Sunday, May 31, 2009

new clothes

Hendrix made his debut at church today. Here he is lookin cute in his new church outfit. I think he knows how cool he is....

and yes...i did put a little product in his hair :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Emery's 1st birthday party

Our buddy, Emery turned one!! He had a cool birthday party today-here are some pictures from our fun afternoon!!

hendrix chilin in the stroller...happy because he just peed all over me...

quinn in her new swim suit

Quinn staring at the slip and slide

'daddy, don't make me go on the slip and slide...'

'ha...i think i'll make her go on the slip and slide..'

quinn squishing hendrix's cheek. here we are with the birthday boy!!

Hendrix sleeping in the stroller..

I needed to put up two pictures of this!! i sure love him. and LOVE that he is an angel in the car

Quinn--making off with some balloons

Quinn and daddy. i think he was putting on her flip flops :)

Daddy holding Quinn while we all sang 'happy birthday' to Emery. Emery had a cute monkey cake (just like Quinn!!) and he got the whole cake to himself!! he deserved it-you only turn one once :)

I took these two pictures yesterday....cute little man

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hendrix smiling

...and Quinn coloring. I thought she looked cute sitting there coloring at the table.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memorial day

We had a Memorial Day BBQ with Chris and Sarah, and Jason and Christy (and everyone's kids). it was a super nice day and we had REALLY good food!!
I told Quinn to give Levi five--but it just looks like she's grabbing his hand. still cute :)

Quinn, Ellie, and Levi relaxing after spending all day outside

Dad. HEndrix. and Mom

my handsome guys. don't you all love dave's hair when it's this long?? back off ladies....he's taken :)

Quinn got another haircut!! I unfortunately, didn't get a great picture of it. I just cut it shorter and stacked the back a lot more (since she was actually cooperating this time)
gotta love this face...

(Quinn's belly wasn't hanging out of her shirt all day...I think it was just how she was sticking it out while walking down the steps)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Q and Hendrix

Quinn playing with Hendrix

I wish this picture wasn't blurry...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the kiddos

nothing too exciting going on around here...hendrix has had a clogged tear duct, but other than that, no excitement.
Quinn has been BUSY looking at books. She has literally EMPTIED three whole book shelves. I'll ask her if she wants to do something else, and her reply is "no, I'm still looking at books."

My cute boy in our favorite onesie. I think this might be his last time wearing it's getting a bit tight to snap up.

I made her a sling for her baby. I tried to get her to model it for me, but no luck. She also informed me that it's 'too tight' so I might be making a new one anyway.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

quinn and hendrix

hendrix...not enjoying his tummy time.

Quinn being silly with stickers on her face

want your heart to melt open?? watch this...