Saturday, February 09, 2013


Here are some Instagrams from last week
Just a peek of the random things we've been up to:
A sunny day at the park.
 Veda enjoying donuts after my race last Saturday
 (Phil as in the ground hog!!) Ha! I loved this. Happy Ground Hogs Day!
 Quinn had to dress up like she was 100 on her 100th day of school.

 Veda loves pink shoes. She found these at Old Navy and thought they fit :)
 Cute sisters

 Babies playing
 This is me holding Hendrix's door shut. This happened BEFORE we just put a child lock on it. And yes- it's working. If we don't put the lock on, he reminds us because he wants it on (we take it off after he's asleep so he can get up to go potty)
 Veda saying a prayer. She prays a lot- it's pretty sweet. She usually just says "Dada, baby, Quinn-o, ME, Amen!"

 I'm reading this parenting book- so far I love it.

 At the park with some cute friends. Our kids are all super close in age- except all of her kids had their birthdays and mine haven't- so in this picture, their ages are 1,2,3,4,5, and 6.


kelsey said...

That is the cutest little 100-year-old I've ever seen.

The picture of you holding the door shut brings back so many memories for me. . . lol. When we were going through that with Norah I had Scarlett as a tiny baby and I'd often be sitting on the floor nursing her in front of the door, with one arm up holding it shut. Good times.

Mom said...

Those were enjoyable. Loved both of them with Veda with her arms folded. Girls on the counter- also so cute!