all started because my mom had mentioned that my dad wanted to get the kiddos new clothes and get a picture of the three of them together while my parents are here next week. When I mentioned it to Dave, we realized that we have been wanting to do family pictures for a long time (but had been waiting for Veda to be in them too). Chris and Sarah had used Dana for their family photos and they turned out really great. So when I was trying to contact Dana about doing our pictures, I looked at her newborn pictures on her blog. They were all so cute that I couldn't resist getting Veda's done. I knew I would think about it and regret it if I didn't do it (even though Veda is already older than a lot of newborns who get 'newborn pictures' done.) Anyway-- I am so happy I went ahead with the newborn shoot. They are absolutely perfect. So look at them, and feel free to cry :)

Q & V

have I mentioned that Quinn loves Veda?? well, she does.

I had THIS amazing lady do a shoot of Veda yesterday. I can hardly stand the suspense of waiting to see the photos. They are gonna be the cutest ever.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a video

hendrix... and baby

this week

i found a good way to get all the kids in a picture... put V on the bean bag. for some reason the others can't resist

a bag i made. i actually made it pre-baby, but just took a picture because I gave it away. cute though... I love how it turned out.

the striped pocket inside

again... the babe on the bean bag. hendrix came over to say "you so cute!"

Quinn is seriously in love with Veda. she wants to look at her 200 times a day... and hold her... and pick out her clothes... and watch me change diapers. too cute.

i know (mom) i've been bad at posting. how does anyone have three kids??!! my house is a disaster. all three kids poop at the same time. all three are hungry at the same time. and Q and X have recently decided that sharing is impossible (and they don't get in trouble because mom is stuck nursing the baby). there is a never ending mountain of laundry, dishes, etc. and all i really want to do is sit around and hold/stare at veda all day. so i do... and the laundry and dishes are waiting for me :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011



Quinn is FOUR!!!!

from the moment i laid eyes on my little Quinn i was in love.

she has always been beautiful...

... and spunky.

quinn is easy to love...

...and has been blessed with great hair...

...and the sweetest personality.

i can't imagine the last four years without her

and boy have those years flown by.

i love my darling girl, and wish her the happiest 4th birthday ever.

(And did I mention that she has some saweet moves??)

Grace and Veda

Grace was fascinated by Veda. It was pretty cute to watch. (Grace is Chris and Sarah's baby)

and look- a real outfit on Veda. Veda finally fits into the sleepers that my mom makes (my mom makes the BEST sleepers on the planet). She has basically been living in them for the last week since they fit her now. Which-- by the way-- Quinn thinks is hilarious. She told me that she was going to tell all of her friends at preschool that Veda was still wearing her pajamas. even though it was the middle of the day. haha... anyway-- I put a cute outfit on her for the 'party.'

quinn's birthday 'party'

We had a little birthday party for Quinn yesterday. (She really didn't want a 'party,' so we just told her everyone was coming over for lunch and for cake. she didn't seem to mind once everyone was here). She REALLY has been wanting to do another 'treasure hunt' after we did one for Easter- so I told her we could do one for her birthday. She had lots of fun finding the clues with her cute little cousins.

found the presents!!

opening presents...

she wanted a butterfly cake. I am not good at these fancy cakes. i always have high hopes, then they turn out like this: (good thing she's easy to please)

dave started taping after she had already tried to blow out the candles ten times... too cute.