Monday, October 31, 2011

my hair?

I seriously can't decide. I'm getting my haircut on wednesday. Do I cut it short or keep growing it? Help me decide. 
I know this picture it dark-- and I'm pregnant, so not the best picture of me. But it was my hair at a really short stage, and I think I would do that again if I went for it.
And the other extreme. If I grow it out, I'm not going to grow it THIS long again. But after looking through pictures, I must say that I'm leaning towards longer. But that changes every day. decisions, decisions...
So if you have an opinion, please share. :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I love that little twinkle in this munchkin's eyes.  
 She is sure fun right now.
Standing up ALL the time. 
Even one handed.
Growing some teeth... I think three right now.
She's got a drool rash on her chin to prove it.
Although she barely drools. 
It's awesome.
Is looking pretty cute with a little pony tail.
Grow hair, grow!! 

 Happy Halloween

Friday, October 28, 2011


Quinn is growing up before my eyes.
 I feel pretty lucky to be her mom.
 I don't think I could ask for a sweeter little girl.
funny story: the other day the four of us were playing in the bonus room. Veda is getting pretty mobile-- and can get to stuff she wants if it's within reach. So we're playing and I hear Quinn yelling "Fetch! Fetch Veda!" And throwing stuff. She was trying to get Veda to fetch stuff so she would leave what Quinn was playing with alone. Nice... trying to play fetch with her baby sister.

Veda and Quinn and the "3" shirt

Veda: 7 7/8 months old
Quinn: 3 years old
 haha.... I loved putting this on Veda this morning-- knowing that I had made it for Quinn for her THIRD birthday. In Veda's defense-- it's a 12 month shirt!!!! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Party

We had a little Halloween party with chris and Sarah's family on Sunday. Here were are with our home made root beer... I mean magic potion :)
 And spider cupcakes.
 Krystal and I with our finished piñata. Don't laugh... it was my first one.
 It worked great-- that's all that matters, right? :)
Growing up we always had a fun Halloween family home evening-- including some of these things-- like root beer and making spiders. I have fond memories of doing those things as a family. I hope I'm creating the same fun memories with my kids.
My friend, Katie Louise would come over and join us sometimes for the festivities. And speaking of Katie-- she's in a writing contest. so VOTE for her-- would you? It only takes a sec.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

snapshot in words 2011

My friend Lindsey did a post about this a while ago and it inspired me to do the same thing. The things that I really want to remember aren't always things that are caught on camera (even though I feel like I catch a lot on camera). I want to remember the day to day things that make this time in my life so great (and also not-so-great). So many times during my day, I find myself thinking "I'm so lucky," or "man, I sure love my kids," or "what in the world was I thinking having all my kids 2 years apart?!" So here's my attempt to record some things from our life that I hope and pray that I can remember someday.

Hendrix says the letter "S" with his tongue between his teeth. I'm sure he'll grow out of it, but it's the cutest thing ever. He will also pretty much say anything you tell him to say. Like "Hendrix, say: mommy you are the best and prettiest thing ever." And he will. I by no means take advantage :)

Quinn can't say her R's. Sometimes she gets really lazy and they sound like W's-- but usually if I remind her to say them correctly, she'll try a little harder. But they are by no means R's like you and me say them. Like mother, like daughter. I was "Ambew" until 2nd grade.

It takes two of us to put our kids to bed. I don't know how mom's do it by themselves. I usually nurses and put Veda to bed between 6 and 6:30. And Dave entertains the other kids while I'm in Veda's room. What would I do if Dave wasn't around? There is no way I would get to have that quiet alone time with Veda-- it's the only real alone time we get. For the last week she's been sleeping through the night-- but has been up for the day at 5 am. So I guess we get a little more alone time between 5 and 6 when the other two wake up, but I'm usually trying to hurry and shower while Veda plays in the walker in my bathroom.

I make home made pizza and tacos for dinner every week. I need to branch out more. But both of those are easy and fast and healthy and my kids eat them. We always have fruit with dinner-- but not always a side of veggies (but since we don't eat a lot of meat, vegetables are usually in the main dish).

Hendrix has zero inhibition when it comes to singing. It'll be a sad day when he realizes that he shouldn't be belting out songs while waiting in line at Costco. He also loves to sing as loud as possible OVER Quinn. If we are in the car and she starts singing, he starts singing too and LOUDER. (Quinn doesn't really like that).

I've gotten good at throwing things to my kids while driving. (or at a stop light usually). Quinn and Hendrix are in the back row of the Durango-- and I can't reach them. So I toss them things-- like their sippy cups, snacks, books, etc. (The sippy cups are the most dangerous.... I will not admit if I've bonked them in the head).

