Wednesday, December 11, 2013

my new job

I worked two days last week. One day was awful, and the other was bearable. (Hopefully my new boss isn't out there reading my blog.) I won't go into full details- I just wonder if I am the right fit for this salon. It is REALLY nice. They did a great job on making the salon look and feel nice. Everyone works together to keep it looking nice and clean and uniform- and I really like that. But I think my biggest hurdle is that I have to charge what she tells me to charge, and she told me to charge too much. I think she was trying to be nice to me... by putting me at a higher 'level.' But really- I would rather be a at a lower level and have a clientele that is more like me (people like me don't pay what I am charging). I worked all day last Friday and Saturday and had one walk in... a bang trim. Which was terribly overpriced. I had two other appointments of people I knew, but they might be the only two people who are willing to pay my outrageous prices. So -- if there are not a lot of walk-ins and I have to rely on my own people, I have no idae where I am going to find any more people to do their hair. And it sucks to sit around waiting (although I realize that it is part of the job... it's just how it is when you start somewhere new).
I'm not working THAT much. But boy is it interfering with my life! I'm pretty sure it's just because it's December, but it's still turning out to be really hard to swallow to miss things that are very important to me. I am room mom for Quinn's class at school. And I have to miss her Christmas party. Which makes her really sad, and also makes me feel bad because I AM IN CHARGE OF THE PARTY. So I am having to figure out how to throw a party that I'm not going to be helping at. And console a little girl who really wants me there. I am missing another half marathon. I thought it was heartbreaking the first time this happened a couple months ago. And it turns out to be just as heartbreaking the second time around. The crazy/sad thing about this race is that I wouldn't only need to miss an hour of work... and my boss still said no. It's apparently pretty important to have me sitting around her salon for that hour instead fulfilling important goals in my life.
I know that some of my other concerns about the people I work with might get easier in time. A lot of the other stylists and coordinators are really nice and semi-accepting of new people. I enjoy meeting new people and have looked forward to this aspect of going back to work. It just isn't turning out to be the way I thought it would be.

In a way I feel like this job was a huge blessing! It happened to me fairly easily. Almost easily enough that I feel like it is 'meant to be.' BUT-- that doesn't mean that I necessarily want to start all over in my job hunting. I do feel like I looked at quite a few other salons, and even had other interviews. The thought of doing all that again sounds AWFUL!! And some of these concerns are selfish and I should just get over it :)

Wow-- if this isn't the biggest downer of a post I don't know what is. What do you think? Should I look for a new job? Should I stick it out and see if I can get over some of these things that seem to be bothering me?


Cami and Juan said...

You b should just "bump" into people outside fancy restaurants and uppety stores, chat for a minute and hand them your business card. There's got to be a way to find people! You are pretty awesome so all it takes is one time and they'll always come back to you.

barlow.stephanie said...

My motto is if I seriously don't look forward to going to my job for whatever reason then it is time to find a new job. I get there our tough times at work and I just do my best to stay positive and ride those out. But if they go on for say a month then I look for something else. Now I have been with one company for over 6 years. Sometimes looking for other work either makes me appreciate where I am at because nothing better is out there or I find something better. I would say give it a shot for a few more weeks, but trust your gut at the end of the day and don't look back.

kelsey said...

I say give it some more time. December is so busy and hard! And starting anywhere new takes time to adjust to. However, if you are miserable and dread going there after several weeks, then it's not the right fit. You are amazing! If I knew how to help you get fancy clients, I would! Good luck.

Paul said...

Give it a while, like a month or two, then I say new job.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

give it 6 weeks from your start date. if it isn't looking up in 6 weeks then you have to quit. you can't be unhappy at your work. it's not healthy!! i'm sorry it's not like you envisioned. praying it gets better for you!!