Sunday, November 24, 2013

art, dresses, sickies, and sillies

Veda has been REALLY into drawing and painting lately. It might just be mother's love- but LOOK AT HER ART!! She's so good.
 My parents each made my girls a Christmas dress. Isn't it the cutest thing?! I can't wait to see my girls in them.
 Veda wears the silliest things. A swim suit over her clothes... that's not weird at all :)
Hendrix has been so sick this week. We spent last Sunday at urgent care. He was sick as a dog- yet anytime a doctor or nurse walked in and asked how he was he would say "good...." Such a sweet boy.
 Here he is doing better. He is still not 100%, but he's getting there.
 Veda-- in more silly things.

 A little purse I made for Quinn's friend who had a birthday.

 Hooray for Thanksgiving week!! I hope you all enjoy your family and friends and see how blessed you are.

Monday, November 18, 2013


wow... I am horrible at keeping up with this blog. I blame Instgram... really. I get so much more instant satisfaction from there. I can post immediately, and I know that people are seeing it. 

And since I got a new phone for my birthday, I no longer need to constantly put my pictures on my lap top. Which means I have no pictures from the last month on my computer.... they are happily stored in my new phone that has tons of storage. So these pictures in this post are not super recent. But who's gonna complain- at least I'm doing a post, right? ;)

VEDA IS HARD. She is seriously at a very trying stage right now. She is an absolute doll and can be the sweetest little human on the planet. But .... she is two. And SO much more spunky than my other kids were. She likes to and tries to push buttons. She is really good at making stink faces and will growl or bite at you for no reason. It's awesome. So just trying to deal with her hard phase and teach her the best we all can. And a lot of the time trying not to laugh when discipling her because even when she's naughty she is just so dang cute. 
 Have you tried these? (from Costco) I could eat a whole bag by myself. They are delicious. Almost as good as candy. (almost)
 I did a mini class at church a few weeks ago (at Enrichment... or whatever they call it now). It was on decorating on a dime. ha... like I'm some sort of expert or something?! I'm not!! But it was good for me. I hate doing things like that. Plus I got to hang out with and be twins with Alanna (no-- we didn't plan our outfits. But next time I think we will)
You know that saying "When it rains it pours?" Well.. I feel like it's raining in my life. Life is stressful. Hard kids, sick kids, appliances breaking, and just some other hard 'life' things happening. I'm sure things will slow down and become normal again... maybe I'll be more inspired to blog more often :)
Until then, a few more pictures of Veda.