Tuesday, January 31, 2012


You'd sure think that a couple of years ago I would have learned my lesson about putting the bowl of grapes on the lowest shelf in the fridge.
 (even though there are goldfish in her hand, I'm certain that's a grape in her cheek)
 And nope!! I obviously have learned nothing. Veda is up to Quinn's old tricks.
I know I have a picture of Hendrix sitting in the fridge eating grapes too... but I can't seem to find it.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Hendrix is awesome. I sure love my little man. Here's what he's been up to lately:
This little boy got his mommy's sweet tooth. He LOVES treats. Quinn can be choosey with what kind of treats she likes-- not Hendrix. He loves them all. Me too :)
 He laughs. A lot. It's the best.
He is silly. He loves to make up jokes or stories. They rarely make any sense, yet are always funny.
He is sweet. The other night I was nursing Veda before bed (and the kids usually don't come in her room since they know better). Yet he runs in-- pretending to be sneaky about it. And said: "I forgot to tell lou someting. I-love-lou-so-much." And runs out.
He loves ROCKING BANDS. He loves to play "rocking guitar," and many things become his pretend guitar-- stuffed animals, a spatula, his belly. And he sings LOUDLY (often upsetting Quinn-- and often rarely stopping all day).
He is stinking cute and has the most darling face and cheeks and eyelashes. When I asked him what song to sing him before bed tonight, he whispers "the Jesus song."
I am lucky to have him.

taking steps

Veda has been taking steps. I must admit I'm not ready. She's not 'walking' by any means-- but she's thinking about it. Here's a video of her taking ONE step. She will walk with a walker toy- but refuses to walk if you try and hold her hands and get her to do it. Go figure. Hopefully we have another couple months before she's really walking. She's my baby... so I gotta hold on to her for longer :)
And pay no mind to my make-up-less face. I can't believe I'm putting this on the blog. And yes-- I'm encouraging her with food. I'm a good mom :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Veda using the computer

Hendrix got a haircut. 
 Have you ever seen such a sad pitiful face?? Sometimes big sisters don't want to share.
 And hey look-- Veda knows how to check her email... see...
 All she has to do is climb right up here on the desk.
 Easy. Now if only she could remember her password...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

favorite toys

I thought it would be fun to sporadically keep track of the kiddos favorite toys. I actually took these pictures before christmas, so they have some new favorites that they play with. Maybe more the reason for me to remember these.

Veda loves this little zoo toy. The animals spin around and it plays music. 
Hendrix LOVES this firetruck. He fills it up with all sorts of things and zooms it around the house.
This car mat is awesome. I got it at IKEA. Best 15 dollars ever spent. I am constantly carrying it and up and down the stairs because Hendrix wants to play with it no matter where we are in the house.
 ALL my kids play with this dollhouse. Julie got it for Quinn for her first Christmas. It has been a favorite ever since.
Play food. Man-- there is nothing I would love more than to throw this all away!! Only because I pick up play food more than anything else. I would never throw it away because the kids always always play with it. But I really hate cleaning it up all the time. :)

And there are some things I didn't take pictures of. Quinn loves to play with Little Pet Shop animals-- or any little animal type thing. And Hendrix's favorite thing is Matchbox cars. He has tons of cars/trucks, but if they aren't small/matchbox size-- he doesn't really play with them. And Veda's favorite thing is anything that she shouldn't have. Paper, trash, electrical cords, stairs, the dishwasher, etc.

I made these Gingersnap pumpkin cookies. Aren't you all so glad that I'm willing to try so many new cookie recipes for you?? They are amazingly good. :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Phone Pictures

You ready for a humungous picture dump? These are all my favorite pictures that have been on my iPhone for months. And sorry-- they are all blurry. Blurry, and awesome.

Dave and the kiddos before bed.
 one of my all time favorite pictures of Veda. Ever.
 Veda. Sitting in a wagon.
 Me and Vedes reading books in her room.
 The kiddos hugging before bath time one night.
 Quinn took this one. I love everything about it.
 HAPPY baby.
 Nothing to say about this. Just cute kids.
 Cute picture Quinn drew on the magna doodle. It's the whole family. Holding hands.
 Veda being silly.
 Veda being sillier. haha... love this picture.
 Aw. Remember when she used to wear headbands? I miss that.
Silly kid. And oh.. I think I'm going to cut his hair short again. I miss it. And I've been growing it out forever and haven't fallen in love with it. So it's coming off. Soon.
 Veda's eyes... man. Just that little twinkle in her eyes as she's looking at her brother. Priceless.
 Cute rosy cheeked babe. This picture proves that Veda hair is actually growing. Look how bald she was! Bald and precious and sweet and chubby.

just because

Will somebody please stop this baby from growing up so fast? She's getting way too big. 
Veda's getting good at giving kisses. And when I say "giving kisses," I mean "covering my face/cheeks with as much drool/licks as possible."

 Veda has started pointing too. It's pretty great.

mommy-daughter date

Quinn and I went on a date yesterday. She wanted to go back to Monkey Bizness. We had a lot of fun together. (Although that place is a work-out if you are actually running and jumping and maneuvering through those bounce houses (instead of hanging out and watching a baby play)). And the place unfortunately smelled REALLY strongly of throw up-- and was really hot. Quinn didn't notice either one of those things and played and giggled and had a great time. Afterwards we were going to go get an ice-cream, but decided to go to Cheesecake Factory instead and split a piece of cheese cake. It was a perfect little date with my darling little girl. 
(I guess I should have titled this post "Ghouls-date," since just us "ghouls" went out :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012


We got some snow yesterday. The kiddos were thrilled. 
 Dave can make a pretty awesome snowman too.
 Veda wasn't really outside for long. Her and I just came out to take a picture. She looked like a cute pink marshmallow.
 Warming up.

I'm glad the kids had fun.
And I'm glad that Dave can just work from home when it's crazy outside.
And I'm glad that we're moving to a place that doesn't snow. :)