Sunday, June 02, 2013

Dave's Triathlon

Dave did his first triathlon on Memorial Day!!! 
Here he is before the race

 Me and the kids just hung out during his race. We weren't going to stay for the whole thing, but I REALLY wanted to see him finish. The kids did a good job of TRYING to be patient :)
 Here he is during the first transition (After the swim- getting on the bike). He's in the middle in the red shirt.

 And here he is starting his run

 And he did it!!!!

 He did awesome. I am so proud of him. I can't imagine doing a tri!!! After he finished he said it was really hard and he was never doing one again. But he's already changed his mind :)


kelsey said...

That is awesome, congrats Dave! It sound like right after I had hazel and said I was never having any more kids . . . It only took a few days to take it back! Hard work, but it is super cool to have finished and be able to say you did it!

Lindsay said...

that's awesome. what a fit, gnarly, hardcore husband you have.

Mom said...

Wow! He is really buff! I'm proud of him too!