Thursday, May 09, 2013

new goal

I have this goal to not buy ANY clothes for my kids for 6 months! Ha!! Do you think I'm crazy?!

 Here are my reasons:

- their closets are PACKED with clothes
- It's so easy to spend money here and there on new clothes for my kids
- I want to see if I can do it

I am sharing this only to give myself a little more accountability. I think the hardest part will be not buying anything for my trip to Michigan next month. (It's hard to not get something new to wear on vacation, right?) But honestly- I can do this. And even though it's a little sad to walk by something super darling in the store, it's also the best feeling ever when I don't buy it. And it saves me time! I no longer have to walk through the kids section at Old Navy or browse the sale rack really quick while I'm at Target.
So while I don't want to BUY anything for my kiddos to wear until September, I am allowing myself to make them stuff. So if I'm feeling desperate or like they really need something, maybe I'll whip something up for them instead. And mom-- this does not apply to you. You can still feel free to buy them clothes if you want. Or any of you that feel so inclined to buy them gift... by all means, don't let my goal stand in your way ;)

I mentioned this to one of my friends last week and she agreed to do it with me. Anyone else want the challenge? :)


kelsey said...

I would if I didn't have to keep up to Norah growing like a weed! Good luck.

Lindsay said...

thats a great goal. im with you amber. i feel the same way. cailin's drawers and closets are full of clothes. she definitely has more clothes than i do. i'm taking the challenge with ya. no new clothes until september. this will be hard for me.

Mom said...

Nope! Don't want to do that with you. I am, however, challenging myself to keep eating healthy. Dad and I have both lost weight and feel great. We are both down around 18 pounds each! My gut finally feels good and I'm less congested. If anyone wants to join me in this challenge, feel free. I started out by reading the J.J. Virgin diet book. Good luck with your goal, Am. As a Grandma however I will continue to spoil those kids. It's my job!!

Amber said...

Yay!!! I wish us both luck :)

T-I-F-F-A-N-Y said...

This is a GREAT idea! I'm always buying the cute but cheap clothes and trying to save money but maybe if i cut back a little the next time i buy them things i don't need to be so cheap! Best wishes miss Amber :)

Cami and Juan said...

You are crazy! I can't do it with you, sorry, especially if I find out we're having a boy, I can't wait to shop for a boy! But I will tell you this, after buying a house, my spending has gone WAY down. I guess spending all that money on the house freaked me out a little :)