Tuesday, May 31, 2011

veda: 3 months

Veda is three months old!! Time is sure flying by. I am trying my hardest to enjoy every moment of her. It's easy to enjoy-- she is pretty great. Here's what she's up to:
*Nursing. Still a great nurser. She now nurses about every 3 hours-- but can go 5 if she's taking a good nap.
*Sleeping. She naps pretty well. She is starting to fight sleep a little, which isn't that fun, but it's still manageable. She naps every hour and half to two hours-- so still lots of naps!
*night sleep. She is doing pretty well. Some nights she sleeps from 10 until 5 or 6. Sometimes she wakes up about 3 am for a feeding. Not too bad!!! It could be worse (ie.. my other kids) :)
*Rolling. She rolled a LOT from her tummy to back in one day-- and the next day she rolled from her back to tummy-- and hasn't done either since then. she is starting to hang out on her side more, so I think that she's thinking about getting around more.
*Tummy time. She likes tummy time a lot now.
*Smiles. She is a happy girl! She will smile at anyone if they talk to her-- it's super cute.

I'm sure when I blink she'll be a year old. I'll try not to blink :)

Darth Veda

Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day weekend

we traveled to Blackfoot for the weekend. Here are some pictures of what we did.

Here are the kiddos on the way down. Using their neck pillows to be dinosaurs. The kids were really good on the way there-- Hendrix took a nap, and other than 10 minutes of crying from Veda (just long enough to find an exit to pull off, but then she fell asleep) she slept the whole way after that!

all of Dave's siblings were there this weekend, so we took a big family picture. We were out in this big field of cows-- it was a beautiful spot, we just had to watch every step for cow poo. Here's Hendrix playing in the rocks after we were done.

Here are me and Veda after the photo shoot. I was unsure if her cute outfit was in the pictures since it was a little too cold and windy for a newborn. we had to in a blanket that we would throw off for some pictures but not others... so we'll see. but she looked cute :)

the boys all playing while were waiting for the immediate family to get some pictures done. There were 13 grandkids there-- and guess who the 3 uncooperative crying kids were during pictures??? MINE. I'm so lucky :)

hemdrix spent the weekend still fighting his ear infection. him falling asleep like this is rare. (but so cute). he didn't sleep very well at night at grandma's house, which made him even more sleepy (me too) :)

veda had her share of naps too. watching me pack is exhausting

grandma and grandpa keller had lots of trucks for hendrix to play with

and there were lots of cousins around to make faces at the baby

no explanation for this one :)

my two awesome sister-in-laws. they have babies too!! and girls! sarah on the left with grace who is 13 (??) months old. teri in the middle with lola who is 7 months old. and me with veda at 3 months old. apparently us keller wives can produce some darling chubby baby girls

lola (in the middle) is a super cute baby. she has FIVE big brothers who love her-- it's so cute to watch them with her!

we decided to leave to drive home around bed time so the kids would sleep. did it work? nope. hendrix didn't sleep AT ALL, which meant he got to bed at 11 last night. needless to say that he's a mess today. quinn fell asleep around 10, and we stopped once to nurse Veda, and she cried the last 40 minutes or so. not super fun.

we saw our good friends paul and leslie too... but i couldn't find my camera, so I'll need to get pictures from dave's phone.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

preschool graduation

how did this happen??? okay, so she's not really 'graduating,' but they had a celebration today. She does have one more year of preschool after all. Here's my big girl as I dropped her off this morning.

then the parents came back early for the 'celebration.' Mrs. Hammer turned on music and the kids walked out and did a little march to find their seats. They had on cute little graduation hats. And yes- I cried.

they sang some cute songs they learned this year, and each talked about a letter. Quinn talked about 'F.' Then Mrs. Hammer gave them all a photo book from the year and said nice things about all the kids. She said that Quinn had come a long way over the year. She is super shy and will now 'talk to everyone in the class.' She also said that Quinn was really smart (of course...), and was good at her letters. woo hoo... I'm sure proud of her.

here's Quinn with Mrs. Hammer. What a great teacher she had. She was so sweet and kind and patient with my little girl. Quinn is still really shy, but I was too as a child-- and I still am. Plus Dave is really quiet around people, so I blame us :)

The sweet of innocence of a four year old:
after we got home today, Quinn kind of snickered a little bit and said "Ethan's dad's name is Naked."
I laughed... and said, "His name is probably Nathan."

