Wednesday, March 31, 2010

snow, stats, and fences

what??? Snow?? don't worry all you michiganders that will be here next week-- the weather will be better while you are here :)

Hendrix had his 1 year check up today. I know you are all dying to know his stats, so here they are:
22.2 pounds
29 inches long
both in the 25th percentile. what happened, you ask?? yeah-- he's been 90th percentile since he was very little, but he shrunk :)
hendrix has 4 teeth (2 more on the way shortly)
isn't 'walking' but takes steps now and then
still nursing... with no sign on weaning quite yet
favorite thing to do: play with his push bike. he walks EVERYWHERE with it. his other favorite thing? whatever quinn is doing.

WE HAVE A FENCE!!! woo hoo. now i don't have to worry about the kids running into the street while in the back yard. we've wanted a fence for a long time, so it's pretty exciting!!! Our friend at BOISE VALLEY LANDSCAPING did it for us. you might want to check out the site-- Dave made it :) and if you need a fence, or sprinklers, or lawn care, he's awesome!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


One year ago today we welcomed this sweet little boy into our lives. We couldn't ask for a sweeter, cuter, well natured baby.

We have had such a fun year with him-- we can't wait to see what the next year brings!! he'll probably get LOTS more teeth and learn how to walk and talk... so exciting! :)

plus we think he's gonna grow up to be just as cool as his daddy :)

cousins and grandparents

We've had family in town for the birthday/blessing weekend. (Chris and sarah blessed Grace-- she's the baby on the left) :) Here are Dave's grandma and parents with my kids and Grace

I LOVE this picture. It's so clear couldn't you just kiss him?

don't ask me why this picture is tiny....

trying to get a shot of all the cousins together. Quinn was LOVING it

turn on something to watch and they all pipe right down :)

Quinn and daddy

THIS is funny.. even after watching it ten times I laugh my head off

Monday, March 29, 2010



Hendrix enjoying his new bean bag chair

the family

last year... same time, same place :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

the PARTY!!!

Hendrix's 1st Birthday Party was yesterday. We had such a fun day. Thanks to all of you that attended-- it really meant a lot to us that so many of you showed up! Thanks for helping us make it such a special day!

We had lots of things set up outside for the kids to do (Thank heavens it was a PERFECT day outside yesterday!)
DAve and I made this robot bean bag toss. Quinn didn't toss it-- she just put the bags through

But was happily cheered on anyway

Hendrix opening some presents

the cake pops were seriously a hit

we had lots of fun friends over. I'm again grateful for the warm day so everyone didn't have to be inside my house!

hanging out with the cute baby at the party :)

His X-1 bib that i made last minute

Eating his cupcake. He knew just how to do it.

So sad, I know! but this is still one of my favorite pictures of him from the party. a little stud, even when he's crying

the food/decorations

The food. the cake pops (on the left) were a hit! I had tons of cupcakes leftover and only two cake pops. :)

Shortly before the party started Dave poked his head in from outside asking for sidewalk chalk. ha... to do this:

The "watch me grow" banner.

Everyone singing "Happy Birthday"

Friday, March 26, 2010

here i am

wow... i can't believe i haven't posted all week. i've been busy. Hendrix's BIG party is TOMORROW!!! so i've been busy baking and sewing and cooking and cleaning and shopping. and quinn's been busy doing this:

a typical outfit. leggings with socks over them, a shirt with a necklace on it PLUS a necklace, a 'friend' in tow and a bowl full of goldfish crackers

a sometimes a potty on her head (don't worry-- this potty has still NEVER been used for potty)

I'm sure I'll take LOTS and LOTS of pictures tomorrow!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

little red wagon

My kids got a wagon from their Aunt Julie for their birthdays.
Here's Quinn jumping for joy right when she opened it and realized what it was.

She couldn't even wait for it to be done getting put together. She got in right away

Here she is coloring in the wagon after she found out that one side can turn into a table. (this is also how she got marker all over her birthday shirt before I took any good pictures of her in it)

a sleepy Hendrix after he woke up from his nap and got to ride in it

Thanks Aunt Julie!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quinn's 3rd birthday

okay... here's a marathon of blog posts. I took WAY too many pictures. she's only three once, right??

Quinn was excited to wake up and see her birthday all over downstairs. she wanted to open her presents right away, but we had to wait until daddy woke up. she sat right there at the table by her presents until he woke up :)

she got fun magnetic dress up dolls from grandma and grandpa keller. she loves them, and i think i have had just as much fun as her playing with them today

slave labor on her birthday. haha... she loves to wash dishes PLUS she got a new apron from grandma marcia that she had to try out (my mom also made her a matching chef hat at oven mitt)

a new baby doll that she can take in the bath... how fun is that?? (this baby got exactly 100 books read to her today by quinn)

the silly girl REALLY wanted chinese food for her birthday. we can't seem to figure out why. she's had it before, but usually take-out eaten at home. she wanted to go to a restaurant and have chinese. go figure. she's getting good at chopsticks-- her dad is a good teacher

she also requested to go to the park. it was a little chilly and windly, but it was her birthday, so we obliged her. (and oh-- check out the sweet new wagon. the wagon will get it's own post later-- i have way too many cute pictures of that to include in this post)

we also had pink cupcakes. she couldn't decide on a special cake-- so we made pink cupcakes. then last minute she decided that she wanted a car cake??? so i improvised and drew some cars on the cupcakes. haha... it worked :)

what she really liked were the little mini oreos I used for tires. after she ate them off her cupcake she wanted another cupcake (I'm sure just to snatch the oreos) but then she wanted us to sing to her again and blow out candles again. so we did.

and well... she likes it. this might be the new favorite game at our house

x likes cupcakes

i've come a long way. at Quinn's 1st birthday, I didn't even let her try a tiny bite of birthday cake-- because it wasn't healthy for her. And here I am today, letting my baby boy try some when it isn't even his birthday yet.

this video is hilarious to me.... i love how he laughs after every bite.