Sunday, February 12, 2012

catch up

Wow... busy week. Sorry, mom. Here's what we've been up to:

My next door neighbor had a birthday party for her little girl. It was a princess tea party-- and it was a dress up party. I didn't get a good picture of Hendrix's cape-- but he's wearing a cape. And his shirt has a shield on it. That's the closest we had to 'prince' attire :) 
 And no crown for Quinn either. (We kinda try hard to avoid the 'princesses' thing at our house. Hopefully I'm not damaging Quinn somehow. Actually I'm trying to do the opposite. And I hate princesses) :)
 Here's Veda-- with the birthday girl.
 As party favors my friend gave out tiny tiaras. And Veda didn't notice hers for a while... it was pretty stinking cute on her.
 Look at what a cute party!! My friend is amazing. Even little tea cups with lids. Perfect for a two year old tea party.
 The mini princess baby.
 Yesterday Quinn and I were dressed like valentine's. So we took a picture.
 Hendrix too. Wow... my camera stinks.
Quinn and Levi had a play date. We need to cram a lot in before we move. They are sure cute little buddies. 

I made THIS for dinner tonight. It was SO GOOD. I simplified it a little. Basically just made the sauce-- put it over chicken, broccoli slaw, and noodles. If you like Asian food you should make it.

I've been busy making my kid's birthday photo books too. I try and make them a photo book of the highlights from the past year and give it to them for their birthday. But now having THREE kids with birthdays in March means a lot of work for me all at once. So I guess I've been busy doing that instead of blogging.

And I hosted another baby shower on Friday. I'm so sad that I didn't take ANY pictures. :( Not only am I sad for me that I didn't document it at all, but I'm sad for her because that means that she has no pictures of it either. It was a fun shower. It was actually a surprise and it's so fun to pull off a good surprise. She's having her FOURTH girl. And she makes darling little girls, so I can't wait to meet this newest sweet baby.

And my mom gets here in LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!


Julie said...

I'm not sure why I've never asked, but WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH PRINCESSES?!? I just don't understand. . .

Mom said...

Amber- you are so pretty! And your princesses and prince are so cute! (I don't avoid them at all). Thanks for blogging when you have so much to do:) 5 more days!!!!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

yum! that looks good! i'll have to try it for dinner this week. cute tea party! how fun! i love the tiarras!

let me know if you need help with your photo books! can't believe you are only here for a little while longer :( boo!

kelsey said...

I don't think you'd damage her either way. Those little tiaras are stinking cute. I don't think my girls will ever get a party like that! ha. Some of us are just more ambitious/creative than others I guess! Looks fun.