Friday, September 12, 2008

My awesome new toy

"After I pushed this toy around the store for a half hour and didn't put it down my mommy bought it for me. It even plays loud music!!"

"I thought I'd try to give Elmo a push on it."

"He fell off...bye bye Elmo."

"I guess I'll carry him and push at the same time. I learned how to multi-task from my mommy."


Alicia Hansen Anderson said...

Oh your a super nice Mommy...I just sold Chase's 'Popper Pusher' at a consignment sale cause it drove me crazy. I'm not a terrible mom I promise...he never played with it anymore. Althought when I got it out to sell he pretended like he liked it again for a minute :)

Mom said...

That is cutest blogpost! Quinn is so cute (and spoiled), although that could be partially my fault. I'm glad she still likes her Elmo too.

Kourtni said...

That is too cute! I love that she wouldn't leave Elmo behind.