Friday, August 31, 2012


Hendrix had his first day of soccer this week. He insisted on bringing a snack in his lunch box for afterwards. Cute.

I was pretty proud of how he did. When we went last Saturday for a trial he wasn't exactly 'into' it. I didn't know what to expect from him when we were there for the actual class- but he did SO GOOD! He did everything the coach asked him to do- enthusiastically even.
The class was small- which was nice because I could just let Veda run around too. (Plus it was for parents too- so I got to participate- and I'm not gonna lie, I had a blast). The coach was nice and she had all sorts of fun things for the boys (and me) to do. Like waking up a pretend mouse in the wall by kicking the soccer ball against the wall, and doing silly dances and making funny faces, and pretending our soccer balls were eggs, and playing red light/green light.
 And finally enjoying his snack that he packed himself in his lunch box :)
Can't wait until next week!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Quinn had her 'big' appointment yesterday. What a day!!!
The dentist had given us the option of either in-office sedation or to go to the hospital and give her general anesthesia. We had a hard time deicing what to do because she needed so much work done and we didn't want her to suffer- but the hospital would have been twice as expensive- plus it just seemed like a bigger deal to take her to the hospital. So we decided to try the in-office sedation. The hardest part was WAITING!! Quinn couldn't have any food or water in the morning. Which stinks because we wake up so early and her appointment wasn't until 8:45. Then they didn't actually start until after 9. Then we had to wait over an hour longer for the 'sleepy juice' to kick in. PLUS, I  told Quinn that I would not eat or drink either. I had gotten up to run 4 miles at 4:30 in the morning- plus I'm still nursing. I WAS STARVING!! (I had even snuck a yogurt before Quinn woke up and I still thought I was going to die. Skipping food is not my thing). But Quinn never complained at all about not being able to eat. Sweet little thing. It might have been because she was pretty nervous? So the plan was to do half of her work this time, then have us come back and to do the other side of her face. But Quinn was doing so great that the dentist went ahead and did the whole thing! Which was awesome because the thought of starving and waiting again seemed like pure torture. Plus I didn't know how easy it would be to talk Quinn into coming back after she knew what she was in for. But wow- Quinn was a trooper. After the dentist finished all the way she told me that Quinn had been asleep through almost the entire thing. The 'sleepy medicine' and laughing gas makes some kids fall asleep- but most kids just get pretty loopy and relaxed. I'm SO GLAD she fell asleep. What a relief. Because she had a mouth full of dental work done. 2 root canals, 3 crowns, and 3 fillings. And yes, we brush her teeth. She just has weak enamel and the dentist told me that there is nothing we could have done to prevent this from happening. 

She has recovered well considering how much she had done. The worst part has been her bottom lip. It got super swollen and cracked. She was sleepy yesterday but woke up feeling good today (other than her poor lip still). But she went to school. She said she had a good day, but cried for a solid 15 minutes after she got home. Poor baby. But she's doing great- and it's OVER and now she has 3 pretty silver teeth :) 
 Sweet girl after she was all done.


Hendrix had a friend over. And I caught them dancing while eating a snack. 
 This kept Veda busy forever. Cramming food into this tupperware. She was so focused.
 Hendrix's buddy built this. Impressive for a two year old I'd say.
 Veda being cute. She kept hearing me and Quinn talk about teeth- so she was showing me hers :)
We went to Target, of course. And if I'm not careful Veda picks up big toys and puts them on the bottom of the cart. Smart cookie.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

iPhone pics

Last week on Instagram:

We got this for Quinn for a "good luck in Kindergarten" present. She learned some sign language last year in pre-school and since then we've always done the "I love you" sign to each other. I thought if she were ever at school and missed me she could always remember that her mommy loves her.
 If only I could walk around all the time with an Instagram filter on my face. Lets me honest- I have WAY more freckles than this picture lets on :)
An exciting thing that happened during this trip to Freddy's on Saturday- there was a little lizard under our table right when we sat down that we were all watching. Hendrix got down and kinda poked it with his finger (because that's what little boys do?!) and right when Hendrix poked him, the lizard tried to run off-- which means that his tail got ripped off by Hendrix (oops). But boy was it super fascinating to watch that little tail wiggle all by itself for so long! ;)
For date night last week we went out for Ethiopian food. We ate all this without utensils- just this spongy bread that you use to kinda scoop up what you are eating. It was interesting and an adventure-- but the only thing on this huge plate that I liked was the meat on the left (I think it was lamb). This plate of food served 4 of us with some left over.
 Pajama legs

Quinn's second visit to the dentist lately. The good news-- we LOVED the second dentist that we tried. And the other good news- Quinn went today and had all her work done. (more to come on that)
 Hanging out at the park
 Sharing some cheese

 Sock hands and undies!
 Playing at IKEA
 Dave and I hanging out and watching a movie while both working on our lap tops.