Quinn: "Hmm... maybe."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


as i took quinn potty this afternoon, i saw me and veda in the mirror. she just looked so big- so i took a picture. don't mind my hair spray covered salon mirror.

veda is learning a love of books already. ha. the problem is that quinn will grab a stack of 20 books and expect veda to happily sit and look at them with her. it's cute :)

puzzles and flip flops

some days i really have my work cut out for me.

i'm happy that it's finally flip flop season. hendrix always wants to wear his-- until we put them on. then he says they are 'too big.' they aren't, but think he just needs to get used to something in between his toes. today he said to me: "you're making me crazy." funny- but too bad that he's obviously heard me say it :) he did say it with a smile on his face at least!!

THANK YOU for the laundry advice everyone. hopefully I'll have better luck now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i need advice

so who knows the secret for getting newborn poop out of clothes?? anyone?? please share. I've thrown away way too many onesies already.

and also-- anyone know the secret for not ripping holes in your jeans? Once again, I sat down-- and RIPPED a hole in the bum of my jeans. shoot. maybe the secret for that is losing weight? shoot again.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I had a few pictures lately that I hadn't included in a post. So here's a few randoms from the past week or two.

Veda looks SO much like Hendrix sometimes. I wish I was on my computer so I could find a picture of Hendrix... but I'm on the lap top. I'll try and find one later to compare.

the kids being cute together. Do you love Quinn's pile of apple peels?? ha. She will also leave little piles of grape peels too (not on the carpet, thank goodness). Dave blames me completely. yes... I peeled her fruit for way too long. :)

hendrix trying out the excersauer

veda trying it out.

i made some new headbands too

here are the girls in the same dress. about the same age actually- the dress just fits them differently :)

dress up


...when you're 4...

....you've gotta dress up like a ballerina...

... and dance around your sister's room...

...because it's so fun.

video of the rolling

it worked. pretend this is with the next post :)

(that's hendrix in the background-- saying "push, push, push!")

Saturday, May 21, 2011

and she's rolling.




and she's over!! (i love hendrix in this)

he was being very supportive

she was kinda happy about it... until i had her do it 10 more times :)

shoot. i got it on video, but it's not working...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 things I love about Veda.

you guessed it... here's 10 things I love about my sweet miss Veda (this is the last one, I swear)

1.Her smile. She's at the fun age where all you have to do is start talking to her and her face will light up with big smiles. It's great.

2. She is good in the car. An angel, actually. After having a baby who HATED the car, I will never take for granted what it's like to have a baby that's awesome in the car!! She has cried maybe three times ever in the car. (granted she's only been alive for two and a half months... but still)

3. Her pleasant tummy. She rarely has gas or spits up.

4. Her blue eyes.

5. That she's a baby. I love having an independent 4 year old, and it's fun having a silly two year old, but MAN DO I LOVE BABIES!!! I love how they smell, and how sweet they are, and their cute little clothes. Nothing better than a baby.

6. Her sleep. She is working on becoming a fantastic sleeper. One of these days she'll get even more consistent... And it's gonna be great. But until then, I'm grateful that she's as good as she is. She isn't a baby who can just fall asleep unasisted- but do those exist? (maybe I don't want to know if they do...). But she is still relatively easy to get to sleep--right dave? ;)

7. She's a good nurser. I had some hard nursing issues with both my other kids, but not Veda! She came out ready to nurse, latched on right away, and nurses like a pro. I'm a little sad that she won't take a binkie, but no one's perfect :)

8. Her smooth head. It certainly wasn't easy (or cheap) to get her the beautifully shaped head she has now, but it was worth it!! Before I had Veda, I would joke that I was going to have a bald, fat baby (not thinking that I actually would). And since she's definitely my baldest child, I'm glad she at least doesn't have a lumpy head.

9. Evenings together. With my other kids, I was back to cutting hair in the evenings by the time they were 6 weeks old. Not so with Veda. And I have enjoyed every minute. It's been so nice to not stress about her falling asleep, or nursing at a certain time, or being happy for Dave for two hours while did an appointment. I am such a crazy scheduler when my kids get older, that it's been nice to just let her be an inconsistent newborn. I love that Dave and I can just hang out and play with her on the floor without the other kids around. And maybe in another month I'll start back to work :)

10. How cute she looks in headbands. After she was born and I realized she looked so cute in a headband, I started putting one on her every day. Dave thought I was a little silly at first, but I think he's come around.

We all love our sweet, sweet baby Veda.

stuff i've made lately.

So remember how I got a Silhouette for Mother's Day from my amazingly sweet husband? I'm sure you all must think I haven't used it.. ha. Here are a few things I've made that I took pictures of before my camera died.
This is Hendrix's door to his bedroom:

some cards:

Some trucks for Hendrix's magnet board in his room:

And I didn't use the Silhouette to make this, but I've been making these towels lately. I love them. I can now tie them onto my stove instead of picking them up off the floor 4,978 times a day after my kids walk by and pull the towel off.

and mom-- DON'T look if you want to be surprised. This is the ipad case I made you.