Friday, March 30, 2012

Moving day!!

Today was the big day! My awesome parents got to Idaho last night.
We spent the day packing up the Penske truck. Dave is a master packer. But even with selling most of our furniture, we barely fit in a 16 foot truck.
It was a rainy morning- quite fitting since when we moved into this house five years ago it was raining too :)
My mom and I have two days to hang out here before we fly out on Monday. My sweet friend jan loaned us beds and blankets and towels since everything went in the truck. We'll spend the next couple of days cleaning the house and playing with cousins. The kids are excited and happy that the house is empty- there's more room to run around :)
And hey- my girls are about to share a room, got any tips for me??? We've been so lucky up until now to have each kid in their own room. So any advice would be great :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hendrix is three!!

Happy three years to my little man!!!
Three things I love about Hendrix:
1. His laugh. He has the most sincere belly laugh.
2. His enthusiasm for cars, guitars, and treats.
3. He has the cutest teeth, fingers, and smell. All of them kind of weird, but it makes me love them even more :)
He gets to share his birthday with moving day. Hopefully we can still make it a fun and special day-- because he has REALLY been looking forward to his birthday. I can't imagine why... it's not like his mom is into birthdays or anything :)
I can't believe he is three- and I can't imagine my life without him!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

tea parties with toothpicks

Quinn loves having tea parties. The other day she even wanted to wear a dress (our tea parties are usually casual affairs). So we went all out and even had everything served on toothpicks. Because in case you didn't know-- if you serve the little food on toothpicks- it's WAY more fun. Try it.
They are hard to see, but we had guests too: Minnie Mouse, Pinkalicious, and Eloise.
 I'm sure you're all thinking that this looks fun but I should be packing my house. You're right. Off I go.


We took a little break from our packing yesterday to get some party supplies for Hendrix's birthday. 
No- this hat doesn't match his party. 
It just looked cute on Quinn :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sometimes there are hidden jewels of pictures on Dave's computer:

How in the world did this little boy grow up? He's gonna be three in a few days. And the caption to this photo is something like this:

 and how did I miss this picture from V's birthday party?? ha...

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Just playing outside after church.
Eating dirt off a shovel.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Christy's birthday

It was Christy's birthday yesterday. She's only 28- doesn't she look great?! :)
Her husband threw her a surprise party last night. We had already said our good-byes this week, but little did she know I was going to see her again at her party. 
 Me and Dave. Sorry-- red eyes for me. I just wanted them to match my shirt.
 The girls.
And check out this picture of us last January. Three of us were pregnant. 


Friday, March 23, 2012

for sale

If you don't live by me-- skip this post. There are a few things left for me to sell before we move. (the buyers of our house are buying a ton of stuff- which is awesome. But these things are left- and they aren't coming with us) :)

off white/black vase with green sticks 
washer and dryer (kitchenaid washer, kenmore dryer) 
ceramic pitcher and berries 
large glass vase/balls 
black green vase/tall black sticks 
brown leather couch 
$300 (I have two)
Fisher Price Space saver high chair. it attaches to any kitchen chair 
Step2 castle/slide 
Also a queen bed with black headboard-- $120 for both

Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 sad things

Wow-- did that title just make you so anxious to read my HAPPY blog or what??!! ha... sorry.

1. Saying good bye to my friend Christy. So sad. She's been my best friend here in Idaho and I love her dearly. I will miss her so much it hurts.

2. Saying good bye and thank you to Quinn's preschool teacher (today was Quinn's last day since next week is spring break). She has had an amazing teacher that has literally changed Quinn's life.

3. Quinn realizing that she was going to miss "P" day at preschool. "P" day includes a pajama party while having a picnic of eating pancakes. Quinn said this afternoon: "I'm going to miss Pajama day Amn't I?" And then I cried. Quinn has been so strong about the move. Nothing seems to really faze her. Packing up her stuff, getting rid of some of her toys, selling her bed. So to hear her sad... made me sad.

But one really happy thing-- My parents get here in ONE WEEK!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quinn's big day

Quinn had a fun birthday!! She got to bring cupcakes to preschool and have a party with her favorite friends!!
(although in hindsight - I should NOT have had Quinn get shots the day before her birthday. Fever, super sore legs, zero appetite, and fitful sleep. poor girl). Despite not feeling 100%, she had a great day and got some fun new toys to keep her busy!

"Quinn, how old are you!?"
Owl cake/cupcakes
 The girls
 opening presents. Gonna really miss this little boy. Quinn's best friend :)
Ellie and Veda. Gonna miss her too. Ellie is the sweetest little girl I know. She is sweet to the little kids and polite and kind and helpful. (Plus ANY time I whip out my camera she smiles for me!) Love her.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Quinno

Quinn is FIVE!! How did I get that old? ha... I mean: how did Quinn get that old??! I took her to the doctor yesterday and while we were waiting we snapped a few pictures. She was getting her pre-kindergarten check up. And yes- it was miserable. More miserable than I even thought it could be. But before we went back to see the doctor, she was in good spirits...


