Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trip to Michigan

I'm alive!!! (But have been in Michigan on vacation.) It might take me a while to get through all my vacation pictures, but I'll start at the very beginning.

Packing for my trip was exciting. Dave (lovingly) threw away my favorite diaper bag. It was fake leather and was smelling funny, so the only option was to throw it away. The day before we left I went on as search for a new bag. I wanted a shoulder bag that zipped shut. I had no idea it would be so hard to find one! (Maybe because I waited until the last minute? And I had 3 kids with me??) I finally found one at Kohls. It was really cute, but my stuff fit a little too snuggly in it. Then during my VERY rushed layover the strap RIPPED right off!!! Real leather is over-rated. My fake leather bag wouldn't have let me down ;)
Our first flight out of Austin was delayed THREE hours. Kind of a big deal when you are traveling alone with 3 small children. I got many looks and comments about having my hands full. Then when they de-boarded the plane because of an electrical problem, the pilot got off too and went and bought my kids a treat. If that isn't the nicest thing ever, I don't know what is. Things like that restore my faith in humanity. I love that there really are amazingly nice people out there.
The kids were really good on the flights. (Especially Hendrix and Quinn.) They sat behind me and Veda and were very happy to sit and play with their new 'surprises' that I filled their new backpacks with. 

Me and Quinn would pass notes back and forth between the seats on this dry erase board. This was the best note she wrote me. :)
 Veda was pretty good too. It helps that I am not above handing her whatever treats she might want!
 After a few minutes of crying on our first flight, she conveniently fell asleep for the last 5 minutes.
My kids wasted no time settling in to Grandma and Grandpas house. My mom gave them a whole corner of her living room for toys. 
 Many more pictures to come of our GREAT vacation!!!

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