Monday, August 31, 2009

"I'm Quinn!!" and the Monkeys

Quinn singing "The Monkeys" I obviously don't know the real name of that song....but it's the one that's Hey, Hey, we're the monkeys....

We've had a fun time teasing Quinn lately with this:

Us (Dave and me) to Quinn: "You are so silly!!"
Quinn: "I'm not silly!! I'm Quinn"

Us: "You are a silly girl!"
Quinn: "I'm not a silly girl!! I'm Quinn"

Us: "You are so cute!"
Quinn: "I'm not cute!! I'm Quinn!!"

Quinn has been very cute with phrases like:
I can
I can't
I will....etc.

For example
"Hey Quinn, can you go down the big slide?"
Quinn: "I CAN!!!!"

Okay--this has all been very cute lately, but as I read it as a post it loses it's'll have to imagine her saying it, I guess.


Kels said... her singing that song is so ridiculously cute. now i have it in my head.
i love that now i CAN picture her saying all those cute things. p.s. how did you get her to be so polite? i noticed her politeness while we were there. . . i'm serious, i really want to know!

Mom said...

I loved her musical debut! Right from my era.