Friday, July 31, 2009

4 months old

Happy 4 months little man. I'll have some official stats of him next week, but this is what he's up to right now:

*approx 18.5 pounds. wears 6-12 month clothes
*rolls from his back to his tummy in one direction
*usually wakes up once at night (except for last was fun--he woke up 5 times)
*smiles at anyone who talks or looks at him
*tries REALLY hard to laugh, but it comes out like a scream
*he is a drooler. if he is upright there is a constant stream of spit (also fun for me....)


Yesterday I was at the store paying for my groceries when this older lady walked up to where I was standing. Hendrix was in the sling--she pointed to him, and said "Is that a mohawk on that baby?"
I said (smiling): "well...yes, it is kind of a mohawk. Do you like it??"
She said (not smiling): "No! I do not like it, I do not like mohawks on babies. You need to just let his hair grow until he is old enough to decide for himself."

hahaha....thanks lady. Next time I have a question about my kids hair, I'll call you up.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa

so i've done 5 posts sure to scroll through all of them! I've had some catching up to do. i've taken tons of pictures with my parents here, but haven't had time to blog.
thanks for coming mom and dad. it was the best week ever. thanks for all the fun times, cooking dinner-lunch-and breakfast--and cleaning it up, folding my laundry, entertaining quinn and hendrix every waking moment, being so patient with my two year old, and having fun tea parties with us. we had SO MUCH FUN. Quinn has been looking for you all day since you left. and hendrix hasn't stopped crying...poor boy.

here are the kids

hehe...he gets weighed next week. he is quickly catching up to his big sister

here is quinn and grandpa on the escalator at the mall.

my parents at Goodwood the night before they left

dave and my last meal out for TWO months (til my mom comes back)

Rice cereal

Hendrix tried rice cereal today. He liked anyone surprised?

Quinn and grandpa witnessing the action. Quinn was pretty excited that hendrix got to eat some 'cereal.'

I'm reminded daily how different my children are. does anyone remember Quinn's first taste of rice cereal??


My mom thought it would be fun to have at tea party with Quinn. Quinn loved the idea too.

But sometimes she had a hard time sharing the water

grandma took her to get a new tea set so we could have another tea party (this isn't a great shot of the new tea set, but it's quite cute--and better than the mismatched cups and plates we used before). they also went and got her some mini cookies and crackers that would fit on her little plates.

grandpa was always a good sport about playing too. i thought this was a cute shot of them in her playhouse together

the zoo!

We went to the zoo with my parents. here are some pictures from our fun day at the zoo. it's kind of funny that most of these pictures are with the fake animals at the zoo
she loved the turtle :)

standing in an egg shell

trying on some silly glasses in the gift shop. (of course, her grandpa bought them for her....)

I had to really talk her into going through this tunnel (it was to look up at prairie dogs), but after she went through once she LOVED it and wanted to do it again, and again, and again

meeting a cement lion with grandpa

my mom and Quinn sitting on a tiger

she loved the penguins

hendrix loved the zoo too

trying to cool off later that evening

quinn cooling off daddy

Monday, July 27, 2009

new church duds

My parents brought the kids new clothes to wear to church. here they are cutely modeling them. maybe quinn wasn't cooperating with the modeling, but doesn't she look cute??

my big boy was cooperating though.

okay, is this not the CUTEST PICTURE EVER??? I could just eat him

Rocket Cake!!

We've been telling Quinn for weeks that we were going to make Grandpa Dan a rocket cake when he came for his birthday. She was super excited about it. Here is the mom is so crafty.

grandpa let her help him blow out his candles.

quinn helped me decorate the wrapping paper on his gift. so also, oh so lovingly, said right before he opened it: "it's candy, Grandpa."

licking and eating the candles.

rolling, legos, and swimming

Hendrix is getting so good at rolling over!! it's super cute to watch. my baby boy is growing up :)

daddy was helping quinn build a REALLY TALL tower with the new blocks from aunt julie.

the kiddos swimming in our little pool. hendrix is a trooper. he just lets us do whatever we want with him and puts up with it.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Today I told Am to look up something on youtube. Later on I was on the computer and saw this in the search field:

I promptly asked if she really had to google youtube and spelled it utube. She started laughing and said she was hoping I didn't notice. I then told her I was going to post it on the blog and she said, "no, don't."

settlers park

We went to Settlers Park today and had a picnic.

they have a splash pad that we thought Quinn would like. Sounded really fun to theory. She liked putting her hands in.

Then daddy had a fun idea....

but nope....not fun. she just cried and kept saying that she 'needed a towel.'

Still recovering from the splash in her face. haha....she's not very tough

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa

I finally have someone else around to squeeze into Quinn's playhouse with her

Hendrix loves grandpa...look at that big smile

And finally someone else to watch Bee Movie with Quinn...I've only seen it 1,000 times.

Grandma and the kids

LOOK!!!! he's on his way!!!!!