Monday, June 30, 2008


Evie has this HUGE Elmo that she sometimes brings over on the weekends.

Look mom--it's bigger than me and I can carry it around for 20 minutes

Here's Quinn giving Elmo kisses and saying 'bib.'

As much as she loves him, sometimes those big hard eyes bonk her in the head,

It's HOT!!

This weekend, along with Paul and Leslie--Clint came to visit! Here we all are enjoying the pool and some bubbles.

The girls weren't done playing in the water--so here they are on the patio enjoying more water.

For some reason Quinn hasn't wanted to get in her real pool--but she wanted to take a dip in the bowl. ha--notice Evie's swimsuit--on her arm of all places.

Here's Levi and his Aunt Amber hanging out. They are staying with us for a few days--he's way cute, huh?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boise Zoo!!

Quinn and Evie ready for a day at the zoo.

Quinn's favorite part: this tiger she could sit on.

Pure joy.

Eating lunch...

Where's Quinn?

I thought this little rose park would be a cute place to take was hard to get one just right.

AND SURPRISE!!! We found TWO teeth in Quinn's mouth last night that we didn't even know she had!!! She's sneaky.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cross Country camp

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Stevens for the t-shirt from Cross country camp (last summer??) I feel like I was there.


Here's a picture of her yesterday....I didn't want anyone thinking that I didn't take a picture of her yesterday....I did.

Quinn playing Wii with daddy

This weekend I was in the salon doing hair when I heard this belly laugh (I thought it was Evie) but much to my surprise it was my own little baby girl laughing while playing Wii with Dave. Of course I missed the majority of the laughing since I had to find the camera, but she is still laughing a little for the video!!

ps...notice also how she is pretending to hit the ball too...haha.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a fun day with Quinn

Just Quinn being pretty.

She got some sweet new bracelets.

Asking me for more 'wawa' in that pitcher so she can dump it all over herself while trying to pour it into that bowl.

Quinn was doing this cheesy little smile after dinner last night. What a nut

Monday, June 23, 2008

ode to Evie

As you probably know, Paul, Leslie, and their baby, Evie are here for the summer. Quinn formed an immediate LOVE for Evie. It's really cute, actually. Almost the first thing she says when I get her out of bed is "Evie." If we are playing a game where I ask her to guess "What's in the box." "Where are we going." "Who's out there?" Her first answer is always "Evie." Evie hasn't had the same fascination with Quinn, but fortunately Quinn is starting to grow on her too.
Quinn and Evie in a moment of getting along to play a duet on the piano.

See why Quinn loves her so much--look at that cute face.

Quinn and Evie dancing. Then Quinn--very nicely--sharing a toy with Evie's face.

Quinn spinning herself around after dinner--listen closely--she walks over and points to the door and says "Evie."

water park and closet organizer

We went to the water park last week--it was SOOOO fun. Quinn had a blast, we might have a little fish on our hands. She didn't even like it when we held on to her, she wanted to go by herself. She would even kick her feet!!

After I took the picture, I realized that I should have taken it before I filled the pockets. It makes it look kind of crazy and bumpy--but it's only because there is stuff in it. But you get the idea. It's for Quinn's room--obviously, since it's those colors.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Meridian Dairy Days

Quinn and Daddy swinging

It was HOT--so we spent most of the time under some trees in the shade. Quinn thinking she's big stuff standing on her stroller.

Paul eating a turkey leg of course

Quinn loves to dump things out--here she is on the way home with a lap full of snacks.

I think she was pooped. Quinn sleeping in her car seat is a rare occurrence!

Our other friends, Jason and Christy joined us for a BBQ later that evening. Here is their precious 3 week old baby...Quinn is, I'm sure, saying "BABY." I think she's ready for a sibling, huh?

Friday, June 20, 2008


This is only 90% done, but I couldn't wait to take a picture of it. WAY cute, huh? Too bad Quinn already has a zillion blankets. I still have to quilt it. Cross your fingers that I don't ruin it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Quinn got a little dirty today.

But you would to if you made little piles of dirt all over.

Not a great photo--but it was the only one of her shoes. Hopefully they come clean in the wash!

She is getting away with a lot today--she is cutting another molar. Anything to keep a smile on her face :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Who needs a pool when you've got a bowl full of water? it seemed to keep her just as happy. When I do take the time to fill up the pool she just plays around it and hardly gets in. So here she is enjoying some water in a bowl.

It looks like I am standing on a chair or something when I'm taking this picture...nope, she's just that short :)

Girl's Camp

My mom is at Girl's Camp this week. It's awful!! I usually spent a good hour on the phone with her everyday. So here is a picture of Quinn handing me my phone...probably wondering why she gets my full attention after her bath lately.

for my little beaver

Ever since Quinn started gnawing on things her crib has been a target. The plastic protectors from the store don't fit on our crib for some reason, so we've been tying blankets around it instead.

The blankets have not proven to be very effective--since she can untie it and move the blanket. So Saturday when I got her up from her nap and saw black paint around her mouth it was the last straw!!!

I made her this MUCH cuter and much more effective crib rail protector.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Festivities

Here's a pic of Quinn all ready for church. I made her clips to match her dress/

Here are a couple of excerpts from Dave's Father's Day gift. I made him an ABC book of reasons why Quinn thinks he's a great daddy.

Here's Quinn and Dave getting ready to go on a bike ride with Paul, Leslie, and Evie!