Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quinn being silly and saying 'ho ho ho'

Quinn really wanted these bloomers on her head...she even left them on for like a half hour. She also found these socks in her brother's closet and wanted those on as well...they are sure cute, huh? anyway--it made for an interesting outfit. Not to mention that she is once again without pants--not only that but her onesie isn't even snapped.

I promised Kelsey a video of Quinn saying Santa. So you all not only get 'santa,' but 'ho ho ho,' and the number 'two,' before she got distracted by something on the computer.


Mom said...

That is just precious how Quinn designed her outfit. It is interesting. So cute hearing her say "Ho,Ho,Ho" and "Santa".

Allison McDonald said...

cute pics amber... i miss you.

Kels said...

i love it. especially the bloomer-head. what a little stinker. i'm sure her brother's closet is fully by now... lol.