Sunday, September 30, 2012

1/2 Marathon

Are you all dying to hear about my race? Here are way more details than you needed :)

On Friday I had ZERO foot pain, so I knew I was doing the race. I had been doing 2 ice baths a day and the stretches that the physical therapist had told me to do. It was seriously miraculous. My foot was so much better.

Saturday morning: Woke up bright and early to POURING rain. Drove by myself out to Georgetown Lake. It was in the boonies. And dark. And pouring rain. This was the first year they had this race- so when I got there to register, it was super unorganized. Before the race started, the organizer told us to watch for the white signs because it was possible to get lost or get onto another trail. Yikes. But there were probably 200 of us running the half marathon so I thought how lost could we all get? Haha... then we started. And it was a TRAIL (I knew it was a trail race, but I had no idea how much of a trail it was going to be).

Imagine a really hard hike through the woods. Are you thinking of it? Lots of rocks, tree roots, logs to jump over. More rocks, skinny paths that force us all to run single file (which meant if you wanted to pass, you had to kind call up ahead and ask everyone to stop and step off the trail). But really we were all running as fast as we could possibly cover the terrain without spraining our ankles to slipping down the edge or tripping on a rock. So passing happened of course, but there wasn't a lot of it going on. Speaking of ankles- within the first 2 miles I had twisted both ankles at least a dozen times. I only fell once, but tripped up countless times. So are you still imagining this hard hike through the woods (on a poorly marked trail? Now imagine RUNNING it- single file, in the POURING rain. I don't know if any of us knew what we were in for. I ran in front of this guy for a while who had done other trail runs. He said this one was so much more technical than he had ever done. It rained really hard for 5-7 miles of the run. The rest of the race was just a light rain, which was ok. During the pouring rain the trail got pretty flooded. So my feet were completely submerged under water and mud. Plus the depth of the water made it impossible to see where you were putting your feet which meant you tripped over more rocks and roots.

So here we all were, running in the rain on this terrain that was nearly impossible. It was fun. For the first 5 miles. :)

Then we got lost. There was about 7 of us that had run across this large flat slippery rock that dropped off. Kind a scary. But I think we all ran straight across the rock when we should have run more upwards. Anyway- we lost the path. We knew we were off the path because we started running on this paved road. This was not a paved road kind of race. We even saw a car- which we stopped to ask if they knew where the trail was. Shortly after seeing the car we saw a race worker flagging us down from 400 meters away. We found the path again- phew. But we probably ran an extra 3/4 of a mile.

I ran most of the race without foot pain. Ankle pain- YES! But my foot was feeling awesome until about mile 10. The last 3 miles were pretty brutal. I was basically running by myself by that point other than a cute girl named Kaylee who I'd see off an on and we passed each other back and forth. It was a tough end to the race! I was hurting pretty bad and wet and muddy and STARVING! I had told Dave not to come and bring the kids if it was pouring rain. Although by the time I got to the last 3 miles there was nothing I wanted more than to see Dave and the kids at the finish line. And what do you know? They came! The trail emerged onto this little circle drive, and it was so nice to finish the last 200 meters on pavement.

So my official time? I don't know it. But I think the clock said 3:00. I was too busy looking at my cute kids as I passed the finish line and thinking about the fact that I survived this crazy race in one piece. I was hoping to run this half marathon in 2:20 or less. The crazy part? The guy who was the WINNER of the race yesterday, ran it in 2:15. It was a tough course. There is no way I could have done it any faster. I am so incredible sore today, but I am so happy I did it. And so happy it's over. :)

Wet Jeans

We walked to the park yesterday and decided to go put our feetsies in the pool afterwards. Despite our efforts, it was hard to keep the kids from getting wet. Veda especially.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

sunglasses, chain, and sick day

Who needs sunglasses on for breakfast on the counter when it's still dark out?
This girl:
We made a chain to countdown to my mom coming!!! And we've ripped off a couple links already. It's getting so close :)
Early this week Quinn had her first sick absence from school. She spent the day reading books and snuggling with her sister.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

foot update

Thanks for all your kind words about my foot. I survived the doctor yesterday. The good news- is that she hardly touched my foot. She did most of the work on my calf and a little on my hip. The bad news- is that it HURT. And by 'hurt,' I mean it was really really really painful. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

If any of you have had it done before- it's called "P&M Myofascial Release." Which means: the therapist "pins" the muscle with their thumb, finger, hand, elbow, or forearm. Then they move an adjacent body part, which creates a 'taffy pull' of sorts. As the tissue passes through the pinned area it pulls it apart, stretches it and lengthens it. Once it gets to the proper length it's supposed to stop hurting. But let me tell you- until it gets to that proper length, it KILLS! I was wholly unprepared for the pain. Most of the pain happened while I was face down on the massage table, so I literally just gritted my teeth and tried to breathe through the pain. When she was all done she said that I was a dream patient and was the first person she has EVER treated that hasn't screamed, cried, or begged her to stop. More than once I WANTED to tell her to stop, I just didn't know it was an option. ha. And if I had said something, she probably would have told me tough luck and kept on going. And also I should mention that before she started any of this she iced my entire leg until I was certain I was getting frost bite. Then proceeded to do the entire 'pin and move' part while holding an ice block in her hand. 

