Saturday, August 03, 2013

Summer days

Our lazy summer days go something like this: (don't worry-- not ALL these pictures were from one single day...)

Every day this week when Dave leaves it goes like this:
We all give a hug and kiss and say bye. 
He walks out of the door.
Veda screams and runs to the door until she is let out.
Dave gets one more hug and kiss from Veda.
And more byes and waves.
 And "I love you DIS big!"
Cupcakes from a friend for a mid- morning snack
 And I try and make lunch exciting (my kids do NOT like sandwiches. So when I'm out of ideas and leftovers, I make sandwiches anyway but try and make them fun). On this day, Veda ate one of the strawberry eyes off then says "It's a pirate!"
 then the pool
 And dress ups
 And more dress ups
 And more dress ups at friend's house
And our annual summer making of Gak

 Cute pony tails and silly faces in the mirror before bed (I could have posted at least 5 of these... silly girl)

Summer is awesome. School starting in a few weeks will be an adjustment for us all!!

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Mom said...

Cute sandwiches and kids!!!