Thursday, September 30, 2010

this week so far.

please disregard that last post-- Dave put that up. :)
but yes-- Amber-fest has kicked off. I've already been spoiled like crazy. (see the balloons in the background? Dave even decorated late at night so when I woke up the place was decked out). plus flowers, plus chocolate. it doesn't get much better. :)

my belly. don't mind the pj's. we took this when I was still deathly ill.

Quinn had pajama day at preschool on Tuesday.

and my mom's here!!!! We've been having a blast. We went on a girl's night last night: shopping and cheesecake factory. Here's my mom getting some cute new stuff.

in case you didn't remember

it's amberfest!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

today's the day

My mom gets here TODAY!!!!!!
Quinn might be almost as excited as I am.
And I think I got Hendrix to say 'Gramma' just in time :)
Here's a picture of my mom and I last year during Amber-fest. Look at all my hair... geesh.

Friday, September 24, 2010

more sickies.

I'm sorry to say that my happy attitude about being sick has gone out the window. Maybe since I've been SUPER sick. This is one of the worst colds I've had in a long time. Or maybe it's the sick little man we've had around here. We had to take Hendrix to the doctor because he wasn't breathing well. We've been doing breathing treatments every three hours, and it seems to help his breathing considerably. He still has a nasty cough and runny nose and can't sleep. But at least he can breathe!!! Poor guy. Hopefully we all make a speedy recovery. And I hope that none of you get sick.... ugh.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I love my kids. They are SICK right now. Coughing, runny yucky noses, can't sleep, whiney, grumpy, sick kids. Quinn had to miss preschool today. Which is a heartbreak for her yet she handled it well. Quinn normally holds her bowel movements ALL day until we put her nighttime diaper on, then she lets loose. But yesterday (I'm guessing because she hasn't felt well). She kept pooping (just a little) in her underwear. But like 6 times. And despite all the yucky-ness around here, my kids are great. I'm pretty sure I'm just hyped up on hormones, (and also happiness since my mom gets here in LESS THAN a week). Otherwise today might have been a bit more depressing. Anyway-- I just spent 5 whole minutes saying "Ready, set, go!" to Hendrix. Which then he would run at me full speed with arms open to give me a hug. (A snotty, slobbery hug). This is what life is all about. Sick kids and all.

and no pictures of the kids today. but here are a couple old ones.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

freezer paper, cake balls, and chub

I taught a freezer paper class Friday night, so I had an excuse to make a few shirts (to show as examples of course...)

a hippo onesie for my friend Kara who just found out she's having a girl :)

and some shoes. this might be one of my favorite stencils i've done. it's right up there with abe lincoln.

oh delicious cake balls.... may I never make you ever again. just kidding :) but seriously. if you ever decide to buy some expensive food markers so that your cake pops can look like THIS, don't do it. They won't work and you'll end up having to use a RED gel that doesn't look cute at all. Sorry Owen-- hope the red faces didn't ruin your birthday :)

chubby little hands and arms, cute little jeans, black cons. (and a belt)

Friday, September 17, 2010

haircut, strap pads, and belts

Hendrix got a haircut. I know you were dying to see.

I sure love this sweet boy. This is classic Hendrix. Holding the tag of his blankie with his finger in his mouth. So sweet.

Quinn's car seat strap covers. This is NOT the original fabric I had picked out for these. Sometimes I feel generous and let Quinn go through my scraps and pick whatever fabric she wants me to use. She picked this. :)

And someone stop me please.... more belts for my kids. The grey for Hendrix, and the pink ones for Quinn. Although I made them the same size, so I guess they could share.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Once a month in preschool, Quinn gets to be the "V.I.P." She has been excited about this for THREE weeks. It was finally her turn today. On the day they are V.I.P. they bring a toy to show the class, and also the snack.

Today they learned about luau (so the letter was "L") She brought lemon pudding for snack.

And she chose to bring Simba as her toy to share.

This might be a little hard to understand. She gets a little silly/nervous when I tape her sometimes.

Showing me her grass skirt. She told me that she doesn't want to take it off for 'days and days.'

Quinn showing me how she learned to hula dance.

It's been so fun to watch her be so excited about preschool. I love to hear her singing new songs (and not songs she learned from Dora...). I'm so proud of how much she is growing up!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

practicing for baby.

Hendrix was being very sweet with one of Quinn's baby dolls today. He would get her all set with a blanket and a book.

Having said that- I hope he doesn't do this to the baby:

at least he was peeking back at her to check on her. He probably does this since he sits on Quinn all the time. he thinks it's okay :)

Hendrix has been learning a lot of his animal noises lately. It's super cute, but it's hard to get it on video. Here was our best attempt. The rooster is the cutest. :)

and his cute backside-- since he is wearing his new brown belt today.

Monday, September 13, 2010


still working on Quinn's new room. and good news-- she is now sleeping in there!! except for her 4 trips to the bathroom at night she is finally doing well in there. Here's Dave doing his favorite thing on the planet-- hanging things up for me.

the other belts I made for Hendrix. super simple and probably not worthy of taking a picture of them. but here they are.