Every single time I rock Veda before her nap I sing her THIS song.

Dave spends the minute he gets home from work until the kids go to bed WITH the kids. He plays with them, tickles them, teases them mercilessly, has dance parties, gives them a bath (I usually bathe Veda quickly, then get her out and Dave finishes the other two), supervises bean bag jumping, and reads bed time books with them. They adore him-- and nothing makes me happier. I've even teared up a couple of times lately because I'll go and get Veda out of her crib and she'll reach for Dave and hug him. It's the best.

Quinn has been doing well in preschool. She still struggles with wanting to participate with church/primary-- but we're getting there. Hendrix on the other hand-- did not acquire Quinn's timidness. He LOVES nursery and loves to play with other kids or at someone else's house.

I've been doing a lot more hair lately. Still not as much as I was doing pre-Veda. But a few nights a week. Dave usually spends evenings running/working out-- or catching up on stuff for work. And If I'm not doing hair, we watch Netflix together.  I don't usually sew or craft in the evenings, because we spend the time together. We are very exciting :)

hm... I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot. But here's a start.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Candy corn and Kitty

Every October my next neighbor throws this big Halloween carnival for all the kids. So the kids had a chance to wear their costumes on Saturday. Here are the girls. 
 Me and the candy corn
 And the kitty
 Look at that face!!!! So cute
 And.... Hendrix refused to dress up. My silly boy who usually LOVES to wear silly outfits, hats, Dave's shoes, etc., would NOT let us put on his costume. But he still won during the cake-walk. Even without dressing up :)

the weekend

just some random pictures from the weekend with Krystal.
Here's Krystal wiping up some paste for our piñata 
me and veda
krystal and quinn making the piñata

krystal told me to pose. so i did.
walking to the park. i love having a child old enough to actually push a stroller.
Quinn throwing leaves
 Veda being cute
 trying out some leaves
 me and veda

the kiddos at the park. how many colors can i put on hendrix in one day? blue converse and red pants set me up for success :)
veda being sweet at the park
the kids during an exciting game of hide-and-seek at the park with me and krystal.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Sunshine Pillow

I made Quinn this shag pillow. I made it with a butter yellow fleece to match her room. 
(I just cut a whole bunch of 4x1.5 inch strips and sewed them in lines on the pillow about an inch apart. I probably could have spaced out my rows a little more-- the fleece is so puffy that it's quite dense. I'm not unhappy with the results-- but I'll probably space out my rows more if I do fleece again.)

I started this while my mom was here. My mom is making one too-- but with a plain white knit. Also very very cute. But now Hendrix wants one.... and I'm sure Veda too. I better get to work.

Happy Fall

Happy Fall weekend everyone!! Krystal is in town-- so we've been partying it up. Playing at the park... making a piñata and even went on a date last night!! 
 Our first attempt at a piñata. I'm sure there will be more pictures after it's done. :)
 And look-- someone around to take a picture of me that's not a self-portrait! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair and standing

look how long his hair is getting!!! 

And this is what Veda does all day long.  She loves to stand up at anything that's the right height. Today she even stood up at the couch. 

Movie party

What do you do on a rainy Sunday afternoon? 
You have a movie party!
You get your kids, make some carmel corn, and pull all the pillows/beanbags from the house into one room, and watch a movie on your laptop. It makes four year old's pretty happy.
And don't forget your dimpled-cheek baby girl
 This picture makes me laugh... It looks like hendrix has three arms!!! Magic. And his little crossed legs. :)
Found my camera. Actually Hendrix found it. In the bottom of his car toy box. Hmm.... I wonder who put it in there?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Veda's first haircut!!

I haven't found my camera... these are from my iPhone. Quinn started erasing this picture off the Magna-Doodle, but I stopped her before she got too far. The "H" from Hendrix is gone, and so is "Ve" from Veda-- but you can get the idea. It's all of us and our names. And She even drew me holding Veda. Four year olds are awesome.
 Veda modeling her darling face/smile/and new shirt
 And Vede's first haircut. I gave her a pretzel to gnaw on to keep her distracted. She LOVED it... but kinda hated the haircut. (and thanks to Quinn for snapping some pictures for me on my phone)
 See... once the pretzel was gone she wanted outta there.
You can't really see what I did to her hair. She had 20 newborn hairs on the top of her head that were 4 inches longer than the rest of her hair. I cut those.

 I gave her one more pretzel... she ate it with enthusiasm.
 And this one was a good shot of her tooth.... I love her little teeth.