Sunday, May 19, 2013

baby Vede

Do you ever feel like something is slipping away from you? 
Like no matter how hard you try and stop it- it falls right between your fingers? 

That's how I feel about Veda's babyhood. 
It stinks. 
She is growing up before my eyes. 
I'm trying so hard to keep her a baby... but obviously there is nothing I can do about it. 
She is growing and talking and getting a little personality (or a big personality). 

Since I guess this little lady is going to grow up wether I like it or not, I am trying my hardest to enjoy every moment.
Every night when I sing to her before bed and she says "nigh night mama... love you too mama" over and over again... I try to remember her little baby voice.
How soft her little cheeks are.
How her clean hair smells.
I'll try to remember how she says "na-na" for 10 different things.
How when she wants me to hold her for the 500th time, I'll just pick her up
And try to deal more patiently with the crazy two-year-old tantrums that she has started this week.
And even though my sweet little Veda-Lou won't be a baby forever, I'm thankful that she'll always be MY baby.


Dave said...

Veda just called me and told me to tell you "thanks for being the best mommy ever."

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

I can so relate....Jake is doing the same things and it makes me sad. All of a sudden it seems like he's a bog boy like his brothers :-(

She's so cute Amber, sure wish we could see each other, that makes me really sad too :-(

Lindsay said...

i feel the same way about C and she's about a whole year older than V. i hate that she's a full on little girl and not a baby anymore. hopefully i'll have another one though so i can experience the baby phase at least one more time. this is such a sweet post. you're a very good mama.

Mom said...

This one made my eyes leak a little. How can I call her "baby" if she keeps growing? Except that you are still my baby. That was a sweet post! I love that girl!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oh man! it kinda breaks my heart to read this! you're good at putting your feelings into words and i feel the same way about my kids! it goes way to fast and sometimes i cry when i think about them getting older on me, but yet at the same time it's fun to watch them grow and see all the neat development. super bittersweet! veda sure is a cute little girl!! if you find a way to freeze time, let me know :)