Monday, January 12, 2009

Quinn hamming it up

I told Quinn to show me her teeth when she said 'cheese' for the picture...and she did!

Then I told her to show me her tongue...and she did :)

Quinn and mommy

And what would this post be without what I made for the baby??? This is a rag quilt I made for the little guy. My mother-in-law made one for Quinn and it was our FAVORITE nighttime nursing blanket...this one isn't big enough for that, but I'm sure we'll use it anyway!


Mom said...

Quinn suddenly looks older. It's funny what one day does in the life of a toddler. Such cute pictures. The quilt is very cute. You have been a sewing maniac lately, getting so many cute things sewn!

valerie said...

do you do a project a day or what? I love the quilt, and I love Quinn's ham of a smile, both teeth and tongue!

Leslie said...

Hey you got the blanket done, it looks great! The colors for his room are super cute.