Tuesday, July 30, 2013

six flags

Some of our friends had some free passes for Six Flags. So Dave took the day off and we headed to San Antonio for the day!
10 minutes before we got there Veda threw up. A LOT. Super gross. A lot of our friends have been sick, so of course I was worried that she was sick. But after getting out of the car and changing clothes she perked right up, gobbled down some lunch and had a great day.
 It was HOT. Like super Texas hot. We sweat like crazy all day. And decided that we will never go back during the summer months. :)
 The kids had fun on some rides and hopefully made some great family memories!

 Then after missing her nap she totally zonked out on the way home. Only to wake up and throw up again. Poor baby. But those were the only two times... so it looks like she gets car sick! Boo...


Mom said...

Too bad about the car sickness. I'm glad you guys had a chance to go though and I hope you had fun!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

fun! sorry she was sick. that would stress me out! i've never had one of my kids throw up before but i know it has to happen some day and i am seriously worried about how i will handle it!! you're so lucky to live close to all of these fun things!!