Friday, June 28, 2013

Playing in Michigan

There are two malls where I grew up and both have a great play place. So naturally we took the kids to both. This one has large foam breakfast foods. 

A big reason why we went to Michigan is because my sister Julie had a baby!!! Here is beautiful baby Willow. 2 weeks old!! Her other child is 13 years old -- and my brothers don't have kids -- so it's not everyday that I get a niece or nephew (on my side- the Keller side is another story)
 We also went to the Elementary school down the street from my parents house. I should mention that the weather was PERFECT while we were there. 50-60 in the mornings during our run -- and 70-80's in the afternoon.

 My sweet parents

 Here's Veda playing at the other mall.
This is an Instagram photo. This maybe deserves it's own post entirely since it's kind of a big deal, but at my rate of blogging lately, I'll just mention it now. Dave's company made a photo editing app for a blog called a Beautiful Mess. It launched a couple weeks ago and did REALLY well. They were #1 in the app store for days (kind of a big deal). Pretty awesome for that blog, and also for Rocket.
 More at the mall. My kids were spoiled like crazy. We got treats galore and went out to eat all the time
 And got to ride the carousel at the mall (I usually don't do things like that with all 3 of my kids unless I have help)
 They loved it :)
 Quinn's darling drawing of Baby Willow
 My parents have a cement basketball court in their back yard that my kids loved to play on. Lots and lots of hop scotch
 My mom with the two babies
 My dad and I ran together almost every day that we were there. It was SO FUN. There are a couple of awesome paved trails near my parents house that we ran down.


Mom said...

It was way beyond fun having you all here! I love you all so much. Thanks for coming. It was a blast!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

it looks like you had a great time! and congrats to dave on his app! that's totally awesome!! good work!