Friday, July 30, 2010

silly kid

hmmm... a relaxing chair to read a book

hehe.... he barely fit.

When he stood up he had to sit back down VERY carefully.

and in my defense this was FIRST thing in the morning... hence no clothes or hair done. :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

this week... catch up

Just the kids sitting in the fridge. Hendrix LOVES to take a seat right there at the edge-- Quinn joined him today so I couldn't resist taking a picture.

taking a break to CRAM some goldfish crackers into his mouth

And back at it. I think Hendrix was trying to say 'cheese.'

Our sand/water table got some water in it the other day from the sprinklers. No big deal you say? I usually allow ONLY water or ONLY sand at one time, because who needs the mess? My kids were happily delighted to find sand and water in their table and played for a LONG time. They had so much fun, I might even let them have both sand and water in it again. What a nice mom.

Not a great shot, but i love how blonde Quinn's hair looks in front. And nope.. neither of my kid's hair was done that day... how did that happen? Maybe it was meant to be so you could all see her cute highlights from the sun.

And a few of Hendrix. He just looked too cute in all of them.

We got a bike trailer for the kiddos. We had lots of fun going on a bike ride together. Or rather Dave and Quinn had fun... Hendrix and I not so much :)

And will you check out Dave's triceps???? whew... thank you P90X.

and shoot... I realize that TWO days this week my kids went without their hair done. That NEVER happens. We must have stayed home a lot this week.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I've been a lazy blogger. sorry mom. I feel like I've been dropping the ball this summer. I could clean my house ALL day and it still wouldn't be clean. We have an 'instant' dinner more nights than I would like to admit. I have a big stack of sewing projects I haven't even thought about starting. My friend, Hollie, told me about a cool story time at our library, did I sign up and bring my kids, nope. Have I even filled up our baby pool in the backyard more than once, nope. My 3 1/2 year old is no where close to being potty trained-- or in a big girl bed. And everyday I pray that Quinn will actually take a nap so that I can too. (when I should be sewing or cleaning or planning a meal) I'm lazy....???

My sister in law Krystal asked me FIVE months ago to make her a bag.... and I finally did. Krystal, let me know if it's too frilly for you-- someone else can have it and I'll make you another one (on a non-lazy day)

And this sweet chubby guy is growing up before my eyes.

Friday, July 23, 2010

buddies, books, and forts

what fun is childhood without an occasional fort to read books in?

Hendrix sneaking in

i love how they are becoming better and better friends.

And how they share a love of books (ha... I just noticed that Hendrix is pointing to a car in Quinn's book... typical) :)

and a sweet kiss on the cheek. I love these kids!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hendrix's words

Hendrix now has a handful of words that he says (very cutely I might add).
he can now say:
thank you (that one's new today)
and he can shake and nod his head like none other-- he puts his WHOLE body into it.
Here he is saying a few for you. Don't mind the big drop of drool on his chin.

and I shouldn't have asked him to say 'dada,' because he grabbed my hand and wanted to go find him right away :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We just got back from 9 days with my family. It was SO FUN. We did lots of stuff and my kids got lots of attention. Ever since we got home-- everything Quinn plays with she is pretending to be on a plane, or in a hotel, or with Grandma and Grandpa or Julie. It's too funny. Although, I think both kids are happy to be home and back to routine.
The kids were exceptionally good, even though they were completely thrown off schedule. Not only was there a two hour time change, (I was going to keep them on Idaho time, but half-way through the trip that wasn't working anymore, especially for Quinn), but there were many naps missed, and bedtimes extended because of trips to the beach. Hendrix was a TROOPER. He would sleep anywhere-- even in Daine's loft apartment with noisy people and dogs. He took awesome naps and always went right to sleep. I was so proud of how well he did. Quinn on the other hand learned how to climb out of her pack n' play the first night we were there. So she didn't take ANY naps and REALLY fought going to bed at all. Dave had to stay in her room until she was completely asleep, then halfway through the night she would climb out and whimper until someone came to get her. She spent many nights in our bed. It was frustrating that she wouldn't nap or sleep well since she REALLY needed to sleep to recover from being so busy!!
and the flight home.... ugh. I still haven't recovered. the trip to michigan went so well, but the trip home couldn't have been much worse. we had MEAN airport workers, inpatient people who sat around us, sippy cups exploding milk mid-flight, SCREAMING KICKING, TANTRUM-y kids on the plane, sleepless/tired kids. It was awful. BUT-- we're home. And had an AWESOME time. It even made the nightmare of a flight worth it. My parents are so nice to help watch my kids so Dave and I can have a chance to get out without them (since we never have a chance when we are home), and Julie walked with Quinn around the hotel 50 times just because Quinn wanted to. we made some nice lasting memories and I think my kids will jump for joy in a couple years when we've recovered from the flight and are ready to go again.
Thanks mom and dad for the trip!! and thanks Daine, Amanda, Jonathan, Daniel, and Julie for spending time with us while we were there!!! love you!!


okay... i think this is the last of the pictures from the trip. We spent the last two days of our trip in Chicago. My brother Daine and his wife, Amanda live there. my parents, and Julie's family came as well, so we stayed in a hotel. it was a fun and busy couple of days in the city!

here's everyone minus my parents and kids. My parents were nice enough to watch the kiddos so the rest of us could spend some time downtown without struggling with strollers and kids on the train and crowds. it was so fun to have a chance to get out for that long without the kids! especially since it takes so long to get anywhere and do anything.

amanda and a Lego man

me and a Lego Woody

Eating authentic Chicago pizza at Geno's East. good pizza, but it took seriously over an hour to get our pizza. good thing the kids weren't there. I wasn't even patient enough to wait that long :)

me: happy to be surrounded by lots and lots of candy in an 8 level Macy's.

super crazy ceiling (Also in Macy's)

me and Dave-- waiting for a train
alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5495337459390410994" />
hanging out in our hotel. the little x-man staying up late with us and being happy about it.

why shouldn't he be happy? we were handing him chips from our take-out.

daine and Amanda's sweet apartment

me and Quinn on the roof of Daine's apartment. Sweet view. But it was HOT

walking through the zoo

hendrix getting to know uncle Daine

Grandpa showing Quinn some apes

and one last picture of Hendrix in the hotel.

Gun Lake

We went to Gun Lake the night before we left for Chicago. It was so fun!! The weather was perfect, the water was warm, it wasn't crowded.
the only problem was that I thought i was all out of swim diapers... so after 10 minutes in the water both kids ended up with bums like this:

playing at the mall

we spent some time at the malls in town letting the kids play

hendrix enjoying the carousel for the first 30 seconds. then he wanted off

Quinn helping my mom pick from the garden before we left for the mall. and phew... my mom's roots gone


we spent a couple days playing at some parks. here we are at a school playground down the street from my parent's house.

dave took one for the team. see his wet bum? he went down a wet slide first. just kidding... he peed his pants. you'd think he was too old for something like that.

Quinn could talk my mom into just about anything. (she could talk julie into anything too for that matter). slides, tea parties for breakfast, chocolate milk for dinner (no wait-- she talked my dad into that one) :) i don't know where she gets her persuasion skills :)

I don't blame anyone for not resisting her... look at that face :)