Wednesday, June 29, 2011

x update

hendrix's surgery went well. pre-op was great-- he was happy and let them do whatever to him (plus they had doped him up a little, so he was silly and loopy). but since he woke up from the anesthesia, he's been crying a lot. we had a long day with a sleepy boy who was in too much pain to sleep for very long. he would sleep for a few minutes, wake up and cry, then sleep, then cry... pretty much all day. about 4:30 he finally got off the couch and surprised me when he walked into the kitchen to find me. he's been drinking well all day, but is hungry-- for popcorn!! (which he obviously can't eat after getting his tonsils out!). he scarffed down some yogurt and mac and cheese, and hopefully tomorrow he will have forgotten about the popcorn.

It's been a long emotional day. it's heartbreaking to see him go through this. and heartbreaking to hear him beg me to not feed the baby, or put the baby down. and heartbreaking to see quinn try and cope with me giving constant attention to veda and hendrix since there is little left over for her. i know that hendrix has about a week of recovery, but i'm still praying for even a slightly easier day tomorrow.

wow... after re-reading this, it sounds sad. we're doing fine!! hendrix will continue to do better and better, and i'll recover from the emotionally draining day i've had :) everything's better after getting some sleep-- here's hoping that i get some!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


this sweet boy has surgery tomorrow. he is having tubes put in both ears, his adenoids removed, and his tonsils taken out as well. he is such a brave boy-- he's gonna do great. maybe better than me :)

movie night

we watched a movie outside tonight after bath.

hendrix was all set with a bowl of popcorn for each hand

haha... cute boy

mommy and veda (and wow... the same outfit that i put on her this morning. she's been blowing out like crazy lately-- sometimes 4 times a day)

outside movie night would have been a little better if it were dark out... i was being generous by letting them stay up until 7, but it didn't help the darkness factor :)

cats, monsters, and lucky sleep

we have ONE dragon washcloth puppet that the kids both love. The problem-- is that we have ONE. I've been meaning to make them some more, but haven't done it-- until yesterday. I made two cats.

next time I THINK i can sew straight while holding a baby, hopefully I'll remember these. I obviously can't. in fact-- hendrix doesn't even realize it's a cat- he thinks it's a monster.

i love finding all of hendrix's funny places for toys. This is his cement truck full of little cars. I always find little rows of cars, or a pot in the cupboard filled with trucks, or a shoe with little cars in it.

just some random stuff about my kids right now:
hendrix says an 'l' instead of a 'y.' for example:
Hendrix: while reaching to take some chips off my plate, "here, I'll eat that for Lou."
Hendrix: seeing a bug outside: "Ew.... that's Lucky!"
Hendrix: While being super cute: "Love Lou mommy!"

Veda sleeps through the night sometimes. And it's AWESOME. It doens't happen every night, but i take what i can get. We DOUBLE swaddle her. funny/weird, huh? I use the Kiddopotomus swaddle first, which kind keeps her arms down. but if i JUST use that one, she gets an arm out and it wakes her up. so over the Kiddopotomus swaddle, I use a Woombie. it zips up, so there is no chance of her getting an arm out. but I can't just use that one because it's so stretchy that she can still wake herself up with her hands if i don't have the other one underneath. weird-- but it works :)

i also love that we are growing strawberries in our garden. this is our third bowl of strawberries (we've had tons, but if I pick them with hendrix, he'll eat them as fast as i pick them). And before we had a net over them, he would pick ALL of them-- even the white ones. For some reason he didn't think they were "lucky."