I see a lot of me in Quinn (poor girl). She stresses about time. Worries about Hendrix and Veda. And follows rules to a T. But she is also smart and funny and sweet and responsible. I couldn't ask for a better little girl.
She is still a tiny little thing. 7th percentile for height and 13th percentile for weight. She looks the same as her little friends though. She's come a long way since falling off the growth chart :)

A funny thing that happened at the doctor yesterday: My doctor was asking me a bunch of questions about Quinn- developmental and behavioral questions. She asked if Quinn had started counting things yet. Ha.... she had counted to 100 while we were in waiting room. :)

Happy birthday to my FIVE year old!! She is beyond excited about her birthday. Birthday party pictures to come!

Monday, March 19, 2012

more pics of new house

Wow... I guess I've had a busy week= lack of posting. I've had sick kids and my house is officially in complete chaos from packing. I've had some requests to see more pictures of our new house. I'm sure you'll all get your fill once we live there, but here a few anyway. TWO WEEKS!! And this is where we will call home.

The view from the front door.
Right when you walk in the house- on the left-- is a den. It will be Dave's office. But kinda funny-- since that's how our house is now. Except in our house now it's my salon. Too bad there's not a sink in the new house.
 This is the main family room. Check out that tile. It will take some getting used to. At least it looks pretty.
 Master Bed room.
 Hendrix's room
 The kitchen. I probably won't keep those red curtains up. :)
(Quinn and Veda have a room too-- but it doesn't look that exciting right now. I'll put more pictures up once we move and have furniture)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Dave has been on a business trip this week. Awesome for him-- but kinda sucks for me. He gets home tonight and I'm so excited!!! I don't know how you ladies do it (those who have husbands that travel). It's hard work by yourself! And kinda lonely.

The house packing has begun. I will admit that so far I'm finding it fun. Ask me again in two weeks how I feel :)

Here's what we've been eating lately. I know you've all been dying to know:

We love Cheerios. All kinds.

 And anyone ever eat vanilla yogurt with grapes? It's the best thing ever. 

Oh wait-- the package of chocolate that I got from my friend Kelsey in the mail yesterday has been the best thing ever :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Strides with Quinn

I had a few proud mommy-moments yesterday with Quinn. She is a sweet quiet little thing-- especially in public. She won't usually participate while at church (even though she sits there reverently, which has been enough for me!). But yesterday-- her name was chosen to participate in a little game we were all playing in sharing time. When her name was chosen, she did it!! She got up and picked a number, and guessed the answer to the question she got! Not only that, but since it's almost her birthday, they sang "Happy Birthday" to her-- and she even stood at the front of the room! Plus she was given a coupon to hand the Bishop in exchange for a treat. I never thought she'd do it- but she did! She even told him how old she was going to be. And willingly talked to one of our friends in the hallway-- who's a guy. AND after bath, she got herself out, dressed herself, brushed her own hair, and threw her towel back into the bathroom. (all things she's capable of, but usually talks one of us into helping her with). 
So all these things may seem like no big deal-- unless you know Quinn. Then it's HUGE that she got up in front of the primary and talked to two men without me insisting that she say something back to them. 

Sure love my sweet little peanut.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

You got me!

Some friends threw me a surprise going away party last night. It was awesome. It was so nice to feel loved and like I'll be missed. It was a Texas-themed party, complete with tiny hats and mustaches. It was at an RV park- so the party room had some awesome heads on the walls (which also got party hats.)

Remember that "awesome neighbor?" Well-- that's her with the hat on. She organized this little shin-dig along with these other ladies. The five of us were just supposed to be going to dinner for one final 'girl's night' before I move. Then we conveniently ended up at this RV park lodge for dessert. (Tricia's in-laws are caterers and had some 'left-over dessert.' And I believed it! And everyone was there! I was seriously surprised. I always thought if someone threw me a surprise party that really deep down I would know it was happening. Nope-- I was shocked. 
There was lots of yummy food. Cupcakes, Tilamook ice-cream, brownies, Italian Sodas, home made Salsa, Chocolate Pudding, and birthday cake. It's almost like someone knew I had a sweet tooth.
Look at these Texas cupcakes. (aren't those the best?! They even had a hershey's kiss baked inside).  
Jason wanted the future Texans to kiss for a picture. He kept "accidentally" messing up so Dave had to kiss me more than once. :)
I've been trying really hard not to think about what we are leaving behind here in Idaho. So it was a little emotional to see everyone there that I care so much about. I'm really going to miss my friends.

 They also surprised Dave with a birthday cake. (It's his birthday TODAY!) Party cake with Jelly Belly's. Nice detective work, Courtney :)
 Texas here we come. Thanks for the great send off everyone. I am seriously so touched that anyone would even think to do this for me. It means a lot. I'm crying right now just thinking about. Thanks guys.