Sunday, December 30, 2012


Just my Instagrams from the week.

 Quinn enjoying her make up set from Santa. And the princess dress that Hendrix got her for christmas.
 "Look mom! I'm a reindeer!"
 Shopping with the babies. Veda loves this baby she got for Christmas. It's super hard plastic, yet she sleeps with it whenever I let her
 My cute little reader
 the quilt I made for Veda's baby
 Just a crazy longhorn I saw on one of my runs this week
 I know, I know... I"m awesome at Legos. In case you can't tell what they are: Rudolf, Santa, and a Christmas tree

 ice cream!
 I honestly have a picture of me doing this exact same thing when I was two. Dumping a whole bottle of sprinkles on one cookie. I should find the picture. I think I have an awesome mushroom haircut.
 Freddy's ice creams on Christmas Eve
 Sweet girlies in Christmas dresses
 More wildlife on a different run. Bison! Had a great week of runs this past week - 38 miles. Not crazy a lot- but a lot for me :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chocolate covered cinnamon bears

Here's a little story for you- just because it's nice to hear about good deeds. Maybe it'll make you feel warm and fuzzy too :)

So our ward relief society has a google group- and those of you in relief societies everywhere should get one. It's the best thing ever. Any time anyone needs anything: a plumber, some friends to go to the park with, want to sell something, need to borrow something, looking for a good doctor- you send out an email to the google group, which goes to all the ladies in relief society. It's the best. Anyway- our ward uses ours for a lot of good. A couple weeks ago I had sent out an email asking if anyone knew where I could find chocolate covered cinnamon bears. I know I know... quite an important question. Someone replied that a certain candy store had them. Then I went to that store only to find out that they don't actually have them. So someone else in my ward had followed up with me to ask if I had ever found them. We have talked a couple times about how amazing good chocolate covered cinnamon bears are and how it's a shame we can't get them here. Well... guess what. She MADE ME SOME. Way too make my day. Isn't that the nicest thing ever??

Pumpkin pie cuteness and she's WEANED!!

Here she is. Eating a piece of pumpkin pie and looking rather cute doing it. And yes, it's official... she is ALL DONE nursing!! I did it!! It maybe wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. We stopped the bed time feeding on the same night that she and Quinn started sharing a room again, so there was some new routines being made anyway which helped. She didn't even ask for it! (Which I know is what made all the difference). She's almost 22 months old. I'd say that's plenty long to nurse. (And don't mind me while I go tell myself that over and over again to make myself feel better) ;)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We had cheese fondue for Christmas Eve dinner last night. 
 We had a wonderful Christmas morning. The kids were so excited- and even slept until 6:30 this morning!! (although Quinn started at about midnight asking me if it was morning)
Quinn got the make up set she wanted.
And Hendrix got a Wall-e toy. It was a relief that I got that sucker in time. I hope he asks for something easier to find next year!
 Veda got a baby doll and diaper bag.
 Look at our mess! I guess Santa did come!
And I'm doing this blog post on my very own new MacBook Pro. Dave is the best. And he totally surprised me - I had no idea. He also got me some new running shorts and shoes and shotblocks and a foam roller. Which is quite a bit more than the "nothing" we were supposed to give each other since our cruise is next month. :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Here's most of my Instagrams from last week:

We got passports! I'm so excited that I finally need one of these! We go on our cruise SOON!
 A lady in my ward did a baby music class this past week with Christmas songs. It was cute. Veda is on the left. I should have gotten a picture of their fronts because they look so much alike. (and their hair usually does too except I'm growing it out!)

 My kids have been passing around a yucky sickness. Quinn came home after her Christmas party at school with a horrible fever. Bad coughs, a little throwing up, high fevers, and runny noses.
 Veda had it too. And now Hendrix does :(
 Holy cow! When did my baby get so huge??!!
 Quinn helped Dave wrap my Christmas gifts. How cute is this tag?
 My awesome friend Lindsay made me this cool leather and bead bracelet. I love it.
 Dave and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on Friday. Look at us young kids!! We had a nice dinner at a cozy little restaurant the day before our anniversary. Turns out- it's a miracle we went a day early because then our kids got super sick and there is no way we could have gone out!

 The fox I made for Hendrix for Christmas
 Her crazy post-hair nap.
Quinn at her school party. A couple of the moms at the party had come up to me and asked me if Quinn was feeling alright during the party. But I thought nothing of it because Quinn is often really shy in those situations. It was nothing weird for her to not say "hi" to them or want to participate. I guess I should have felt her forehead. But at least I captured this darling smile
 Veda helped me shop for some last minute gifts this week. These glasses were hilarious on her.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas gifts from mommy and cute kids

Have you guys been dying to know what I'm making my kiddos for Christmas? I'm sure not, but here's what I made for Quinn.  It's a church bag. I got her a mini Book of Mormon, a notebook and fun pens to put in it. It's corduroy- which you can't tell from the picture, but I think makes it cuter in real life.
 Just Veda being silly in the carpool line
 These sisters are the best. Notice the matching leg gins and grey cardigans. It was Quinn's idea.

 And this is what I made for Veda. This little bag to hold the blocks I made her
 These are the blocks. Pretty stinking cute, huh?
 Veda enjoying some M&M&M&M's during our movie party yesterday.
And here we are back to square one- the girls are sharing a room again. Fingers crossed that this solves some of the sleep issues we've been having. Bedtime has been SO much better (it's only been 2 nights). Unfortunately we are still having sleeping through the night in own bed issues- but I'm hopeful that it's only because Veda has a horrible cough that is keeping both of them awake. And p.s. tonight was night #2 of not nursing Veda before bed. I think it helped that we also made the room change at the same time. She has been kind of thrown off our regular bedtime routine so she hasn't asked to nurse. Which is good- because if she had asked, I probably would have given in. Let's be honest- if I weren't going on a cruise soon, I would not wean her at all :)