Friday, June 24, 2011


this morning as i left the house, i was only going to run a mile and a half. i haven't run for a week since when I wake up in the morning, it's so dark it looks like it's the middle of the night. when it's too dark to talk myself into running, i do the elliptical or insanity instead. this morning i was only going to run a short way, figuring that's all i'd be able to. then 1/4 mile into my run where i usually turn to run farther, i decided to just do it. it was one of those mornings where the temperature was perfect, my headphones were staying in my ears (Thanks dad!), and i had lots left in me (thanks brownies i ate yesterday). the 2 1/2 mile loop i run around my house is out on country roads. so i got to enjoy the beautiful sunrise with horses, cows, and llamas. and i listened to THIS song over and over and over. (thanks to dave who is on top of new music and all things cool). it's the perfect tempo, plus has some "na na na na's"
ha... and the first comment under that video is "be happy, all the time, for no reason at all." Amen. here's to a happy day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

blondie, giggles, stroller, and dinosaur

aw. look at her blonde hair!!!! i'm in love. and geesh... veda caught on camera without a headband

veda has started giggling. quinn thinks it's the best. i'm pretty sure that veda thinks that quinn is the best. look at the love in her face.

veda rode in the stroller for the first time without being in her car seat today!! she thought it was okay.

i tried to get quinn to take a picture of me in my new and improved tank top. she wouldn't. and look- veda is in her new skirt too.

and just a funny thing i found while cleaning up tonight. quinn is so funny. the dinosaur was probably just giving molly, julie, melissa, emily, roxie, and poxie a ride to preschool.

a & x

absolutely no reason to show you this picture again, other than that i love it. and i love this boy. (And i'm too lazy to get up and upload the pictures I took today)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

refashions and Elmer's glue

I've had a pile of things I wanted to 'refashion,' and today I tackled a lot of them!!
This was just a plain tank top that i wore a lot while i was pregnant. but it is a size bigger than i usually wear, so now wasn't really an exciting option. i have a favorite shirt from the GAP that I patterned this after. It's just some super soft tulle, gathered, and sewn down the middle. in a haphazard crooked manner :)

before: another maternity tank top

I cut off the bottom and used it to create the mess by the collar. not bad for my first shot and having no plan in mind when I started. anyone want me to come over and cut up your clothes and sew them back together? it's kinda fun :)

before: yet another maternity shirt

used it to make the waist band for a skirt for Veda. I used THIS tutorial. super fun and easy-- hopefully I'll make more. maybe i'll make quinn one just like it since i obviously have some shirt left over for another waistband.

this tank top was always just WAY too long. weird- usually I have the opposite problem with shirts. so I cut three inches off the bottom, gathered part of it, and sewed it on.

and this used to be a dress. It always made me look pregnant. so I cut it off, hemmed it, and removed the lining. i haven't tried it on since I hemmed it, but I'm hoping that since I removed the lining, it will be less bulky-- and hopefully I won't look pregnant when I wear it. fingers crossed.

and maybe I'll wear one of these tomorrow and take a picture, since it is a lot more fun to look at people :)
and just so this post isn't completely lacking, here's my cute big girl doing a craft. my three favorite things about this picture:
1. her arms. so cute
2. her hair- also so cute
3. that's she's picking glue off her fingers. she can spend FOREVER picking glue off her fingers when we are doing a craft. it's very time consuming. If i need some peace and quiet, get out the Elmer's.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Veda was left out of the post yesterday. So here's a few of the little lady.

she has a much more normal baby-hair-growth-pattern than my other kids. she's lost some of the hair that she had when she was born. but awesome news--the hair that's coming in is BLONDE!!! woo hoo. hopefully i'll end up with a bondie after all!!

and she's growing eye lashes too :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

water balloons!!

we can cross our first thing off our summer bucket list. water balloons take 25 minutes to fill with water, and about 39 seconds to throw them all.

but at least it was 39 seconds of fun!!

i wish this was a close-up of his face. and does this boy know how to dress for summer or what??? i put this rocket ship on his pj's, and he refused to have the top taken off today (at least he let me put shorts on him). and who needs flip flops when you have rain boots?!

since the balloons were gone so fast, we decided to fill up the pool.

