Friday, June 28, 2013

Playing in Michigan

There are two malls where I grew up and both have a great play place. So naturally we took the kids to both. This one has large foam breakfast foods. 

A big reason why we went to Michigan is because my sister Julie had a baby!!! Here is beautiful baby Willow. 2 weeks old!! Her other child is 13 years old -- and my brothers don't have kids -- so it's not everyday that I get a niece or nephew (on my side- the Keller side is another story)
 We also went to the Elementary school down the street from my parents house. I should mention that the weather was PERFECT while we were there. 50-60 in the mornings during our run -- and 70-80's in the afternoon.

 My sweet parents

 Here's Veda playing at the other mall.
This is an Instagram photo. This maybe deserves it's own post entirely since it's kind of a big deal, but at my rate of blogging lately, I'll just mention it now. Dave's company made a photo editing app for a blog called a Beautiful Mess. It launched a couple weeks ago and did REALLY well. They were #1 in the app store for days (kind of a big deal). Pretty awesome for that blog, and also for Rocket.
 More at the mall. My kids were spoiled like crazy. We got treats galore and went out to eat all the time
 And got to ride the carousel at the mall (I usually don't do things like that with all 3 of my kids unless I have help)
 They loved it :)
 Quinn's darling drawing of Baby Willow
 My parents have a cement basketball court in their back yard that my kids loved to play on. Lots and lots of hop scotch
 My mom with the two babies
 My dad and I ran together almost every day that we were there. It was SO FUN. There are a couple of awesome paved trails near my parents house that we ran down.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trip to Michigan

I'm alive!!! (But have been in Michigan on vacation.) It might take me a while to get through all my vacation pictures, but I'll start at the very beginning.

Packing for my trip was exciting. Dave (lovingly) threw away my favorite diaper bag. It was fake leather and was smelling funny, so the only option was to throw it away. The day before we left I went on as search for a new bag. I wanted a shoulder bag that zipped shut. I had no idea it would be so hard to find one! (Maybe because I waited until the last minute? And I had 3 kids with me??) I finally found one at Kohls. It was really cute, but my stuff fit a little too snuggly in it. Then during my VERY rushed layover the strap RIPPED right off!!! Real leather is over-rated. My fake leather bag wouldn't have let me down ;)
Our first flight out of Austin was delayed THREE hours. Kind of a big deal when you are traveling alone with 3 small children. I got many looks and comments about having my hands full. Then when they de-boarded the plane because of an electrical problem, the pilot got off too and went and bought my kids a treat. If that isn't the nicest thing ever, I don't know what is. Things like that restore my faith in humanity. I love that there really are amazingly nice people out there.
The kids were really good on the flights. (Especially Hendrix and Quinn.) They sat behind me and Veda and were very happy to sit and play with their new 'surprises' that I filled their new backpacks with. 

Me and Quinn would pass notes back and forth between the seats on this dry erase board. This was the best note she wrote me. :)
 Veda was pretty good too. It helps that I am not above handing her whatever treats she might want!
 After a few minutes of crying on our first flight, she conveniently fell asleep for the last 5 minutes.
My kids wasted no time settling in to Grandma and Grandpas house. My mom gave them a whole corner of her living room for toys. 
 Many more pictures to come of our GREAT vacation!!!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Here's what we've been up to this week!

Splash  pad with some friends:
Baby ruffly bums are so cute

 the splash pad also had a big sand pit. And since my kids didn't even go near the water, it was perfect. (meaning no wet soggy bums sitting in the sand... just dry bums) ((wow... I've already said "bum" three times in this post... this is gonna be a good post I think))
Science experiments:
okay- no experiments. But cute safety goggles were worn
I swear this is the last backpack that I'm making for the next few months. This is a new one that I made for Quinn. The last one that I started and hated... is not going to be finished. :)
Some cut offs... No sewing required with this one. But I very expertly cut them off (and crap -- I couldn't even take 2 seconds to pick that toy up off the floor??!)
I didn't get a great picture of this dress. But it was made from an old tank top of mine. I just shortened the straps and made this whole thing skinnier.
 After church pictures:
As you can see Veda is the only one I talked into a picture, and she was thrilled.
 So I tried to distract her by asking her to count her teeth
 Then the bricks.
 Foot/leg injury:
I'm not quite sure how I hurt myself this time- but my whole right side has been bugging me for a couple of weeks. I actually took TEN days off from running, which is quite a big deal for me. I went to physical therapy like I did last time. Ouch...
 And lots of ice baths
And I got some orthotics. Which meant my running shoes didn't fit anymore- so some running shoe shopping happened. I went with Adidas this time. I've never run in Adidas before (and frankly that brand doesn't scream "real runner' to me) but I run with a lady who swears by them, so I thought I'd give them a shot. I went with the blue pair- but I got them in bright yellow
And my leg is feeling quite a bit better, I even ran a 5k on Saturday. And this week I hope to be back at it all the way. (10 days off was really hard for me.) Plus this week I'm heading to Michigan, so I can maybe talk my dad into running with me ;)

 Crazy 8's:
We have played about 1,000 games of Crazy 8's -- Hendrix's new favorite game
Going away Party:
One of my dear friends moved away this week. So we had a little going away party for her. She's the cute girl standing next to me. She is just awesome (and a fun running buddy). She'll be missed!

 Veda being cute:
always, every day, all day long. This girl is sweet and cute and funny. And talking a LOT lately.

 Hope you all had a good week. Sorry that Instagram is taking over my blogging. At least Kelsey joined Instagram... that helps me feel slightly less guilty about my inconsistent posting lately :)

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Kindergarten graduation

Quinn graduated from Kindergarten!! We have sure come a long way since the fall (when she said that she wasn't going to go. Ever). She has done awesome -- I am so proud of her. She can read like a fifth grader and will actually talk to other kids sitting around her. (okay, maybe not a 5th grader, but a 2nd grader at least. And she WILL talk to other kids, but only if there are no adults around) :)

 Her amazingly sweet teacher, Mrs. Brinkley
Quinn was so excited to match Veda. I even caught her showing a couple of her friends that they matched. I wonder how long she will think it's cool to match her baby sister!
Me and Veda waiting for the graduation ceremony
And there she is -- under the balloon. Shaking the principal's hand

 Veda eating a cupcake at the party
We brought her flowers and took her out for pizza after the party. It was a fun day! Here's to a long and eventful summer!!