Monday, August 27, 2012

1st day of Kindergarten!

It was a big day around here. This little munchkin on the left had her very first day of Kindergarten. Here she is all decked out in her clothes and back pack from the GAP and her Keens. (and her baby sister who really wanted a back pack on too and to stand against the wall.) 
 Back pack and matching lunch box that are bigger than her.

 We both did so good with our emotions. Neither of us cried today (okay, I cried, but not until much later in the day). There she is all set at her desk (she's right in the middle). And check out how blonde she is in the front. Sorry- but that's super cute to be so blonde in front ;)
 Hendrix really wants to go to Kindergarten too. His little play group doesn't start until Wednesday, so I'm trying to keep things exciting for him around here until then. And what's more exciting than having your lunch served in muffin cups? Not much I tell you.
 And what's the first day of school without cookies and milk for an after school snack? Pumpkin cookies of course- my kid's favorite.
 She had a pretty good day. She couldn't talk fast enough about the treasure box her teacher has, and how much of her lunch she ate, and the silly boy at the bottom of the slide during recess, and doing jumping jacks during gym class, and reading a book all by herself during reflective time.
I'm sure proud of her. Today turned out so much different than I thought it would. I think this girl is going to thrive in Kindergarten. I can't wait to see what she can do.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

waterpark, chalk, and soccer

A photo catch up from the week. I don't think Instagram has helped my blogging. Sorry loyal blog followers ;)

Veda hanging out in my bathtub
 We ate at Freddy's yesterday. It was SO good. Seriously- amazing ice cream (and burgers and fries).
 My cute boys taking a nap
 We went to a little water park yesterday afternoon. We were trying to live it up yesterday since school starts TOMORROW!
 Quinn has to bring a towel to school everyday for 'reflective time.' It had to be labeled- so I made a label.
 We had 'school supply drop off night' the other day. So here is the gang in Quinn's classroom. Veda is all red because we had to stand outside for a while... it was HOT! Hendrix kept asking where his seat was. He's already ready for Kindergarten :)
 I am sure going to miss this girl every day now that she'll be in school.
 Just her toys. I love watching how she plays with them :)
 We did sidewalk chalk the other day.
 I think that's a spider with hair.
 We signed Hendrix up for soccer on Saturday. Here are the girls patiently waiting for him to try out a class.
 There he is in the middle with Dave. Third kid back
 And look how cute... big sister catching Veda on the slide.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Wishing my amazing sister the best birthday in the world. Love you Julie!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Peacemaker

I've been noticing little things about Quinn lately that make me so proud. She is sweet, helpful, careful, caring, smart, and kind. I've been hearing her say things lately that make me so happy. It makes me feel like maybe I actually did something right :)

Here's some examples:

Sometimes while we're all getting ready for bed- brushing teeth, reading books, etc., Quinn will whisper to me and ask me if I'll put her to bed. Hendrix usually insists on me doing it (instead of Dave), but Quinn also likes a turn now and then. She'll ask me if I'll do it, and I'll say yes since it is usually her turn. Then when it's actually time for tucking in - Hendrix will throw a fit and cry and hug me. Quinn will lovingly tell me that I can put him to bed after all so that he's not so sad.

She's so careful of Hendrix's feelings. If she has something that she knows that he wants- she'll hand it over. Or be discrete about having something if she knows that it's something that he can't have.

If I have to sneak into Veda's room while she's asleep, and ask Quinn to be quiet for a minute- she not only immediately starts whispering, but will mute the TV, or completely stop what she is doing so she can be as quiet as possible.

Tonight I changed my shirt and Quinn saw it and took a breath and said "You are so much more beautiful than any princess ever!"

She obeys like her life depends on it. We ask her to clean up- and she CLEANS up. She also checks up on Hendrix and makes sure that he cleans up what he is supposed to and tries hard to motivate him to do it.

Today we went out for lunch and a little girl who was eating by us walked over and said "Hi" to us. Quinn actually said "Hi" back!! And louder than a whisper. And I could see the joy in Quinn's eyes as she asked me if I heard her say Hi!! :) 
(That honestly may seem like no big deal at all- but for my quiet little Quinn- it's a huge deal)

If we tell her she can't have dessert until she finishes her dinner- she finishes her dinner. ALL of it. And if I offer her dessert before she's finished all of it- she'll say no because she didn't do what I had asked her to do yet.

She is just the best little girl I could ever ask for. I'm so proud to be her mom and am so proud of how much growing up she has done in the past few months.