So after she was done she had me stand up and walk around. There was NO pain in my foot. My calf- yes. But my foot- nothing! I looked at her with disbelief. Like what did you do to me lady? All that crazy pain did the trick! I'm not pain free right now. And even walking out of the office I got a few reminders of why I went in the first place. But I have to say it's better. I wish I could have it done again right before my race, but she said I will be too bruised for her to do another treatment that soon. She gave me instructions on how to do an ice bath at home and what stretches to do afterwards. 

So Saturday is still up in the air. I did a run last night and it was just so-so. But maybe in a few more days I'll feel totally up to it. I'm just worried to get 7 miles into the race and have extreme foot pain. So we'll see. But yesterday was an awesome and awful experience all at once :)

talking a walk

Veda taking Tiger for a walk. Quinn used to walk with a stroller all the time. I don't know why I've never let Veda until now. (oh wait- yes I do. It's because now I'm walking with 3 kids and I need to hang on to at least one... or two)

So sweet-- checking on Mr. Tiger to make sure he's okay

 By the end she just picked up the stroller and carried it.  :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

LONG sad story of my foot

For those of you who read this blog to see darling pictures of my kids and embarrasing pictures of me- feel free to skip this post and tune back in when there are some pictures of the kiddos.

This is the story of my injured foot:

Right when I moved to Texas I met two girls who asked me to run a half marathon with them. My first thoughts were "No way!" I didn't think I could, and honestly didn't know if I even had the desire to run that far. But it got me thinking about running again- which is something that I haven't done that consistently since popping out my babies.

So I started running. Our ward had a 5k- and it was SO FUN. I was still uncommitted to the half marathon, but I started running a lot more consistently.

I ran all summer. 4-5 days a week. I was waking up at 4:30 am most days to get my run in. Even earlier than that when I started wanting to do longer and longer runs. It was early, but I was getting addicted to the endorphins. Plus running early was the only way to escape some of the heat. Don't get me wrong, it was still hot. My Nike+ app that I use for my runs, lets you keep a little running journal- and you better believe I write at least something in it every time I run. Looking back- almost every day I said something about how stinking hot it was.

But I powered on. I did a few longer runs... still thinking that maybe I could do this half marathon thing that was at the end of October. I started checking back with this group of girls that originally asked me to run it, and no one was doing it anymore. And it was about that time that I started believe that I actually COULD do it. And if I'm being honest with myself- the first time someone asked me to run the half marathon I had known that I was going to do it.

I found a group of ladies to run with: The Sole Sisters. Funny, I know. They are all older, but live around where I do and run consistently together. They also are always flying all over the country to run Ragnar relay races together (and drink lots of wine). It has been so nice to have people to run with. It rejuvenated my runs and I felt like a better runner while running with them.

Fast forward a few weeks: I decided to run a half marathon that was a lot closer to where I live. Since those other girls from church were no longer running the original one, I thought why drive so far to run by myself? Plus, I found a race that was a lot closer to home- the only problem was that it was a month sooner. But no problem! I'd been running all summer and building up my miles- I knew I could do it. And a shout out to Dave- who has told me all along to run the half marathon. I think he knew before I did that I REALLY wanted to do it. And has been 100% supportive.

Two weeks ago I put in a lot of miles. Not tons, but a lot for me. I ran a total of 30 miles. And the last 2 miles of that is when my left foot started hurting. The pain is on my left foot- outside bottom edge. It didn't even hurt bad enough to stop running. I honestly didn't think much of it. I knew my whole body was fatigued just from the bump up of miles that week. Two hours after my run, I couldn't stand on my left foot. I could stand on my toes, but any pressure on the mid part of my foot hurt really bad. I started icing and elevating and taking ibuprofen.