MUCH cuter to see them actually ON him.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

art in the park

we went to Art in the Park today. We went with our friends Jason and Christy. Here is Hendrix after we got there-- happily seeing a dog.

you can kinda see my baby bump... although I think jason was trying to just get our heads :)

Hendrix-- waving to baby Owen in his stroller. I thought this was a little funny :)

Hendrix and Emery in the wagon. I love how Hendrix looks shocked that Emery is sitting there. Quinn was there too... I don't know how she managed to escape all the pictures.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

boy or girl?

so.... we still don't know what we are having. Here's the longer story:
The o.b. I'm using this pregnancy does an ultrasound every visit. At my last appointment at 11 weeks my doctor told me that she thought we were having a boy. She showed me in-between the legs and sure enough-- it looked like something was there. After she showed me that she told me at least 5 times that I was ONLY 11 weeks, and it's too early to know for sure.
The crazy thing, is that if I had to guess, I'd guess I'm having a girl. We don't really care what we are having, especially since we've been blessed with one of each. But a guess is a guess.
So I had another appointment today, and thought if she saw something again, I would definitely believe her. Especially since I'm now 15 weeks (which is still on the early side, I know). So today she asked me again when she started the ultrasound if we wanted to know what we are having. I said "YES!!" and told her that last time she had guessed that it was a boy. My doctor kind of laughed and said that was pretty brave of her to say especially since she saw nothing between the legs today. But then pointed out how the legs were crossed and she wasn't getting a good view. So.... the jury's still out. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.. I REALLY want to know. Especially since my mom is coming in a few weeks and she was going to help me with the nursery. bummer. I guess I'll have to wait until 20 weeks like most people. seeing the legs crossed on the ultrasound was pretty cute, but certainly didn't make my day. :)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

X "jumping"

Hendrix was trying to jump. haha... he's the best. not to mention Quinn prancing around in the background.

Monday, September 06, 2010

car seat cover

We needed another car seat so Dave could drive Quinn to preschool on his way to work. Chris and Sarah loaned us one of theirs that they aren't using right now. (thanks guys). Not that this early 2000's sun-bleached plaid is horrible, I just decided to cover it anyway. For some reason I've always wanted to make a car seat cover.


after: (and it will hopefully look even cuter once I finish the hot-pink shoulder straps I'm making)

and the good news? I got it out of my system. I never want to make one of these ever again :)

big girl room and big belly

we worked on the 'big girl room' this weekend. we painted it a lovely yellow. It has turned into the new favorite room to play in. (just not the favorite room to sleep in) Quinn has yet to sleep in there, even though it's been ready for her to sleep in for 2 days.

Quinn's bean bag happens to match her new room nicely. Which is maybe we why we play in there-- the bean bag is the favorite.

the kiddos trying out the bed. Plus you can see her cute bedspread. We are basing the room off these colors. More pics of the room once we finish it. we still have some art work to create and put up. plus she still needs some shelves and a dresser (but i'm going to IKEA this fall, so hopefully we will finish it up then!)

some art that Quinn and I made for her room. Quinn is such a good little craft helper.

and..... my belly. this is actually a great picture of it.. when i imagine how my stomach looks, i envision it MUCH bigger.

I have a doctor appointment this week and we are hoping to find out what's in there. my doc already told me what she 'thinks' it is, but i was only 11 weeks, so i wasn't convinced. after we find out we can start working on the room for the new little baby. (and yes... we are painting over quinn's cute stripes in her baby room.. it's time).

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Quinn eating a chip

I know, I know. Exactly what you were hoping I would post about today.


These are some pics of Hendrix today. We rode bikes at the park.

hendrix was very concerned when we took a break and dave put his bike down. Hendrix was trying to lift it back up.

and a picture of my crazy handsome husband

Thursday, September 02, 2010

first day of preschool.

today was the big day. She woke up so excited. She was dressed with her backpack ON by 6 am. (thanks for the backpack Uncle Clint!)

all ready in her 'funky monkey' shirt that she picked out herself at the store.

she even walked up to the door ALL BY HERSELF. which is a huge step considering she used to make us stay in nursery for at least 20 minutes before she would let us leave (and that happened for almost a year and a half).

It was a huge success. She LOVED it. I think that snack time was her favorite (like mother like daughter). They learned about caterpillars today and the snack was a caterpillar made of grapes. On the way home she asked when she could go back. It will be well worth the drive to town twice a week to take her. I think she's in love.

While Q was at preschool Hendrix and I enjoyed some time at the park.
So blurry, yet so cute.

And check out those wet legs. Wet slides don't deter him at all. Good thing Aunt Sarah lives 2 minutes away from this park and let us throw them in the dryer :)

and yes.... I may have shed a few tears as Quinn walked up to leave me for preschool. But just a few.