Friday, September 20, 2013


Here's an over due update of what's been keeping us busy lately!

Lots of sisterly love!
 This little doll is perfectly cute and SOOOO naughty!!
 Climbing out of her crib all night and keeping her sister up makes her a sleepy baby! She couldn't even stay awake through lunch.
 This cool dude started preschool!! He loves it.
He also started soccer. He REALLY loves soccer
 More of this baby looking way too cute
 Lots of sewing

 Lots of silly faces. I seriously said to her "Veda! Show me your prettiest face!" And she did this:
 Veda and her darling friend Molly
 Two out of three cooperating for a picture.
 Nobody pulls off girl sunglasses and a temporary Cars tattoo quite like this guy
 More silly faces

 More sisterly love
 and PINK!!


Cami and Juan said...

I am dying over Veda's go-to funny face. So funny.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i love the pink hair! so cute! i am totally going to copy you on that when layla finally grows some hair!!! :)

kelsey said...

I freaking love that picture of Hendrix yawning. ha. What a guy.

Dave totally pulls off the tat. He should get one. Asap. I won't tell . . . lol.

Mom said...

I sure love all those cute kids you have! And Veda isn't really naughty.... She's just being 2 like she's supposed to.