Tuesday, July 30, 2013

six flags

Some of our friends had some free passes for Six Flags. So Dave took the day off and we headed to San Antonio for the day!
10 minutes before we got there Veda threw up. A LOT. Super gross. A lot of our friends have been sick, so of course I was worried that she was sick. But after getting out of the car and changing clothes she perked right up, gobbled down some lunch and had a great day.
 It was HOT. Like super Texas hot. We sweat like crazy all day. And decided that we will never go back during the summer months. :)
 The kids had fun on some rides and hopefully made some great family memories!

 Then after missing her nap she totally zonked out on the way home. Only to wake up and throw up again. Poor baby. But those were the only two times... so it looks like she gets car sick! Boo...

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Veda overload!!! 
My darling baby is growing up! Here's what she's up to:

-She is SO full of spunk it's not even funny.
-She's getting super awesome at making faces.
-She loves to do whatever Hendrix and Quinn are doing (And is awfully good at imitating them).
-Sometimes still a biter!! (oh no!).
-We'll ask her if she wants time out (thinking that instead she'll improve her behavior so she doesn't need a time out). But instead she says "YES!!!!" And runs/hops/skips to the corner.
-One of the awesomest things she says is "Sorry Quinn" Which she says like: "Na-Na Nin-No" Or "Thanks Quinn" which she also says like "Na-Na Nin-O." 
-Loves to read books, play with babies, and dress in her swim suit (even if we aren't going to swim)
-favorite foods are ice cream (eye peam), mac and cheese, and yogurt
-I love her to pieces. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rainy Week

It has been a rainy week! Good thing Hendrix still has some winter boots from when we lived in Idaho.
During a break from the rain we played outside

 Run Veda run!
 Then we were going to go swimming but it started raining. Boo.
 But it stopped!! So we went to the pool really quick
 But.... the rain started again (Good thing we didn't move to Portland huh? Three rainy days in a row drive me crazy!)
 We had fun hanging out in the pavilion eating snacks with friends and watching the rain (maybe not Quinn- she hates storms.)

Monday, July 15, 2013

fun in the sun

It's been hot! So we've been swimming!

and going to splash pads

 Quinn is getting blonde

 The kids are getting tan and blonde and are sleeping well at night. Here's to 2 more months of summer!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

ward 5k and Triathlon

We have quite possibly the world's best ward. (seriously... it's a really great ward). There was a ward triathlon and 5k run yesterday. It was SO FUN! 

I had a lucky day and won the 5k race (There was only 8 of us... and I'm pretty sure they let me win)
 Dave also did really well. There are some pretty awesome athletes in our ward (a guy who just did an IRONMAN, and another who just ran a marathon). Anyway-- great athletes-- Dave included. I'm pretty proud of him.
About a week before the race I found out it was only me and my friend Allisa signed up for the 5k. So I gave it my best effort to recruit some more runners. I encouraged them by telling them that I would give 1st and 2nd place runners a kiss. Here I am paying up to 2nd place.
There was also a kids triathlon. When the kids were all getting ready Hendrix kept saying he wanted to do it. He can't swim a lap in the pool and didn't have his bike, but I told him he could do the running part. He was super excited!! He was darling... I ran with him (we even held hands for a minute). Everyone was cheering him on-- and he politely said "Thank you!" to everyone we passed. And he ran the WHOLE way!! Thadda boy!!

 I'm so glad so many of my friends decided to do the race. And I can't wait until next year :)