Sunday, January 31, 2010


We had a nice little dumping of snow last night/today. We couldn't help but make a snowman-- Quinn has been wanting to since last Fall and we haven't had the right snow. Until today

too young to smoke? Hendrix was trying out Frosty's pipe.

"hmmm... what is this stuff?? and why doesn't my mom put mittens on me??"

inspecting daddy's work on the construction of Frosty

Quinn was so excited to put stuff on Frosty. She called them "the decorations."

daddy and the kids (and Frosty)

And look-- Eloise was there too

and oh yeah... I was there too.

new dress from Grandma

Quinn didn't want me to take her picture.... but I did anyway.

Grandma Marcia made her this dress. So cute :)

I snuck in before she was awake from her nap. Look at her hugging Daisy so sweetly. and yep... she sleeps ON her pillow.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


hey-- anyone want this? I was cleaning out my craft closet and we haven't hung this up since we've lived in this house. It's huge and I don't know why I've been storing it for so long. It seems too cute to give to Goodwill though, so if you want it, you can have it!! I have two smaller ones that I'll more likely hang up. You could easily paint this brown or some other color to match a room... I didn't measure it, but it's big-- probably 25-30 inches across.

Hendrix was having fun playing under his crib after bath

sporting his new 'rocket' bib. I went crazy and made like 6 bibs for him. It's still not enough :)

10 months

a little flashback-- Quinn at 10 months. (mom-- I bet you love this messy face picture). It was a little sad for me to look for pictures of Quinn around this age. It was when she got chronically sick before she stopped growing and had all of her tests done. I'm grateful for the healthy spunky *big* girl she is now.

and wow--look how far Hendrix has come. Hard to believe this sweet, orange, little baby turned into the tank we have now.

Here's what our 10 month old is up to:
*Sleeps through the night!!! (6:30-5:30) I may have claimed he was sleeping through the night before, but I was lying. He would always go back to waking up. He's been sleeping all night for almost 3 weeks!! woo hoo!!
*Takes two naps (and is a great napper compared to Quinn!)
*Still nursing (of course) but is down to only 4 times a day
*loves food-- and especially loves to try anything we are eating instead of his baby food
*only 2 teeth... where are the rest??
*walks along furniture/walls/and with his bike.
*only stands unassisted if I make him... and only for 5 seconds
*is a sweet, giggly, happy, mama's-boy (although you wouldn't know it by how much he says "dada")

Sometimes I get a little choked up when I do these monthly updates. Babies grow so fast!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

sewing fool

It was only a matter of time I made Hendrix some drool bibs. If he is going to wear one 12 hours a day, he might as well wear a cute one made by his mommy. The only cute ones I have (that aren't girly) I got from Chelsey--but since I only had 5 cutes ones, and he wears at least 4 a day, it was time to bust some out. Here are the first couple-- thanks Salem, I used your cute ones for inspiration.

I made my friend Hollie a sling for her new baby. When she generously offered me the leftover fabric I decided to make myself a new sling-- and wouldn't you know it, but I had enough to finally make Quinn one. Here she is carrying Josie Jo around in it. Maybe someday I'll take a picture of the two of us wearing our matching slings (and I'll get Hollie in the picture too with hers that matches as well)

i've been patiently waiting for the tutorial for the bean bag chairs I'm making for Quinn and Hendrix's birthday. The tutorial was finally put up today, and guess what?? I'm totally scared! I decided that I don't need to spend the $6 for the detailed pattern, but for some reason I feel overwhelmed to start them... even though I've been checking for that tutorial literally 5 times every day. So... I decided that I want one of YOU to make one first, then come over and help me :) sound good??? who's it gonna be??? and decide quick because I want to start them tonight... ha.
and holy cow... I just put 4 links in ONE post... that's a record for me :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hendrix has a drinking problem

are you all sick of the videos yet?? geesh. here's one more anyway.

painting furniture

first of all, I am no expert in refinishing furniture!!!! But I've had a couple people ask me how I've refinished things lately, so I'll tell you all what I do, even though it might not be the best way to do it.
I've only primed one piece of furniture ever-- but it was the buffet table that I have right by my front door, (and also the first real furniture I'd ever done). I was worried about it getting scratched up because of where it was-- so I primed it. BUT IT WAS A PAIN!!!! so I've never primed anything since. I just buy high gloss or gloss laytex paint. I can tell a difference between cheap-o paint and more expensive paint, so I usually splurge on the more expensive paint just to save myself time in the number of coats that I do. and nope.... no sanding. I just paint. so there you are (Jaci :) good luck with whatever you are painting!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hendrix clapping

x with his bike

hendrix loves to walk with this bike right now. he's gotten good at switching sides all by himself. it's nice that we don't have to turn him around ALL the time. don't mind his heavy breathing... ha. he was working hard and excited about it :)

dresser before/after

check out this beauty that my in-laws gave us....