hendrix wouldn't get in. but he had fun throwing toys in

and it might be a long summer with this girl. if there is a teeny-tiny little bug she kinda freaks

yay for summer!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day

we spent this afternoon with dave's parents and chris and sarah. here are the dad's.

and my wonderful, amazing, thoughtful, handsome, awesome, creative, loving husband and father of my children

grace and veda

veda looking cute with daddy

my little 'man.' haha... seriously, we're running out of shirts around here that i can put vinyl on :)

the girls. veda and quinn were gonna match today in their easter dresses. then i tried to put veda's on her and i couldn't get it buttoned. i shed a tear :(

happy father's day to the wonderful men in my life. i have an amazing dad, my kids have awesome grandpa's, and my kids are lucky to have such a great dad.

Friday, June 17, 2011

i'm crying now...

can you believe that hendrix is sick AGAIN??? me neither. another ear infection. his third one in three months. my poor baby has had a lousy three months. and yes-- we are going to see an E.N.T. next week--to discuss either tubes or getting his adenoids removed. we have to do something!! enough is enough. THIS is why i'm so paranoid about my kids getting sick. they get sick often and not just runny noses-- but are really sick!! he has had a raging fever since midnight. :( we had what?? five days of health? bummer. hopefully my little guy will be up and around again soon. i can't wait. until then, lots of popsicles!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer bucket list

my friend Lindsey did a post today about a summer bucket list. i thought it was a great idea, so we started working on one of our own. Here's what we've come up with so far:

Eagle Island State Park
Make home made icecream
movie and popcorn outside
splash park
water balloons
Go to portland with my family in August
clean out the closets
organize and host a craft night with friends
bike ride with daddy
have a BBQ
go see a waterfall in twin falls
and not necessarily with my kids, but i want to make ALL of these crafts:
another skirt
booster seat

zippered wallet
and mostly this ADORABLE BAG

and geez-- what an awful cycle. I put cleaning out the closets on there because I like to throw stuff away and REALLY clean out- yet I feel like I haven't successfully done it lately. My house starts driving me crazy because it's so messy, so I get in the mood to clean stuff out. But then, cleaning stuff out makes everything SO messy while I'm working on it that it doesn't really help me feel like my house is cleaner. It does when I'm all done, but that can take a while with three kiddos to watch. Plus, when I'm cleaning stuff out--- they find random things to play with and carry them around the house, so the whole house is covered with the stuff I'm trying to organize and get rid of.

AND, instead of mopping my floor or cleaning the fish bowl like I should have today while Veda was sleeping in her crib, I decide to make cookies. (sometimes a girl need a cookie). But I'm out of butter, so I look forever for a recipe that uses shortening instead, make the dough with Quinn as my little helper, roll the cookies in sugar, and place a whole bunch on a sheet in the oven, only to realize that I forgot the baking soda. how do I ever get through the day? :)

anyway-- make a summer bucket list. it's fun-- and summer doesn't last forever. just ask this dude:

(and lindsey has a cute printable you can use to make yours as cute as hers)


hendrix has been wearing his sunglasses around a lot lately

swim trunks, shoes on the wrong feet, and sunglasses. he said to me: "bye mommy, I'm going to work!"

hendrix is feeling much better. we still do breathing treatments, which rile him up a bit-- but it's awfully nice to have him better!!

the headbands I made for veda yesterday. hendrix got a hold of the pink/grey one though and pulled off the beads. (they look like treats he said.)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

new headbands!!!

i thought veda might be old enough for a few bigger headbands. she woke up 12 minutes into my crafting so i only got two done, but hopefully i'll make her a few more before the day's over.

"whatcha doing mom?"

"do you always take this many pictures??!"

"Okay, go ahead. Maybe I like it."

... ha... i just can't help myself with 'baby-thought' captions. and i know the headband doesn't match this, i just wanted her to try it on :) the purple is just knit fabric. and the elastic i got from Pick your Plum-- i got a super good deal!!