As soon as my sweet friend, Megan heard about my foot she messaged me asking where it hurt and giving me tips of what I could do for the pain and things I could do to stretch and strengthen my foot. I did those things diligently. I took days off running. Then after a few days I decided to try it out. The pain was not gone, but considerably better. I met up with the Sole Sisters and ran with them half way to the track before heading home. That was a bad day. I only ran 1.25 miles- and my foot HURT. Reality of missing my race was setting in. I cried. A lot. I felt ticked off, disappointed, and frustrated that I was in pain. I felt so discouraged that I had woken up at 4:30 all summer to train and now I wouldn't even be able to accomplish my goal.

I KNOW there are other races. I know I will get better. But those facts didn't help my initial dissappointment of probably missing this race. I think a lot of it - is that I feel like I need to prove to myself that I actually can do it. And I feel like I've earned it with how hard I've worked.

So yesterday morning I decided to try again. I basically took all of last week off (other than the mile I ran on Wednesday). The first 1/2 mile of my run was excruciating. I stopped and stretched and tried to figure out the quickest way to hobble home. I started to lightly jog back home and the pain loosened up a little bit. I ended up running 5 miles. That first 1/2 mile of pain was a good eye opener. It hurt bad. But it helped me decide to call the physical therapist that one of the Sole Sisters had recommended.

And you know what? I HATE PEOPLE TOUCHING MY FEET! This is going to be hard for me. I DON'T get pedicures. When I get a massage, I don't let them do my feet. Ugh. It's gross. It's just how I am. So for me to schedule an appointment for someone to look at and touch my feet at my own free will is hard. My appointment is this afternoon.

Ever have a charley horse? That's what the bottom of my foot feels like most of the time. Wish me luck. My hope is that they'll fix me and I can run on Saturday. Wishful thinking? Maybe. ;)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Glasses and Q's Half Birthday

These glasses were in the dollar spot at Target. I thought they would be a good addition to the dress up box. But I didn't realize how big they'd be the kids :)
 They are a better fit for me :)
 And these puppies glow in the dark.
Quinn is officially FIVE AND A HALF!!! So naturally, we had a little party. I don't really ever celebrate anything except the first 1/2 birthday for my kids- but I pointed out to Quinn that she was officially 5 1/2, so she asked me to make cake pops. And I love any excuse to make cake. :)
She even got a few presents. They weren't anything too exciting- just a few things she needed anyway and a pair of clearance sandals from Target. I really just wrapped up stuff that I was buying for her anyway, and we had a party :)
And just a cute picture of Hendrix that didn't go with any other post lately. We went to a birthday party yesterday for one of Hendrix's friends. Hendrix carried the birthday present in- walked right up to his friend, handed it to him, and said "Here, Pierce- we got you a BATMAN!"

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Sometimes we get a little silly during dinner time.
And all stuff grapes in our cheeks.
And laugh our heads off.

You should try it.


After checking the mail tonight we decided to just walk a little farther to the park. Two problems: Hendrix had no shirt, and boot hands on. (and crocs- so three problems, since crocs are strictly backyard shoes)
 Ok- maybe one more problem- Veda's hair :)
 But we still had fun even though the babies looked a little crazy!

 And look- mom and dad still got their playground skills.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


My Instagrams from last week:

My new shades:

 Veda got two stamps after Hendrix's soccer class.
 She loves it.
And she has the sweetest face on the planet.

 We had some rain last week. How cute are little kids playing and laughing in the rain? 
 Red&White Striped twinners
 We had to make cookies since it was a rainy day. What else can you do?
 Oh man- I had a new sitter for our date last week. She was AMAZING. She left my kiddos this for when they woke up. And yes- my kids are begging to have her back :)

fall morning

Fall in Texas is a wonderful thing. (I know it's not technically fall until next week- but close enough.) One morning this week it was perfectly lovely outside. And we took full advantage.

Chalk or blush? Both?
 I got this old carseat out of the garage to clean it out so I could sell it. Veda hopped right in it. I loved her cute little feet sticking out.
 Babies riding bikes
 He's such a silly kid.

This picture was not taken that morning, obviously. But too cute not to share :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What a day!!! I'll spare you the details for now- but here are a couple of silly pictures from our day.
Me and Hendrix played with the dollhouse. It was funny to see him play with it- since he is the classic cars, trucks, superhero kind of kid. But of course, our Polly Pockets were being chased by monsters or something (which we quickly changed to something else because this crazy mommy doesn't allow monster play). It was cute though, so I took a picture :)
I have totally neglected my garden. I thought it was done. So imagine my surprise today when I walked out and found two HUGE zucchinis. I wanted to get a picture to show how big it was so I held it up to Veda. And she immediately leaned in for a kiss. Because that's what you do with a big squash, right?