Sunday, May 19, 2013

baby Vede

Do you ever feel like something is slipping away from you? 
Like no matter how hard you try and stop it- it falls right between your fingers? 

That's how I feel about Veda's babyhood. 
It stinks. 
She is growing up before my eyes. 
I'm trying so hard to keep her a baby... but obviously there is nothing I can do about it. 
She is growing and talking and getting a little personality (or a big personality). 

Since I guess this little lady is going to grow up wether I like it or not, I am trying my hardest to enjoy every moment.
Every night when I sing to her before bed and she says "nigh night mama... love you too mama" over and over again... I try to remember her little baby voice.
How soft her little cheeks are.
How her clean hair smells.
I'll try to remember how she says "na-na" for 10 different things.
How when she wants me to hold her for the 500th time, I'll just pick her up
And try to deal more patiently with the crazy two-year-old tantrums that she has started this week.
And even though my sweet little Veda-Lou won't be a baby forever, I'm thankful that she'll always be MY baby.

Monday, May 13, 2013


About a week ago I went to a clothing swap with some super darling friends. I knew I would end up with a few great things since they all dress really cute. I picked up this cute little shirt and loved it right away... until I tried it on. It didn't quite fit, but I took it home anyway thinking it could be turned into  a cute skirt for one of my girls. 

(Meanwhile, I should add, that I've been struggling with my latest sewing project: making backpacks for my kiddos for our trip to Michigan. I started one- and I hate it. It's turning out awful, plus it's really hard... not a good combo). So I thought hey!! Maybe this shirt could be a little backpack for Veda! 

So that's what I did!

Here's the back. The tank top had adjustable straps- PERFECT for a backpack. 
 I haven't seen it on her yet since she's napping, but I already like it WAY more than the other one I've been working on. Which might just go in the trash if I can find another shirt that I can refashion into another backpack :)

Thursday, May 09, 2013

new goal

I have this goal to not buy ANY clothes for my kids for 6 months! Ha!! Do you think I'm crazy?!

 Here are my reasons:

- their closets are PACKED with clothes
- It's so easy to spend money here and there on new clothes for my kids
- I want to see if I can do it

I am sharing this only to give myself a little more accountability. I think the hardest part will be not buying anything for my trip to Michigan next month. (It's hard to not get something new to wear on vacation, right?) But honestly- I can do this. And even though it's a little sad to walk by something super darling in the store, it's also the best feeling ever when I don't buy it. And it saves me time! I no longer have to walk through the kids section at Old Navy or browse the sale rack really quick while I'm at Target.
So while I don't want to BUY anything for my kiddos to wear until September, I am allowing myself to make them stuff. So if I'm feeling desperate or like they really need something, maybe I'll whip something up for them instead. And mom-- this does not apply to you. You can still feel free to buy them clothes if you want. Or any of you that feel so inclined to buy them gift... by all means, don't let my goal stand in your way ;)

I mentioned this to one of my friends last week and she agreed to do it with me. Anyone else want the challenge? :)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


That was a LONG time of me not blogging!!! Between kiddos being sick and Dave traveling a lot, I just have had no motivation to blog lately. But lots has been going on, so here's a little catch up. And some of my favorite things, since it's been a while since I've done that either :)

1. This backpack
Hendrix got this backpack at a birthday party (technically, I made it- since I helped my friend make all the backpacks for the party) This thing has been LOVED. He wears it everywhere. And if we are being honest, it's not MY favorite, but Hendrix's :)
See- it's been very loved. And dragged around on the cement at 5 different parks
2. FaceTime
Dave has been traveling quite a bit the last couple weeks. I am so glad that we can FaceTime almost every night. 
 Look how sweet this is. The kids have been so sweet and happy when Dave gets home from a trip. He's such a good daddy.
3. Lots of things to do.
I'm so glad that while Dave is gone, there are lots of parks and the beach and friends (and Target) so I have a way to pass the days quickly.

 4. This car
Am I alone in this? I see these all over town and LOVE them. Dave thinks I'm crazy and doesn't like them. But I'd take one :)

5. Cute packaging
I am such a sucker for good packaging (I learned it from Dave... he cares too). I haven't actually used this laundry soap yet, so I don't know if it's awesome. But I know the package is cute. And I love Method hand and dish soap, so I figured I'd give it a chance. 

 6. These blogs:
The Cloakroom at Victoria Station
Everyday Reading
I always base my favorite blogs off of which one I click on first when I open my google reader and have a bunch of blogs to catch up on. These two are actually two of my friends here- and they are both awesome. And sisters. How cool is that?
7. Scandal
Does anyone else watch this? I am totally addicted. I like to have a show that I watch by myself. Dave and I have a handful of shows that we always watch together, but I usually have a show that I watch when he's not around (like when he's traveling...) Usually I watch a super girly show that is light and easy. But I started this a week ago and I LOVE it.