Tuesday, October 22, 2013

frogs, bike rides, coats, and pony tails!

One of our frogs died. No wait-- make that two of our frogs died. Sad. 
 Dave did a 100 mile (yes, I said ONE HUNDRED) mile bike ride last weekend. The kids loved waiting for him to finish and watching him come in from his ride. We kept busy with coloring and eating grapes
 (and wearing my sunglasses)
 It has been starting to get a touch chilly. I really love fall in Texas. It's chilly in the morning, but still in the 70's in the afternoon. Perfect.
 Quinn had Columbus Day off. We had a super exciting day at home.
 Veda is rarely without something silly on. Sunglasses, dress up clothes, skirt as a hat, etc.
 And Quinn started wearing a pony tail!! This is a new thing for her! She has always had short hair, but decided a few months ago to grow it out. It's exciting and sad to see it in a pony tail. It makes her look too grown up!


Mom said...

Both of your frogs died?? Cute post. Yes, Quinn looks grown up with that pony tail.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i'm sorry your frogs died! do frogs go to heaven?? i don't know! ha!
love the pony!

Julie said...

I think that will make a good blackmail picture for Veda in her later years! You better save it--there's not many of her that are good for blackmail cuz she's so stinking cute!!! :)