Friday, August 28, 2009

kelsey and norah

my friend Kelsey came to visit us. She brought her adorable little girl, Norah

Hendrix was loving Kelsey!!

Norah and Quinn, (and puppy)

Quinn reading to Norah?? I don't remember if she actually was. but I DO remember that Quinn talked Kelsey into reading her LOTS of books. I love their feet in this cute.

forgive me Kelsey...for posting this picture of us. :)

playing outside. Norah loved to ring the doorbell on Quinn's house

Norah and Hendrix. I love the look on Norah's face.


Mom said...

Hendrix loved having company, didn't he? Cute pictures of little feet. You and Kelsey are beautiful mamas.

Kels said...

LOVE that picture with nors and hendrix, it is too cute. i forgive you for that picture, if you forgive me for the one i'm about to post. . . whenever i get around to it! we just walked in the door, and are headed back to the farm tomorrow, so we'll see if i get it posted by then!!!