Sunday, January 24, 2010

randoms from the weekend

we have a cat. no, not really. She's a stray. well, maybe she's not a stray, but we have lots of cats that come in our backyard because of the huge empty field behind our house. the kids LOVED seeing the cat, so we fed her a few times... so she wants to be fed every day. Hendrix squeals with delight whenever he sees her, it's kind of cute. and maybe since i would never agree to have a cat in the house, this is a safe way to go. we lovingly call her "Eloise." yes--- my dear friend, Katie Louise--kind of after you. Except that Quinn had a book with an Eloise in it, so Louise turned into Eloise. And Eloise can often be found by our sliding door waiting for some leftovers :)

we had a huge windstorm that knocked down a big chunk of our fence. darn.

she wore the dress today. and looked cute as a button

the kids looked cute sharing some pretend food in the playhouse today. hendrix was embarrassingly wearing a GIRL drool bib. i'm anti-drool bibs anyway, but he had a girl one on?? what was i thinking??? only that he soaks at least 5 a day lately, and i'm finally sick of changing his shirt all the time, so i've been putting drool bibs on while we are home. and i got one on camera... forgive me :)

Dave the rocker

I finally got to go one of Dave's shows last night. Since we've had Hendrix it's been tough for me to go (how to figure out picking up a sitter without dave home etc.).
His band (Blind Arrows Set Sail) played at the Flying M last night. They were awesome! There is actually another guitar player too, but he was so far off to the right that I didn't catch him in any pictures or the video. Here's Dave and Teri rockin' out

Proof that I was there :)

a little video of their soft song. This was the only one that the audio would have worked on my camera-- since they are loud in all their other songs. This one Teri is actually singing and Dave is on the guitar. The homeless looking man at the drums is Shane. But he doesn't play in this song....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What do you think of that?

Quinn agreed to do something if i took a video of her. she chose to sing the dinosaur song from the music class she's in at the library. The song goes
"We are the dinosaurs marching, marching. we are the dinosaurs, what do you think of that?" She sings a version of that :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

hold still....

Here's the TUTORIAL for the sundress. I wasn't kidding when I said it was easy-- no buttons, zippers, or even arm pit holes..the hardest part would be getting your little girl to let you measure her waist, since that's the only measurement you need. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

new dress

I have about a billion things I should have sewn today. but instead I came across a blog post that had this dress and decided to sew it instead. (I can't find it now... sorry. if you really want the tutorial, let me know and I'll find it.) it was SO FAST and easy. seriously... 45 minutes tops to make this.

who is this HUGE girl that used to be my baby???

probably my favorite picture I've took of Quinn lately. I love her :)

bed room and memory foam

just been working on our bedroom still. made these velvet pillow shams last night

and this bedskirt. the bed skirt was FREE by the way. i just cut off the red part of my old one and sewed on some sheer cream fabric that i already had. super easy and CHEAP :)

I decided that for the kid's birthdays I am going to make them THESE BEAN BAG CHAIRS.. i was going to cut up some memory foam to mix with batting to make them super squishy and soft. I found this memory foam for cheap and the kids were in heaven when i got it out yesterday. Hendrix literally couldn't keep his face out of it...

haha.... yeah, he loved it :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Leo the Lion

don't mind me in this video. Hendrix will growl EVERY time I sing this song.

bonus room

we've been rearranging our bonus room a little bit. Here's the kids new little play corner.

our bookshelves. obviously not quite organized yet. my father-in-law made the bench!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Grandma Cheryl gave Hendrix a new church outfit. He looks SO handsome in it... such a big boy!!

Quinn is teaching Hendrix how to use a sippy cup

So much drool. He played with this ladle and pot for a LONG time. He plays with the pots and pans from Quinn's kitchen a lot. I think he likes to make noise.

I think Quinn has maybe felt a little left out of the picture taking lately. I've heard "Take my picture mom!!!" a lot the last couple days.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

randoms from the weekend

I bought this shelf off craigslist this week. It's for the bonus room by quinn's kitchen-- for all of her food/dishes. This is before:

and after:

My mom was saying that she hadn't seen quinn's face for a while. Here is the cute girl today.... actually agreeing to stand there while I snapped her picture.

a picture of me, dave, and jason on our date last night. Christy was there too, but she was obviously taking the picture. we went to Bonefish Grill.... since 3 of the 4 of us hate seafood. ha... but our beef was good... and Christy thoroughly enjoyed her fish :)