Monday, August 05, 2013

shirt to dress

I got this shirt from Forever21 and only wore it one time. It shrunk after I washed it and was just too short, so I decided to make Veda a little dress.
 It is NOT perfect. But it is so comfy and soft and stretchy that who cares! (not veda!)
 The elastic in the waist band is twisted. I swear I checked it THREE times. It still got twisted... and now we just have to live with it.

 After she was so good to let me take 100 pictures of her, I told her to show me her absolute cutest face. Yep.
 Perfect little summer dress. I might have to go see if I have any more t-shirts that don't fit. And check the elastic 5 times next time :)


barlow.stephanie said...

That is so darling. You are so talented.

Lindsay said...

that is super cute. your girls are so lucky that you're so talented. you make them the cutest things out of your old clothes. thats so awesome.

Mom said...

It's so great that you repurpose items instead of adding to our landfills. I just watched a documentary on garbage and I'm feeling very recyclableish right now. Very cute dress Am!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

SO cute amber, wish I had your talent, can u make Ellie stuff? Love ya!