Tuesday, October 15, 2013

my 30th birthday

Dave threw me the most awesome surprise party ever for my birthday! I was completely surprised! It was an awesome night and I felt so loved by all the people who showed up (and all got a babysitter!!) 
I can't seem to find pictures of me and Dave from that night... (I got a new phone for my birthday, so pictures are all spread out from the transition.)

Me and Alanna. 
She and Allisa helped Dave with the party (or did most of it??!) She was awesome enough to host at her lovely house. And I love her because we are the same height- and often I look taller than her in pictures :)
Me and Allisa. The other major party planner. I still can't believe she didn't spill the beans. (And she's totally squatting down-- she's much taller than me) :)
Me and my friend Hilary. She made some amazing home made hot fudge for the pizookies we had that night 
 My friends Kasee and Cami.
 We played a bunch of minute-to-win-it games. It was a blast. Here's my friend Jessica balancing cupcakes on her forehead.
 The yummy food spread. We had home made pizookies (cookies with ice cream). They were so good. Plus the darling decorations that Dave made (the Happy Amberfest sign)

My actual birthday was on Saturday. My awesome "Sole Sisters" all set their alarms for midnight to come over and decorate the outside of my house. We were all planning to run at 5 am that day, so midnight was the best time to get it up so I would be surprised without catching them. It was so nice. There were streamers and this '30' piƱata and a gift card to a running store.
 The wonderfully sweet gift from Quinn.

 The chocolate  cake I made. It was slightly disappointing actually. (but pretty huh?!)
 But this cupcake from Panara wasn't disappointing :)
I had a great birthday. I feel so lucky to have such great friends and such an amazing husband that made my birthday so special!!


Cami and Juan said...

It was the best birthday celebration! Definitely babysitter worthy :)

Mom said...

Such a wonderful party and friends!!