Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The other day when I was changing Quinn's discusting diaper, she said: "I'm ready to use the potty now, mom."
I ran out to the store to buy the necessary supplies of pull-ups, underwear, potty seats, and m&m's. turns out that she was just kidding. But here she is in some cute undies...that she wore once and now doesn't want to wear them anymore.

I got these vinyl birds forever ago and finally got around to putting them into frames for Quinn's room. I made them while she was sleeping--so I assumed the green ribbon would match. I need to change it--it matches too well. But I doubt i'll remember to take another picture of the new ribbon.


The Thomsons said...

Did you get those black frames from Target? I got a 3 pack there once in the $1 section and went back for more, but have not found any! :(
Good luck with the training. It's messy business!

Mom said...

Cute pictures! Wow! Soon on the potty train!

Leslie said...

Those birds turned out cute! those are the ones from last summer, huh?
Mine are used and gone already. good luck with potty training, I'm not looking forward to it!

Pikula's said...

YEAH!!! She is growing up so fast, and I love the pictures the wall looks great!

Kels said...

i need those birds. the end.